24 Best Free Brochure Templates

24 Best Free Brochure Templates

Do you want to get your brand out there and let people know about your particular offers? Then you need to use brochures. It seems like the times of printed brochures you get on the streets are gone, but it’s not entirely true. Brochures still can work for local businesses. They can be used for various industries, such as medicine, tourism, education, technology, real estate, and more.

Free Brochure Templates

Today we are going to share with you 24 best free brochure templates you can edit online and download immediately. You don’t even need specific software installed on your PC. These brochures and beautiful and elegant, bright and moody, editable and simple to use. They go in many sizes and shapes so that you can choose which one suits your needs the best.

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1. Big Sky Advertising & Marketing Brochure Template

Take a look at this fantastic brochure design created for advertising and marketing purposes. It has three sides, including a front cover with image, text, and quote.


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2. Mediterranean Business Brochure Template

Here is a beautiful tri-fold brochure template suitable for adventures, traveling, and sports. You can edit it using a user-friendly editor by lucidpress.


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3. Contempo Modern Tri-Fold Brochure Template

Are you looking for a sleek corporate brochure for your business? This is an ideal solution for you, just insert your text using the editor.


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4. Alpine Vista Company Brochure Template

Check out this bold two-pages brochure created for travel agencies, tourism, and camping. It features a charming front cover with image and layout with three columns.


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5. Academic School Brochure Template

This brochure with vintage images is a perfect fit for museum, schools, and universities. It has different text blocks with images, so you need to adapt it to your needs.


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6. Turquoise Heart Vector Medical Brochure

Here is a flat medicine brochure using blue elements and vector shape of a heart. It can be used for private clinics, plastic surgery, or even dentists.


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7. Modern Pizza Parlor Trifold Brochure

If you need to promote your new restaurant, use this template. It features a tasty image in the middle. You can upload your images to Canva’s editor and insert your text in a click.


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8. Orange Blue Shop Creative Trifold Brochure

This bright tri-fold brochure with orange and blue color scheme will bring the attention of your potential customers. It can be used for seasonal sales or notification about discounts.


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9. Light Blue and Salmon Travel Photos Business Trifold Brochure

Do you want to let your potential clients know about specific travel destinations? Then this brochure template can be in handy. You can add your images and info.


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10. Yellow and Red Students Photo School Trifold Brochure

This simple yet powerful brochure was created for schools and charity work. It has kids photo in the center with a quote and heading.


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11. Yellow White and Blue Creative Brochure

Shapes and lines create an impressive combination for this brochure template. It is using yellow, blue, and white colors scheme, which you can change using Canva editor.


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12. Mint Green Polkadots Modern Marketing Brochure

Show your creativity with this gorgeous mint template with polka dot and beautiful ice cream images. It suits a coffee shop, cafe, restaurant, or any other company related to food and drinks.


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13. Golden Gate Bi-Fold Travel Brochure Template

Let the world know about your travel company and different exiting tours you are offering. This two-fold brochure with text blocks, images, and creative typography will help you with this.


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14. Modern Blue Business Brochure Flyer Poster Vector Design Template

With easy-to-use graphics editor, you can change colors, fonts, icons, upload images and adjust the brochure for your needs.


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15. Commercial Real Estate Brochure Template

Give your real estate company a modern appeal with this stunning brochure. It has three columns and yellow triangle shapes placed across the layout to fit the style.


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16. CC Boutique Brand Brochure

Joining a fitness program or gym is a great move. This stylish advertising brochure designed in classy black and white style.


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17. Grid Themed Outdoor Brochure

Motivate people to travel with your company using this cool brochure template. It is suitable for sportswear, travel, and adventures theme.


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18. Redwood Coast Bi-Fold Travel Brochure Template

Here is a basic travel brochure with nice photo gallery inside. Adjust the colors, change photos, and edit the text to fit your goals.


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19. Contemporary Furniture Brochure Template

This is a minimalist brochure in gray color for a furniture store or interior design studio. This brochure can be edited using Lucidpress editor in your browser.


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20. Black and Yellow Image Collage Marketing Tri-fold Brochure

Check out this corporate tri-fold brochure template with a fantastic image of city skyscrapers on the front cover. It has a clean quote, yellow elements, faded photograph, and cut huge header.


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21. Abstract Blob Funky Creative Trifold Brochure

This brochure is created in pink and blue colors with creative shapes to draw people’s attention. It can be used to promote an event of any kind.


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22. Healthcare & Medical Brochure Template

The serious topics can be covered in a fun and informative way with this medicine brochure template. It has a pre-made layout with two pages and text blocks.


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23. Recreation Travel Brochure Template

Whether you want people to know about specific vacation destinations or burning tours, this brochure is here to help. You can easily adjust it as you like.


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24. Cuisine Restaurant & Catering Brochure Template

Why not use a brochure as a restaurant menu with tasty images, list of dishes, and prices? Look at this clean brochure template for catering and restaurants.


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