20 Best Audio Editing Software for Android in 2018

Best Audio Editing Software for Android

There are a lot of audiophiles who listen to the music all the time. Whether you want to customize a song you downloaded, change alarm sound or ringtone of your phone, there are tons of comprehensive audio editing software for Android you can use today.

Best Audio Editing Software for Android

We are going to share 20 best audio editing software for Android in 2018. They allow you to cut a certain part of the song, mix music, remove background sounds, and more. Scroll down and choose a proper app which will suit your needs the best. The software collected here are both free and paid, and perfect for both amateurs and pros alike.

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1. MP3 Cutter

With over 500,000 downloads, this app is definitely worth your attention. Choose an MP3 file from the list, cut it as you want, and save file (or set it as your ringtone).


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2. WavePad Audio Editor Free

Here is a modern, useful audio editing app for Android phones. It allows you to record, then edit, add sounds and effects to your record, and share with others.


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3. Media Converter

This is one more audio editing software to edit your recordings. It supports all kinds of media files including mp3, mp4 (mpeg4/h264, aac), ogg (Theora, FLAC), avi (mpeg4, mp3), MPEG (mpeg1, mp2), flv (flv, mp3), gif and wav.


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4. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio TRIAL

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is a powerful app for multi-track audio and MIDI records. It has a convenient interface, mixing, real-time effects, redo/undo, and more. You can record you’re playing the piano or create beats.


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5. ZeoRing – Ringtone Editor

ZeoRing is a handy tool to create a ringtone for your phone. You can upload and cut particular part of a song. You can also assign ringtones to your contacts.


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6. Music Maker JAM

This is an app allowing you to record your voice, create beats, remix tracks, and share your tracks on social media. You can use millions of high-quality beats, music samples, and sound effects from the app.


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7. Voice PRO – HQ Audio Editor

Voice Pro can work with more than 100 audio formats. It lets you record sounds, change background, add tags for easier editing of a track, mix and merge sounds.


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8. Mp3 Cutter & Merger

Use this app to cut and merge songs and audio files. You can cut the song perfectly and then use it as alarm sound or ringtone.


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9. FL Studio Mobile

This audio editing software will be suitable more advanced users. It allows you to combine different sound templates from the app and create a brand new track. Lots of features, mixers, sounds, effects will help you to get a high-quality product.


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10. iTag – Music Tag Editor

Here is a basic free music tag editor on your phone. You can edit album cover, a name of the song and album.


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11. AudioDroid : Audio Mix Studio

AudioDroid is a hand audio editor, sound recorder, and music mixer. You can edit various audio formats, create ringtones, alarms, and SMS sounds. You can save a complete track in a suitable format.


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12. Lexis Audio Editor

This app allows you to edit tracks and then save them in a necessary format on your device. You can cut, copy, and paste sounds, reduce noises, change speed, and more.


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13. Recording Studio Lite

Recording Studio Lite speaks for its name. You can record, edit, and mix your audio files using this app. You can add up to 24 tracks and work with them at the same time inside an app.


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14. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is not an audio editor app, but a music creator. It was designed inspired by rack-mount synthesizers. You can choose up to 14 machines and also add two effects per one machine.


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15. Walk Band – Multitracks Music

This is a virtual studio of musical instruments created for Android. It includes a lot of instruments, such as a Guitar, Piano, Drum Kit, and more. All of them make realistic sounds so that you can create tones and tracks.


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16. Star Music Tag Editor

Here are an album cover editor and music tagger. You can search and edit album, name, lyrics of your songs in a library.


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17. Ringtone Maker

If you don’t need a professional high-end audio software, here is a simple app to cut songs and create a ringtone. You can copy and paste, change volume, and even set a tone right in the app.


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18. Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker

This app comes with some primary functionality. You can manually set the start and finish of time of a particular track. Create a ringtone, alarm, or notification sounds.


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19. Audio Editor Cutter & Merger

Audio Editor Cutter & Merger lets you cut your songs on parts. It also will help you to merge two songs into one track.


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20. Mp3 Editor, Cutter & Merger

Mp3 Editor has everything you would ever need for an audio editor. You can cut, merge, add tags to your MP3 files, set a ringtone, and record sounds.


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