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When Easter time approaches, and it’s time to change your holiday spirit wallpaper, we want you to be ready! If you are looking for the perfect sweet wallpaper that represents this holiday of Easter, you are in the right place. We have 60 Beautiful Easter Wallpapers that we have exclusively selected for you to share on your desktop. All the wallpapers have tons of spirits with the colors, eggs, bunnies, and more. They are images that are in high resolution.

Free Easter Wallpapers 2018

Discover 60 beautiful easter wallpapers and images you can use for free to create unusual and beautiful cards, invitations, flyers or brochures.

1. Bunny Celebration Chocolate

Look at this cute porcelain bunny with jelly beans surrounding him.

Bunny Celebration Chocolate

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2. Coloring Easter Eggs

A mix of pastel Easter Eggs perfect for a wallpaper for your desktop.

Coloring Easter Eggs

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3. Chocolate Easter Eggs

Here is a ton of candy eggs for a perfect wallpaper.

chocolate Easter Eggs

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4. Cute Nest Egg

Here we have a sweet nest with eggs and feathers.

Cute Nest Egg

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5. Beautiful Girl

Sweet blonde hair young girl holding two eggs on her eyes.

Beautiful Girl

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6. Easter Bunny

This is such a a cute fluffy real life bunny looking straight foward.

Easter Bunny

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7. Color Eggs

Colorful eggs in a bunch perfect for a invite or wallpaper.

Color Eggs

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8. Easter Egg

Dim looking picture with a nest of eggs in the middle.

Easter Egg

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9. Nest Eggs Bright

Nest of big and small pink, yellow, and green easter eggs.

Nest Eggs Bright

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10. Art Branches Bright

Tree branches of full of birght mix easter eggs hanging.

Art Branches Bright

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11. Easter Eggs Images

Big colorful easter eggs great for an invite, flyer , or desktop wallpaper.

Easter Eggs Images

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12. Close Up To Rabbit Image

Cute close up picture of a real bunny standing on grass.

Close up to rabbit Image

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13. Colorful Easter Eggs Image

Six Easter eggs in a row with a dark black background,

Colorful easter eggs image

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14. Basket Colorful Decoration Eggs

Easter egg basket with eggs on top of hay.

basket colorful decoration eggs

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15. Spring Colorful Eggs

White eggs wrapped with colorful ribbon on a white background.

Spring Colorful Eggs

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16. Glass Easter Eggs

A brown basket full of easter eggs and green grass on a white background.

Glass Easter Eggs

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17. Color Decoration Eggs

Here we have a basket full of grass and 2 eggs on a bench.

Color Decoration Eggs

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18. Lovely Rabbit Images

Two porcelin outdoor bunnies kissing eachother holding egg and flower.

Lovely Rabbit Images

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19. Easter Eggs 2018

Big bright eggs perfect for a wallpaper.

Easter Eggs 2018

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20. Color Cups Eggs

White cups holding onto colorful eggs.

Color Cups Eggs

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21. Bright Colorful Decorate

Bright Colorful Decorate

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22. Art Bright Close Up

Three olive, orange, and yellow eggs with white painting on it.

Art Bright Close up

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23. Bunnies In The Grass Image

Two real bunnies on grass loving eachother.

bunnies in the grass image

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24. Easter Chicken Image

Cute little Chicken on a wood wallpaper.

Easter Chicken Image

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25. Gold Easter Bunnies

These are bunnies wrapped in gold paper with a red bow on a tray.

Gold Easter Bunnies

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26. Colorful Decoration Image

This is a beautiful set up of eggs and flowers and hay.

Colorful Decoration Image

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27. Beautiful Bloom Blooming Blossom

Lovely pink and yellow tulips.

beautiful bloom blooming blossom

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28. Landscape Flowers Easter Wallpaper

Sun shinning on these beaufitufl coloful tulips.

Landscape Image

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29. Art Painting

Here is someone paiting on this big egg.

Art Painting

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30. Close Up Image

Close up picture of white eggs on hay with flowers.

Close Up Image

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31. Girl Hands Coloring Easter Eggs

This is a person decorating eggs with rhinestones and glitter.

girl hands coloring easter eggs

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32. Red Easter Egg Flower

Beautiful red egg handing from a tree.

red easter egg flower

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33. Breafast Easter Eggs

Ready to paint these eggs with color paint to dip in.

Breafast Easter Eggs

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34. Decoration Design Easter Egg Wallpaper

Two egg sticks of blue and yellow on a blue background.

Decoration Design Easter Egg

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35. Bowl Easter Eggs

A bowl of brown eggs around a branch.

Bowl Easter Eggs

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36. Outdoor Easter Decorations

Here we have an image of a egg chicken decoration by a green branch.

Outdoor Easter decorations

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37. Cute Cartoon Costume

Super cute costume person standing on the side of this image.

Cute Cartoon Costume

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38. Brown Eggs

Decoration of a wallpaper full of eggs and grass.

Brown Eggs

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39. Adorable Cute Bunny

Gray bunny on a gray background.

Adorable Cute Bunny

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40. Ceremony Basket

Wedding bands inside a nest with red bow and baby flowers.

Ceremony Basket

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41. Beautiful Blooming Blossom

A bunch of pink blossomed flowers .

Beautiful Blooming Blossom

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42. Baby Chicken

Little brown mix chicken picture.

baby Chicken

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43. Bunny Cute Ears

Cute bunny face between grass and green bush.

bunny cute ears

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44. Rabbit Push Toy Pink

Here we have a bunny with teeth out with a dress.

Rabbit Push Toy Pink

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45. Colorful Blooming

Colorful mixed tulis full of mixed colors.

Colorful Blooming

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46. Easter Cookies

Yummy maccaroons mixed Easter colors and flavors.

Easter Cookies

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47. Cute Images Easter Wallpaper

Pink tulips close up with green around them.

Cute Images

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48. Beautiful Easter Day Wallpaper

Bright Easter day sun shinning with flowers and grass.

Beautiful Easter Day

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49. Rabbit

Here is a image taken of a bunny close up out in the grass.


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50. Pink Blossom Image

So lovely of pink blossoms of branches.

Pink Blossom Image

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51. Spring Flower

Pink flowers of brances mixed for a perfect sweet wallpaper.

Spring Flower

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52. Easter Eggs Coloring

Colorful eggs on green hay of nest.

Easter Eggs Coloring

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53. Basket With Brown Eggs Easter Wallpaper

Here is a fall image of leaves with a basket full of eggs.

Basket with Brown Eggs

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54. Happy Easter In The Snow

Four colorful eggs sitting on white snow.

Happy Easter in the snow

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55. Relaxing Bunny

Here is a bunny sleeping with three eggs surrounding him.

Relaxing Bunny

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56. Easter Baby Bunny

Very adroable brown bunny with a nest and three eggs.

easter baby bunny

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57. Easter Egg Painting

Contrasted image of an egg with flowers and lovely background.

Easter Egg Painting

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58. 2 Toy Easter Bunny

Two plush bunnies sitting by easter tulips.

2 Toy Easter Bunny

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59. Bunny And Egg Easter Wallpaper

Here is a white bunny around a tree with easter eggs.

Bunny and Egg

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60. Decoration Easter Eggs

Another image full of eggs, tulips and branches.

Decoration Easter Eggs

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We wishing you all happy Easter!

Hope you found the perfect sweet Easter picture for your next project. These are 60 images that you can use in all sorts of projects so make sure to use and abuse all images. Please share with anyone looking for Easter wallpapers.

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