Top 10 Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone

Top 10 Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone

Since all free music downloader was removed from the App Store, it’s quite challenging to download and listen to the music offline on iPhone. This protects artists from illegal distribution of music. But with the help of specific apps, you can still download and bring music with you, even if you don’t have internet access.

Here I have covered the best offline music apps for iPhone allowing you to create a playlist, discover new tracks on different genres, and listen to the radio. Explore the collection and choose the most suitable app for you. Some apps offer you to download music from Dropbox or Onedrive; other apps allow you to download songs directly from the app.

Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone

You can find both free and premium apps here. Premium subscription gives you access to ad-free interface and advanced features. Besides, music streaming saves your battery life comparing to online listening.

1. Apple Music

Apple Music is a native iPhone app. You already have it on your iPhone. The app helps you to keep all your favorite music in one place; you can create playlists and group the music. Also, it allows you to save songs to your Library and listen to them offline. You can discover new famous hits or listen to numerous public playlists, for example, Charting now or Music for the Gym, or Acoustic Hits. This app is paid, so you need to sign in using your Apple ID and pay for it first.


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2. Evermusic – offline music

Evermusic is a great offline player for iPhone with an equalizer. You can play music from iPhone, iPad, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can collect playlists with your favorite songs, download albums, and listen to the music everywhere you go. It has some advanced features, such as changing the speed of playback and audio bookmarks. Don’t worry; your music will be synchronized between your cloud storage and iPhone automatically.


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3. Spotify Music

You have probably heard of Spotify. It allows you to create a radio station so that you can listen to the songs based on your interests. You can listen to the music offline, find any track, album, or artist. This app is free, but if you want to remove ads and get better sound quality, you can pay for the app.


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4. Music Cloud – play mp3 offline

It’s a music streaming service allowing you to download music and get offline access to it. You’ll find millions of tracks and thousands of playlists for any mood and situation. You can use playlists shuffle and repeat modes. It has background mode allowing you to lock your phone, but still, have control over the songs. It’s totally free.


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5. SoundCloud – Music & Audio

SoundCloud is another popular music app. It is one of the largest audio streaming platforms in the world. You can find music of any genre or mood among 150 million songs there. Browse hip-hop, classical, jazz, electronic, rock, podcasts, audiobooks, sports on SoundCloud. You can save music for your offline playback.


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TIDAL is a big music service with high-quality sound, music videos and curated collections of songs created by artists and experts. It allows you to download songs and albums, create playlists, and bring the favorite music with you anywhere you go. You can enjoy unlimited access to 40 million tracks on the app. Besides, you can read stories and interviews behind the music.


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7. Pandora Music

Pandora Music is a similar app to Spotify. It also lets you personalize your collections. You can create your stations with best tracks, artists, and genres. Or, browse playlist depending on your mood and current situation. To download the music for offline listening, you need to subscribe. The subscription offers more advanced features, such as higher quality audio and no ads.


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8. Microsoft Groove

Groove is a music app created by Microsoft. You can save music to OneDrive with your PC and then, download it on your iPhone using the app. You can listen to the music both online and offline, for free. Create music collections with songs and albums. Then, you can sort your music by songs, artists, albums, title, and date added.


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9. Google Play Music

Google Play music gives you access to 40 millions of tracks and allows you to play it where you are. Among the free features are radio based songs, recommendations based on your interest and location, and storage for about 50,000 songs. If you want more, you can buy a subscription and get an ad-free interface, offline listening, and family plan for up to six members.


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10. Deezer MP3 music player, radio

Deezer is a one more cool app allowing you to get offline music on your iOS device. You can access to 43 millions of songs, listen to radio stations, see lyrics to each song, and import favorite tracks. You can personalize your flow which will find recommended music for you based on your taste. You can create playlists for pool party or workout in a gym. Deezer Premium has CarPlay feature and access to the music without an internet connection.


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