The 25 Best Photo Collage Apps for iPhone & Android

best photo collage apps for iphone and android

With social media sites, we can instantly share our photos and videos with followers and friends. Have you ever wanted to upload a few images at once, for examples on Instagram? Before they got a slider option, it was impossible to use a few pictures at the same post. So, the solution is quite simple and stylish – it’s a collage.

A photo collage is a piece of art created by putting together a few images or videos. You can collect an unlimited number of pictures on one collage, but if you use over 16 images, I’m afraid, people won’t be able to see what is displayed in each photo.

Best Collage Apps for Pictures you can use on iPhone and Android

In this list, we have collected 25 best photo collage app for iPhone and Android users. Besides, here you’ll see apps for photo and video editing, creating posters, adding stickers and text.

1. InstaSize Photo & Pic Editor

Take your images to a whole new level with InstaSize app. It lets you create a collage, resize it for different social media sites, and edit photos and videos for free.

iPhone | Android


16. Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro

This is one more popular collage app. You can combine different photos from your Camera Roll, add text, stickers, change the background, and more.



2. Layout by Instagram

The layout is an app created by Instagram which allows you to create a beautiful photo collage in a matter of a minute. You can build a collage of up to 9 photos.

iPhone | Android


4. Photo Collage Maker

Photo Collage Maker is a simple app allowing you to create a collage of 15 images at once. You can pick one of 100 frames and make a freestyle collage.



5. Photo Collage Pro Editor

Here is an app with powerful features. You can create a collage, change the background on it, and add funny stickers. It will be a perfect tool for Insta stories.

iPhone | Android


6. MOLDIV by JellyBus

This app offers high-quality filters along with collage choices. Choose from 321 layouts to create a collage. Besides, you can make your selfie perfect: smooth skin and enlarge eyes.

iPhone | Android


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7. Diptic

Diptic is a popular premium app for creating collages with lots of customization tools. Moreover, you can create a video collage, add text and music there.

iPhone | Android


8. PhotoGrid

PhotoGrid is a picture and video editor for smartphones. It has tons of features, such as edit your photo, edit video, create an album or a poster, create memes and more.

iPhone | Android


9. InstaCollage

This app is available for Android phones only. You can quickly put your images together into a beautiful grid and edit them.



10. LiveCollage Classic

It allows you create a collage instantly on your iPhone or iPad. Drag and drop photos into a place with your finger.



11. Photo Collage Editor

This application contains over 200 different layouts for collages. Once you add a picture to a grid, you can edit it using filters.



12. Collage Photo Maker Pic Grid

This app allows you to edit both photos and videos, and create a collage of them. You can even design your scrapbook there with freestyle grids.



13. Mixoo

Mixoo is a powerful app having everything you may need to create a professional collage and edit your pictures. You can create a poster pr freestyle collage, beautify your selfies, and more.

iPhone | Android


14. PicsArt Photo & Collage Maker

With over 450 million installs, this app is one of the best collage makers on this list. You can use numerous templates, change backgrounds, create a grid or freestyle collages.

iPhone | Android


2. Photo Collage & Photo Editor

This is a popular photo collage app with over 1M installs. You can create a collage choosing from over 5,000 layouts, add text, edit a photo there.



15. Pic Collage – Photo Editor

Pic Collage is a great app for editing images, creating collages and postcards. You can quickly add text, stickers, and different elements on your collage.

iPhone | Android


17. Photable – Photo Editor

Make your photos stand out using this app. You can make your body perfect, for example, edit beard or eyes, add cute stickers, and create a collage using various templates.

iPhone | Android


18. Photo Editor – FotoRus

Here is all-in-one photo editor app. It lets you create collages, choose layouts, edit makeup, add frames and filters.

iPhone | Android


19. Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor is a professional app with advanced filters and layouts. You can take a picture, apply different filters to it, create a collage and share it on social media directly from the app.

iPhone | Android


20. Photo Collage – Collageable

Pick one from 200 collage layouts and impress your Instagram followers. You can customize, tune, and edit collage and image as you like.



21. Split Pic Collage Maker Layout

This is an easy collage maker which allows you to create a grid and adjust it as you like. You can get even oom photo, clone yourself, and blend images.

iPhone | Android


22. Retrica

Express yourself with creative collage layouts and filters. You can add fun stickers, doodles, and text on your collage.

iPhone | Android


23. Pic Jointer

Pic Jointer is a modern, stylish photo collage and editor app. It allows you to zoom, rotate, flip each photo in your collage.

iPhone | Android


24. Frames

Frames is a simple image collage maker. You can create a layout choosing from over 500 templates.



25. Rookie Cam

Rookie Cam is one of my favorite photo collage editing app which also allows you create a collage. You can choose from various filters to edit your photo, create a grid, and apply the text.

iPhone | Android


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