25 Best Photoshop Tutorials You Should See

Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is an excellent tool for designers and photographers with powerful features. It has so many settings that it takes a lot of time to figure out how they work yourself. One of the fastest ways to learn how Photoshop works is tutorials. There are numerous tutorials on the web in video or text formats. They will help you to take your skills to the next level, learn hotkeys, and first-hand tips.

Check out these 25 best Photoshop tutorials we collected for you. Here you’re going to find tutorials on how to change hair and skin color in Photoshop, skin retouching, double exposure effect, vintage filters, vignette, mosaic portrait, torn paper, pop art, color splash effects, and more. I hope these list will come in handy for you. If you like some of the tutorials here, don’t hesitate to share your results in the comment field below.

1. Dispersion Effect: Photoshop Tutorial

This is a video guide which will walk you through the process of creating a dispersion effect on a portrait. Read the captions for more detailed instructions for each step.


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2. Basic Skin Retouching For Beginners – Photoshop Tutorial

Check out this fantastic basic skin retouching tutorial created by Jessica Kobeissi. It uses a frequency separation technique for the retouching.


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3. Milk And Chocolate Skin Color in Photoshop

In this video, you’ll see how to turn skin milky white or chocolate dark using Adobe Photoshop. You will be using Masks, Curves, and color correction tools.


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4. How to Make Rainbow Hair in Adobe Photoshop: Two Easy Methods

Don’t know how to change the color of hair on an image? This quick tutorial will show you how to do it. Moreover, you will make rainbow hair.


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5. PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Vintage/Retro Effect

The vintage and retro effect is trendy over the last years. Here is an easy four-minute video showing you how to add retro yellow, dusty filter to your pictures.


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6. How to Create an Instagram Filter Photoshop Action in 60 Seconds

Achieve a trendy moody faded effect in Photoshop using this tutorial. You will create an action to use this effect for your other images.


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7. Photoshop in 60 Seconds: How to Create a Vibrant Duotone Action

The article claims that you will be able to get this exciting, vibrant effect in just 60 seconds in Photoshop. You will use Layers and Gradient Map.


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8. How to Create a Light Leak Effect In Adobe Photoshop

The articles will tell you about cool vintage light leak techniques. It goes along with light leak Photoshop actions you can apply immediately.


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9. Double Exposure Effect – Photoshop Tutorial

In this video, you will learn how to create a double exposure effect with the help of lipping Masks and Blending Mode. It’s easy; it works the best with a portrait and landscape pictures.


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10. Tutorial: Duotone Photo Effect (Adobe Photoshop)

This is a brief video showing you how to achieve duotone effect using Adobe Photoshop.


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11. Create a Trendy, Colorful Action

In just one minute you will get a fantastic colorful look in Photoshop. You can use it for your Instagram pictures and make your followers say ‘wow!’.


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12. How to make your photos LOOK BETTER FAST! Photoshop Tutorial

A well-known photographer and Youtuber Peter McKinnon will tell you how to dramatically improve your images in just a few steps in Photoshop.


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13. How to Create a Stylised Colour Sketch from a Photograph

Create a gorgeous vibrant sketch artwork using any image you have. The effect can be applied to any image, from portrait to landscape.


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14. Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create Stunning, Photo Mosaic Portraits

This photo effect consists of numerous images which compile into a mosaic. You need to choose a central model and place a lot of small ones on top.


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15. How to Create a Vignette in 3 Ways

This article will teach you three ways to create a vignette effect in Photoshop. This way you can make a focus on the primary object of a photo.


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16. How To Remove ANYTHING From a Photo In Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to get rid of literally any unnecessary object on a photo. As an example, you see how to remove a car from a picture on this Youtube video.


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17. Torn Paper Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

Here is a simple photo manipulation tutorial which will walk you through the process of creating a torn paper effect in Adobe Photoshop.


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18. Photoshop Tutorial: Brush Effect Portrait

Watch this video to get to know how to imitate a brush photo effect in Photoshop. It looks like a portrait was rubbed with a brush.


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19. How To Create an Infrared Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Read this guide to learn to create an infrared effect, for example; you will be able to turn a green grass on a photo into red color.


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20. How to Create a 90s Graphical Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Here is 90s inspired collage or photo effect with funny shapes and filters. Recreate the same result using this post.


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21. How to Create a Cool Glitch Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Practice your Photoshop skills with this basic glitch effect tutorial. You will use Transform and Color Bucket tools to achieve this look.


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22. How To Create a Color Splash Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Color splash is a classy photo effect which typically focuses on red, yellow, or green color. Use Color Range tool to learn how to do it.


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23. Photoshop CC Tutorial – Fantasy Sunset Color Effects

Make a boring photo a piece of art with this tutorial. It will show you the process of changing a gray sky background on a dramatic sunset.


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24. How to Create a Colorful Photo Editing / Magazine Cover Design – Photoshop Tutorials

Create a pop-art Warhol-style image from a girl portrait. This video is showing a step-by-step process of the tutorial.


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25. Transparent Text Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

If you are wondering how to add a transparent text to an image, this video guide will show you how. It will take three minutes to learn this technique.


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