Top 15 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

These days video is a huge part of the social media world. YouTubers get money for shooting and sharing videos on their channels. The platform counts billions of videos uploaded by people from all over the world. But it’s not that easy. You need not only take the video, but also edit it appealingly. Surprisingly, video editing software you can buy these days are almost the same as the ones which use big film production companies.

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Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

This software allows you to edit videos taken with DSLR, iPhone, or point-and-shoot cameras. Here you’ll find options for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and mobile devices. All of them has a huge number of different features, effects, filters, and possibilities. So here are the 15 best video editing software for Youtubers:

1. Applу iMovie

This software will not be suitable for PC users, only Apple. But it combines simplicity and elegance in one interface. You can edit a video and then transfer it to your iPhone or iPad via AirDrop wirelessly. One of the most powerful features of iMovie is a ‘green screen’ allowing you to place your character on any backdrop you want, for example, Bali beach. It’s free for Mac users.


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2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Talking about editing video, Adobe Premiere Pro is the very first option to take into account. It’s a popular timeline-based video editing software. You can edit and produce a beautiful complete video using it for TV, YouTube, or web. It can even handle a vast 360-degree video for virtual reality to 8K footage.You can seamlessly connect any other Adobe product with Premiere Pro.


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3. Lumen5

Lumen5 is better to call a video tool than software, but it deserves to be on this list. It will help you to create a promo for social media or short video in no time. They claim themselves as a tool to turn blog posts into videos.You can refine copy of blog posts, drag and drop images and gifs, add music to create an eye-catching YouTube video.


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4. Shotcut

If you are a beginner Youtubber and you need not only free but a full-featured product for editing videos, here it is. This is a powerful open-source video software which lets you create high-quality videos in a blink of an eye. It will help you to learn the basics of video editing and save your budget for other stuff.


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5. Apple Final Cut Pro X

Here is a software which has everything you need to edit video on Macbook. Final Cut Pro X is the best option to consider. For complete beginners, if you want to invest time and money in learning this software, you’ll find it one of the most powerful yet easiest to use.


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6. Hit Film Express

Here is a free and professional video editing software for both Windows and MacOS.It’s quite complicated to use, and you need to spend a lot of fo time learning its features. But, if you do it, Hit Film will be the only program you would ever need. It supports almost all audio and video formats. Besides, it has over 180 different visual effects.


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7. Nero Video

Nero is one of the cheapest versions of video software here (it costs less than $50). It’s packed with tricks and effects which also have other products listed here. It allows you to transfer your videos from smartphones and USB devices with ease. You can use lots of visual effects, such as tilt-shift, slow motion, titles, old movies and more.


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8. Lightworks

Lightworks is a professional software for Linux users. It offers both free and premium versions. So, it’s a suitable version for newbies; you can start out with a free version and then, if necessary, upgrade to a premium one. It supports all video formats you know.


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9. Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate

This software has a straightforward interface and lots of features, For instance, it lets you color correct your videos, apply different filters and effects, and easily share a final video version. It was one of the video editing software which supports 360-degree formats. You can buy it on Amazon.


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10. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10 Video Editing Suite for PC

Corel VideoStudio has support of all video and audio formats, allows you to create 360 degrees video for VR, and 4K footage. Unlike other products in this collection, Corel offers motion tracking. It means you can track particular objects during the editing process.


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11. OpenShot

Just like any other Linux software, OpenShot is free and open-source. It features clean, easy interface. The set of tools includes animations, keyframes, video effects, drag and drop and more. Besides, you can use title templates, timeline, image overlays and other features.


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12. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is one of the best video editing software for mobile users. It features instant preview and smart effects. It works the best on Android phones. You can edit multiple layers, write with a hand, and add text animations.


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13. Filmora

Filmora is a high-quality and simple video editing tool. They also have software for editing screen recording videos and mobile videos. It has simple to use interface. Filmora supports 4K footage and GIFs, frame by frame preview, and color tuning.


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14. VSDC

If you need to add special effect and text to your video, VSDC will come in handy. The software has tons of effects, video stabilizer, and chart tool. It will help you to create a sleek video or add some neat tricks to your presentation. It supports different languages.


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15. Pinnacle Studio 21 Video Editing Suite for PC

Pinnacle Studio 21 is a great software you can buy on Amazon with plenty of features. It allows you to import video from different sources. It supports 3D video, 360-degree footage, video taken with different cameras, and stop-motion.


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