25 Best VSCO Filters Themes and Settings for Instagram

Best VSCO Filters, Themes and Settings for Instagram

In this collection, we have handpicked the best VSCO filters, themes, and settings for the popular VSCO app.

This way you can get more free unique filters. VSCO Cam is one of the most famous apps in the world when it comes to photo editing for social media.

It offers a fast and easy way to edit images in a few clicks and make them look professional and stunning. The developers of VSCO Cam took the vintage film camera photos as inspiration to create a range of filters you see in the app today.

The best thing about this app is not only the endless range of filters you can apply to your images, both free and paid. But also useful settings you can use for your photos after you applied filters, such as contrast, exposure, and tint.

The app is easy to use: you need to download VSCO Cam from App Store or Google Play, register there, and upload photos from your Camera Roll using the Studio tab. Then, just pick a picture and edit it as you like. Make sure to go to the official app’s Store and download free filters there.

Best VSCO Filters and Themes 2018

These settings can also help you to choose a perfect theme for your Instagram account. You can apply one number of settings to every photo you publish, so in a few weeks, you’ll get an aesthetic and moody Instagram profile.

1. Pink Blush

This is a fantastic pink chic filter. It will look great on any type of skin, on sunset and flowers images.


2. Tropical Fruits Best VSCO Filter

Tropical Fruits will look stunning in almost any picture. You can highlight colorful food or add some more contrast to a low light image.


3. Blue Instagram Feed

Here are fantastic settings for C1 Vsco cam filter which will work with sky and water the best. It will help you make a focus on deep sea or a bright sky.


4. Purple Tint Best VSCO Filter

This is a stylish beige filter which can be applied to any kind of picture. Adjust the saturation and contrast depending on your skin tone and light conditions of the image.


5. Vintage Filter

Are you a fan of old-school retro images of your parents from 90’s? This filter will help you achieve this stylish look with washed out colors. It looks incredible on jeans.


6. Clean & Moody

Give your images warm slightly beige and pink look using these settings of the F2 filter. It also gives image faded casual feel.


7. Colorful Instagram Feed Best VSCO Filter

If you don’t like faded minimalist color schemes, this filter was created for you! It will pop out colors on your images, increase contrast and saturation.


8. Natural Feel

It will be the best solution for green and white pictures. You can apply the filter for landscape images with green leaves or interior.


9. Minimal Aesthetics

This is an essential simple filter which looks great on the skin. So, use it for portraits and flatlays.


10. Summer Vacation

Are you going on vacation next summer? Don’t forget about this gorgeous filter which will make your images stand out on Instagram feed. One of the best VSCO Filters to use in your Instagram posts in this summer.


11. Warm Autumn

This warm beige filter works the best for skin and brown clothes. You can apply it for autumn and winter outdoor shots.


12. Greeny Filter

This green filter will work with any color and picture, especially when it comes to winter and indoor shots.


13. Sweater Weather

HB2 preset has high contrast and blue tones. This filter was designed for winter images, snowy mountains, and sweeter portraits.


14. Blue Waters

This filter seems to be created in California, a region with sun and blue water. It can make blue even deeper and contrast.


15. Chic Romance

NC is a new VSCo preset. It looks excellent on subtle and minimalist images. This dark calm preset will also be suitable for skin tone.


16. Dark Brown

Coffee, wood textures, buildings, books are not the full list of things for this preset. The filter was created to highlight brown color on the image.


17. Creamy Faded Filter

This feminine pink filter will make your image look glowing. Make sure to play with saturation depending on the picture.


18. Go to Basics

For those of you who love clean light images, this filter is here.It will work for selfies, flatlays, and everyday objects.


19. Dark Green Island

I’m in love with this saturated tropical filter which adds more contrast to green color. As you see, it looks terrific on nature shots.


20. Yellow Mood

Do you want to make your images eye-catching? Use this filter for yellow objects on the pictures.


21. Brown Tint

Make your skin look like you are a rockstar with this glowing brown filter. You can also use it for landscape pictures.


22. Summer Sunset

This filter will add gray tones to the shadows and pop out colors.


23. Food Lovers

Here is a vibrant filter for foodies. Take a look at these mouthwatering cinnamon rolls and granola on the image!


24. Red Highlights

A6 is a free filter in VSCo Cam store. This filter will be the best choice for images which contain red color: flowers, food, clothes.


25. Soft Beige

Add some beidge warm tone to your Instagram pictures with this cool preset. It goes with a preset, just change exposure, contrast, and saturation.


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