20 Brand Board Templates for Your Blog

Brand Board Templates for Your Blog

Download 20 brand board templates for your blog. The brand board is fantastic, not only for designers but for business founders and owners. In a case, you don’t know what a brand board is, it’s a mini style guide for your brand. This is a final collection of colors, fonts, and patterns which are combined into a board to see how your future branding is going to look like.

You can also include alternative versions of the logo, fonts, icons and other stuff to see what fit you the best. The brand board will help you to collect all the guidelines. It works for both large corporations and small businesses. Anytime you can refer back to the board. If you want to manage all the visual elements of your brand on one board, use the brand board templates we collected below.

Best Brand Board Templates for Blogging

All of them have premade fields to insert your logo, color palette, images, and fonts. You don’t need to spend time on creating the brand board in Photoshop, just add all the necessary info into the template you choose.

1. Branding Board Template Mood Board

This gorgeous branding board includes a template to insert your logo, watermark, fonts, images or samples of your works, and textures. You can edit it using Adobe Photoshop.


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2. Brand Board Template

Create your new brand identity in no time using this board. It will help you see what things need to include and add them to the template.


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3. Brand Board Template // Mood Board

Here is a beautiful brand board template which contains a place for website header, logo variations, images and textures, fonts, and laptop mockup.


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4. Essential Branding & Identity kit

Essential Branding Identity kit offers a massive bundle of useful stuff, such as branding boards, logo templates, monograms, decorative elements, textures, hand-drawn patterns, floral elements, wreaths, and illustrations. You can create an endless number of designs using this kit.


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5. Mood Board Templates

Mood board is similar to the brand board, but it can be used as inspiration for your next project. You can insert different images, textures, colors, and patterns into it to work as your motivation.


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6. Floral logo and branding bundle

Here is a massive bundle of useful stuff including brand boards and logo templates. It has 11 different branding boards which you can edit using Smart Layers in Photoshop.


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7. Brand Board Template for Webdesign

This is an easy-to-edit brand board for web design. You can insert your work samples, logos, fonts, and computer screen mockup.


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8. Mood Board / Style Tile Pack

Here is a pack of mood boards for social media, for example, Instagram. You can create a color scheme and style for your social media channels.


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9. Brand Board Template

Easily add your logo, images, textures, and fonts into one pretty style guide. The files contain a perfectly organized Photoshop file which you can adjust in a few clicks.


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10. 25+ Mood Board Vector Templates

If you have a lot of ideas for future projects, use these stunning 25 mood board templates. It will help you see your thoughts from a new point of view.


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11. Mood board templates

Here is a collection of 15 dark male mood boards for social media or your next big idea. The black background will make the images and patterns you include stand out.


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12. Concept Design Mood Board Templates

These beautiful design concept templates will help you to combine all your branding elements into one neat vertical A4 document. You can print it or use in digital format.


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13. Brand Manual

This is not a brand board, but a whole branding manual in the form of a book. You can add all the tiny details about your brand there, including logo, images, colors, corporate typography, and color hierarchy.


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14. Visual Identity Template

Check out this visual identity template created for graphic designers. It has a lot of space to show off your designs. Besides, it can be used for any creative industry, such as photography and art.


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15. 2 Branding Board Templates

Here are two airy light brand boards with the stylish layout and editable options. You can adjust it to your needs using Photoshop.


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16. Branding Board Bundle!!

This package includes five brand board themes with different layouts. Just open the files in Photoshop and drag and drop the objects you need to add.


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17. Photoshop Mood Board Template

Plan your next event, get inspiration for your next project or check if your branding elements fit each other with this amazing mood board template. All you need to do is just insert your designs into the board using Photoshop.


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18. Tailormade Brand Board Templates

Are you looking for modern and impressive style guide for your brand, search no more! Here is an easy-to-edit template for a brand board with detailed instructions on how to use it.


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19. Mood Boards with color wheel

Present your branding style using these mood board layouts with a color wheel. You can show the design along with the color scheme.


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20. Mood Board Templates

This eye-catching bundle includes 15 well-organized PSD files with mood board templates for any taste. You can use them for your branding identity, social media, or as inspiration for your future ideas.


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