Top 30 Coaster Mockup PSD Templates

coaster mockup psd templates

Looking for a way to showcase your designs with a coaster? Look no further we have 30 Coaster mockup PSD templates that you can use for your next project. You will be able to download a file at a high quality and use for either professional or commercial use. These mockups will help you show a final coaster before the actual printing occurs.

When it comes to design and print coaster for a company or business, you can save a lot of money with help of these coaster PSD mockups. There are so many styles you can make the coasters from square to round coasters. You will be able to see that below with all the different mockups you can choose to add your design on. These coasters can also be used for all sort of events such as party, logos, favors and more.

Coaster Mockup PSD Templates

Once you have chosen the best mockup that suits you just downloaded it to your computer, you can change all the information necessary as the logo, artwork, colors and other further details.

1. Coasters Mockup

Coaster mockup is high quality and realistic mockup which will give you 7 different files that will be easy to edit.

Coasters Mockup

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2. Square Glass Coaster Mockup

Square glass coaster mockup gives an etched effect which will be great for any professional looking to do etched glass square coasters. The photoshop file will automatically add your images to the coaster.

Square glass coaster mockup

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3. Circular Coaster Mockup

Circular Coaster mockup is of high quality with 7 different PSD files and 7 placements. All colors are changeable along with the gradients which will give you the ability to change the design.

Circular Coaster Mockup

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4. Front And Back Round Coaster Mockup

Circle coaster mockup avaiable so that you can change images in photoshop.

Front and Back Round Coaster Mockup

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5. Bar Coaster Mockup PSD

Here we have an all free mockup PSD which you will be able to showcase your coasters by simply using the smart-object. This free coaster mockup is perfect to use in a bar to give a country touch to your restaurant.

Coaster Mockup PSD

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6. Rectangular Coasters Mockup Set

Creatsy created a rectangular mockup set with pack that includes 4 files with 4 different views along with changeable colors and design.

Rectangular Coasters Mockup Set

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7. Round Coaster Mockup Pack

Five different round coaster mockup printed on thick cotton blank along with smart object.

Round Coaster Mockup Pack

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8. Round Coaster Design Mock Up

Round coaster design mockup that is perfect for any occasion with a wood style colr image.

Round Coaster Design Mock up

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9. Square Hardboard Coaster Mockup

Square with rounded corners coaster mockup for with a great setup to show off any image.

Square Hardboard Coaster Mockup

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10. Free Coaster Mock Up

Wutip team created this free coaster mockup which can be edited with smart object, there is shadows.


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11. Rounded Square Coaster Mock Up

Rounded square mockup which comes with different cut angle and material.

Rounded Square Coaster Mock up

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12. Round Coasters Mockup Set

Creatsy created these simple but unique mockups with other items around to make it realistic.

Round Coasters Mockup Set

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13. Paper Coaster Mockup

Paper Coaster Mockup has a set of 8 professional mockups with a studio look backing to go along with them. Each image was created to give a 3D model for the coaster.

Paper Coaster Mockup

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14. Drink Coaster Mock Up

Drink Coaster mock-up has six views that you can use for your design in high resolution.

Drink Coaster Mock Up

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15. Free Latest Coaster Mockup

Make your coaster stand out with this wood mockup for any design or logo.

Free Latest Coaster Mockup

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16. Sandstone Coasters With Stein Mockup

Double mockups for a coaster and for a beer mug that you can design. Give your designs a photorealistic template.

Sandstone coasters with stein mockup

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17. Coaster Mockup Files

There are 5 different mock up files in high quality photorealistic design with easy and fast editting.

Coaster Mockup Files

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18. Car Coaster Mockup

Vehicle Car cup holder that can be used to add any layer double with image.

Car coaster mockup

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19. Placemat And Coaster Set Mockup Set

Creatsy placement and coaster set mockup with a background that is basic colors.

Placemat and Coaster Set Mockup Set

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20. Free Coaster Mock Up In Psd

An easily to download mock design collection with 3 different backgrounds and completley free.

Free Coaster Mock up in PSD

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21. Heart Coaster Mock Up

Heart coaster can come with any design or color which you can edit with smart layer.

Heart Coaster Mock up

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22. Coaster Design Sublimation Mockup

3 different layer files to make your mockup customizable with design and color.

Coaster Design Sublimation Mockup

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23. Round Coaster Mockup With Wine Glass

This template is for a rounded coaster along with a wine glass to give it a professional touch.

Round coaster mockup with wine glass

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24. Coaster Mockups Volume 1

Set of three photo based mocks that will help your presentation. Customize the lighting and use the 3 unique mockups.

Coaster Mockups Volume 1

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25. Coaster Mockup

Coaster mockup by obsessivo is great to showcase any design, sticker, tags, cards and more.

Coaster Mockup

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26. Car Coaster With Divot Mockup

Coaster cup holders ready for you to edit your design and showcase your work.

Car coaster with divot mockup

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27. Heart Shaped Slate Coaster Mockup

Heart shaped slate coaster mockup in 3 different templates included to give a professiona touch.

Heart shaped slate coaster mockup

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28. Coaster Mock Ups Design

Coaster mock-up with premium design with photo realistic with 5 PSD files.

Coaster Mock Ups design

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29. Wood Coaster Mock Up

Wood coaster mockup to give your logo a professional effect and look amazing for any potential lead.


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30. Rectangular Coaster Mockup

Rectangular Coaster Mokcup high quality and realistic mockup with a drink sitting on the coaster to give the real effect as if it was on a table.

Rectangular Coaster Mockup

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Closing Words

Coasters are great to have so only by putting your image on one to see how it looks will be inspiring for when you get them printed. We hope that from the above mockup list you found the one that worked best for your design.

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