17 Best Cursive Tattoo Fonts Trending in 2018

Best Cursive Tattoo Fonts

Cursive fonts combine both handwritten and calligraphy styles. They can be playful or clean, elegant or formal. Using of script cursive fonts adds some personal human touch to any design, whether it’s a website, business card, brochure, invitation, or a tattoo.

Getting your first tattoo is a terrifying yet exciting experience. Think about all the time this tattoo is going to spend on your body (it’s a lifetime) and choose a proper image or prase.

In this post, we are going to showcase 17 best cursive fonts for tattoo trending in 2018. These fonts are trendy, modern dynamic, fancy, vintage, clean, and handwritten. Choose what font will suit your tattoo image and what words you want to write using the font. Also, make sure to advise with a tattoo artist to ensure the font (and image) or the meaning of the words fit each other.

Why Choose Cursive Fonts?

You can download the fonts in .otf or .ttf formats and open on your PC. Then make sure to use this font in Adobe Photoshop and print or send your tattoo artist. Using a proper font for your tattoo can add the elegant, bold, or powerful look to a quote or words.

The meaning of the words will be understood differently depending on the typeface. Besides, cursive fonts can be better combined with images rather than sans serif fonts. All of these fonts are highly resizable which means you can make them smaller or bigger without loss of quality.

All premium fonts listed here are free for both personal and commercial use, while free fonts are designed only for personal purposes.

Premium Cursive Tattoo Fonts

1. Old School

This is a stylish old-school inspired font created for tattoos. The font has 400 glyphs with a vintage feel and look. The cursive font can be a great addition to traditional American tattoo style with roses, skulls, and birds.


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2. Have Heart Cursive Tattoo Font 2018

Have Heart is a bold cursive font which imitates a marker pen. It goes with upper and lover characters, so you can quickly write a whole quote on your body.


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3. Ball Pen Handwritten Font

Here is a connected script font inspired by a ball pen style. It will be an ideal choice when it comes to a small tattoo on a brush or shoulder.


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4. Belastoria Script

Check out this calligraphy-style, an elegant font designed by Seniors. It is girly and feminine so that the font will be suitable for girls. With over 565 glyphs and 340 additional characters, you can write almost any word you want and create beautiful tattoos.


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5. Monoline Script – Font

No matter what letter combinations you choose, this amazing monoline font will connect all the characters just like they were written the whole line. It will work for numerous purposes, including a tattoo.


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6. Palm Beach Font Duo

Here is a routine cursive font which will add a soft touch to your tattoo. It has 478 glyphs including numerals and punctuation characters. The font looks great with strict sans serif fonts.


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7. Think Pink Handwritten Font & Logos

Here is one more elegant handwritten font inspired by ink. It looks carelessly like a note which means it would work excellent for tattoos.


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8. Gloriant Signature Script

Gloriant font comes in two styles: a clean and a brush. The second version has spaces and strokes typical for the brush. It supports different languages.


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9. Oh Wonder Font + Bonus Font & Logos

I love this gorgeous monoline script font. It goes in regular and upright styles. It will also work amazing for websites, brochures, and logos.


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10. Hello Stockholm – Handmade Typeface

Hello Stockholm font looks like was carelessly written with ink leaving smears. It can be combined beautifully with sans serif fonts and lines.


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Free Cursive Tattoo Fonts

11. Sweet Hipster font

Sweet Hipster is a modern calligraphic font created by Suthi Srisopha in 2018. It has semi-connected lines and upper characters.


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12. Lovely Home font

Lovely Home is a casual script font with a vintage feel and look. There are over 100,000 downloads on a site which means the font is pretty popular.


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13. Calling Angels Personal Use font

Calling Angels is an old school playful font for tattoos. It will work better for quotes rather than a single word.


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14. Sverige Script Demo font

This font features soft lines along with alternately hard and soft strokes. This is one more font version suitable for small tattoos.


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15. Angilla Tattoo Personal Use font

Here is aring gangsta typeface explicitly created for tattoos. It will be a great solution foк old school tattoos design in typical Westen style.


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16. Billion Stars Personal Use font

This is another gangsta font with beautiful cursive lines. It’s a fun cool font which still is readable.


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17. Quincho Script PERSONAL USE font

Here is a bold ink typeface with playful swashes and shapes. It will be an excellent choice if you need to write one but powerful word.


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