25 Free Bootstrap Framework Templates & Themes

Free Bootstrap Framework Templates & Themes

Bootstrap Framework templates are designed to help you kickstart the development of web apps and sites. Bootstrap helps with responsive web design which is compatible with mobile phones, tablets and more. These templates can be used for any project you may have that needs a framework. We are aware that these templates and themes come in a various amount of styles. Each of these themes was exclusively chosen because of the design because of there structure and creativity.

We want to make it easy for you to not have to worry to search online. Instead, we have collected 25 bootstrap framework templates and themes that have been creatively designed that you will truly like and find useful.

These bootstraps themes we have selected for you are comprehensive and easy to get going and gives you space for your new project.

Note: All themes are open source and you can use them for any purpose as well as commercially.

Best Free Bootstrap Framework Templates

1. Pratt

Pratt is a landing page that would work great for a coming soon page. It’s simple and nice for any business which can be easily modified.


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2. Brushed

This one-page responsive template is optimized for retina displays such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iPod touch. This is best to be used for digital agencies or creative designers.


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3. Butterfly Free Bootstrap Theme

This unique theme is a modern template that can easily be adapted to portfolios, coming soon pages and anything else you would need.

Butterfly Free Bootstrap Theme

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4. Sertin Free Bootstrap

Sertin is a Multi-Purpose Parallax One Page bootstrap template which is clean and stylish with an extremely professional look. You can use this for a single page website, portfolio or even a web design company.

Sertin Free Bootstrap

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5. Minimal Dark Bootstrap 3 Theme

Minimal is a unique, simple theme that is great for a contact page or a small site. A theme designed for someone wanting just information to there site.

Minimal Dark Bootstrap 3 Theme

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6. Solid

Solid is a perfect theme for freelancers that need a couple of pages. This theme comes with seven pages that are easy to edit. It also comes with retina display devices.


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7. Essentia Free Bootstrap Template

This Essentia Theme is a fully responsive layout which will fit your entire screen on your computer as well as your phone.  Essentia Free Bootstrap Template

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8. Guide Free Html Template

Guide bootstrap template is great for any startup page or any other project. This template includes wide layout and 8 color sources that you can design.

Guide Free HTML Template

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9. Single Page

This is a simple template that is perfect for just one-page design which is easy to configure. You can also use this page as a responsive design.

Single Page

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10. Merlin Free Single Page Bootstrap Template

Merlin is another great single responsive page template that can be used for all purposes.

Merlin Free Single Page Bootstrap Template

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11. Freebie Start Up Landing Page

This landing page is easy to customize on photoshop and is great to use for your apple devices.

Freebie Start up Landing Page

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12. Mamba Bootstrap Template

Mamba is flat and unique one-page template, that is perfect for doing a profile. It comes with very little navigation but includes effects.

Mamba Bootstrap template

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13. Studio One Page Theme

Studio is a unique simple theme that is great for personal sites or for an agency. This design comes with a great design.

Studio One Page Theme

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14. Appkit

AppKit is a free theme that was designed to help startups and developers to promote their products as well as there business services.


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15. Freelancer

This is a perfect star up boot strap for free lancers especially web developers, graphic artist and more.


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16. Lazystrap

Just how it sounds Lazystrap is simple for any fun project that you may have going if you don’t have much idea on how to build a site you will definitely be able to.


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17. Marco

This stylish one page Marco theme is great for all freelancers and agencies that are wanting to show off there work.


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18. Magister

Magister is a great wide screen temolate that is built to showcase your work wether your a freelancer or any other project you have.


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19. Bolt

An elegant Bolt theme is great to show work as well as your personal information. It’s very clean and neat and includes all necessary fonts. Bolt

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20. Grayscale

This multipurpose Grayscale one page website theme has a dark layout but a very a great scrolling animation. This can be used for a lot of different purposes.


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21. Landing Page

This a one page landing responsive page with customized social buttons.

Landing Page

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22. Avana

This modern style template is beautiful because of the colors and detail. Avana is perfect to show off your work in a creative way which can be used for all sort of purposes from personal to business.


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23. Siimple

Siimple bootstrap landing page template is great to show off an app or if your selling on an item or if you are needing a sign-up form. It’s a simple template with great outlining.


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24. Shield

This is a one-page theme that is great for freelancers and other companies. It has a very fresh style to it and comes with the fonts included.


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25. Flatty

Flatty is a landing page that is customized to show your site, product or app. It’s not a detailed design but it has a very fresh look to it.


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We hope you have found the template or theme you needed for your project and that it goes well with whatever your showcasing. Stayed tuned for more updated information on our site and make sure to share with colleges.

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