25 Free Gantt Chart Powerpoint and Excel Templates

Free Gantt Chart Powerpoint and Excel Templates

These days Gantt charts are widely used for planning projects schedule. Many people have not even heard this term before, let me explain it to you. Gantt chart is a useful way to illustrate activities, for example, tasks, over time. You can use it to show your audience what work will be finished on an exact date. Besides, you can show the starting point and end of a project using Gantt chart.

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In this list, we have handpicked Gantt chart templates for Powerpoint and Excel. You can use them for personal or commercial projects. Just make sure to edit them to fit your purposes and style. You can use them for planning any project time estimations, but you need to know how much time every task in a project would take.

Gantt Chart Powerpoint and Excel Templates

1. Hourly Gantt Chart

If you need to present tasks in small time measurements, for example, hours, here is a perfect Gantt chart for you. It has a blue timeline and different marks. You can download it in PowerPoint format.


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2. Project Management Process

Keep your managers updated about the stages of your project with this simple Gantt chart. It can be used as a draft for your schedule.


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3. Free Gantt Chart

Use this template to outline work and notify other team members about the stages of the project lifecycle. It was designed for Microsoft Excel.


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4. IT Project Management

IT projects require a lot of organization and planning so that this template will help you with this task. You can easily уве the information and design elements.


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5. Gantt project planner

Track your tasks and activities with this modern Gantt project planner in purple and white. Get it for free in Excel format.


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6. Business Plan Template

Create a suitable layout for your business plan or showcase stages of your project using this template. You can customize scenes, time, text, and anything else.


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7. Project Management Plan Template

Get this PowerPoint template for free to use for project management. You can use different marks and indicators to show stages of a project or essential points.


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8. Agile Project Management Template

Agile is a simple methodology for planning a project with flexible adjustments. This template was designed to communicate projects stages with a client or co-workers.


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9. Excel Schedule Template

This is a fixed schedule for Excel with activities, time, and milestones. It’s easy to understand visual for a client.


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10. Action Plan Template

Here is a clear action plan for projects of any kind. Use Office PowerPoint to replace the original text with your own.


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11. Free Gantt Chart Excel Template

Here is a minimalist flat Ganее chart for Excel which will help you set up new tasks. You can also update task duration and deadlines.


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12. Project Outline Template

Develop a detailed action plan with this project outline template. You can create new tasks, set duration, change dates, and thoroughly edit it to fit your needs.


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13. Yearly Timeline Milestones for PowerPoint

Here is a cool milestone timeline template for PowerPoint with creative design. It features a timeline and points with icons in circles.


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14. Project Gantt Chart PowerPoint Template

This clean template for PowerPoint with Gantt chart has table matrix with two dimensions. One of them shows time, and the second shows events.


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15. Editable Gantt Chart for PowerPoint

Check out this stylish dark flat Gantt chart with orange elements. It has high contrast which is necessary for presentation.


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16. Simple Gantt Chart PowerPoint Diagram

Gantt chart is a great tool to make a comparison between two tasks and monitoring time spent on a project. Here is a modern yet straightforward PowerPoint diagram template for you.


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17. Project Management Gantt Chart PowerPoint Template

This is a project management Gantt chart for PowerPoint with a gray backdrop and green elements. You can edit colors, fonts, text, design elements and more.


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18. Colorful Timeline Template for PowerPoint

Download this colorful timeline template for PowerPoint and modify it to suit your preferences. Use it as a Gantt chart or just a timeline.


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19. Simple Gantt Chart PowerPoint Template

With Gantt chart, you can see how much time would be needed for a specific task. Besides, you can set significant milestones.


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20. Flat Gantt Chart Template for PowerPoint

Here is a set of four fantastic slide designs for PowerPoint. The first three slides go in while color and the fourth slide is dark.


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21. Three Stages Timeline Template for PowerPoint

Create a simple visual illustration of tasks and their duration for a client using this timeline in Gantt style. Outline the project’s essential process and deadlines.


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22. Simple Gantt Template For PowerPoint

This template was designed to create a clear plan of activities and time that need to be spent on them. It can be used for any task, project, on any stage.

simple gantt template for powerpoint

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23. Gantt Chart Project Template for PowerPoint

If you need to illustrate milestones and duration of activities, here is an excellent option for you. You can edit colors, text, fonts, and background.

gantt chart project template blue

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24. Free Gantt Chart Template

This is a complicated Gantt chart for different projects, stages, and timing. It will be an excellent solution for project managers.


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25. Gantt Chart Sample Excel

The Gantt chart can help you to show levels, tasks, assignments, start date, finish date, and timeline.

grantt chart template 11

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