23+ Free HTML5 And CSS3 Login Forms

23+ Free HTML5 And CSS3 Login Forms

We use logins forms every day of our lives. If you use apps, social networks, sent emails, and create accounts. A proper login form usually consists of several fields, such as a username or email, password, and button to Log in.

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Also, login forms may also have a button to go to register form, or a button to help you restore forgotten password. In any case, to do anything on the web, you need to sign up first using a login form.

Free HTML5 And CSS3 Login Forms

In this collection, we have put together over 23 modern beautiful and free login forms built with CSS and HTML5. To use them on your website or app, you need to copy the code and insert it.

1. Material Login Form

This amazing material design login form is using the magic of motion design to save space in the UI. The login form turns into a registration form in one click in the same field.


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2. Day 001 Login Form

This is two in one login form for Sign In and Sign Up processes. It features a blue hover and an image background.


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3. Flat HTML5/CSS3 Login Form

Here is a clean basic login form which also works as a registration field. It can be used for website, apps, and blogs.


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4. Elegant Login Form

Check out this orange fancy login form with a funny gray pattern on a backdrop. It has fields for email and password along with an arrow button.


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5. Pure CSS3 Login Form

Here is a pure CSS login form for both sign in and sign up. It includes a cute human SVG icon on top which means the form will be suitable for profile logins.


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6. Paper login form

Look at this creative login form which is placed into a piece of papers. The paper stuck to the wall with tape.


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7. LogIn Form

This is a minimalist transparent login form which pops up when you click on an icon with a human. It has email, password, remember me fields and a login button.


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8. Material login form concept

Material design form with subtle texture on top. The code is open to your modifications, and you can see the result real time.


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9. Login Form

Here is a basic login form with username and password fields. It will be suitable for any kind of website or app. The structure features a beautiful gradient on the background.


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10. Login form UI Design

Impress your website users with this stylish login form with circle shapes. It was designed using HTML, sass, and jquery


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11. Login form & Email client

This login form is placed in a frame on top of a blurred background. Try to enter your info to see the animation. You can edit the way you like.


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12. Flat login form

Here is a flat green login form with location icon, username, password fields, and buttons. Thanks to an open code you can modify it to fit your needs.


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13. dailyui 001: Sign Up

This bright yellow login form with a teapot and lemons will work out for food blogs, cafes, food store websites. It also has buttons to log in with Facebook or Twitter.


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14. Login form

Take a look at this basic login form with a lock. It shows that unless you enter your username and password, the information will be locked from you.


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15. Responsive Login Form

I love this extreme purple login form with feathers. You can adjust text, colors shapes, sizes, and pretty everything you need to meet your requirements.


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16. 3D login form concept

This is a fantastic login form concept which turns from 2d to 3d form on your eyes. You need to check the link to see animation yourself.


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17. Flat Login Form

Flat login form with a creepy spider. It will be suitable for some games or apps. You can change this ugly spider on anything else if you want.


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18. Login Template powered with Boostrap

In this case, login window pops out when you press a Login button on a web page. It’s a great way to hide a form and have it when it’s needed. Bootstrap powers the form.


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19. Login/Logout animation concept

Here is a clean login form with beautiful landscape picture on a background. It features a nice icon animation when the form appears.


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20. Sign up and login form

This cool UI is a sign-up and login form with super animation. It swipes left and right for those who want to sign up or log in.


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21. Login Form

This stylish yet straightforward login form is using the same sunset image on background and form itself. You can change text, shapes, colors, pictures and more.


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22. Material Login

The orange color perfectly combinates with blue and the designer of this login form knows it for sure. The structure has cool typography on top and required fields for username and password.


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23. Login form – html and css

Here is a clean login form in CSS and HTML with a colorful stripe. A field you which you use is highlighted in blue.


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24. Login Form UI

One more material design form with animations. The motion shows when you click on the fields with username and password.


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