Top 40 Best Free iMac Mockup PSD Templates

imac mockups

Apple iMac Mockups are extremely important no matter if it’s for your business or a specific project you are working on. Many cases you have a meeting or need to meet with a client to show them a specific web design, instead of just having it on a simple screen you can add a mockup to make it look unique.

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Using an iMac mockup will provide an extraordinary way for you to showcase your work. There is a ton of free mockup templates on the internet that is available for you to use which are simple and editable to your taste.

Premium iMac Mockup PSD Templates

1. iMac Mockups

Simple can sometimes be effective. This simple mockup has a friendly look, and it can be displayed for multiple purposes.

iMac Mockups

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2. Organised iMac Mockup

This is an easy to use mockup, looks clean and professional. With a click of a few buttons, you can change the image to show off your creative designs.

Organised iMac Mockup

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3. 1 Psd iMac Mockup

This is an organized photoshop document, that can be easily edited to add your own unique and special design. Included when you download this mockup is, the Photoshop document for you to edit, and a guide in case this is your first time.

1 PSD iMac mockup

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4. 7 iMac Photo Mockups

This mockup provides 7 unique designs that will display your work is an outstanding way. There are multiple ways you could use this mockup, like a header, as a background, or you could even use it when you are presenting. It is easy to use, and it will have you looking like a professional.

7 iMac photo mockups

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5. iMac Pro And iMac Mockups

Using cool colors like silver and blue can be associated with being formal and knowledgeable. If the blue and silver are not your colors and want a little more to make a statement, these PSD provides 38 mockups, each unique and different.

iMac Pro and iMac Mockups

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6. 20 iMac Macbook Screen Mockups

This is not traditional mockup you see everywhere, there are many different and unique mockups, 20 to be exact. There are 8 mockups you can use for your iMac and 12 that could be used for your MacBook. The styles vary from environmental, to wooden tables, to white and black brick, and many more trendy and modern styles.

20 iMac Macbook screen mockups

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7. Mockup Apple iMac On White

This multipurpose mock up could be used as a header, web page design, presentation, etc. This PSD can be easily edited by letting you add and arrange the layers to create the design you’d like. If you are not a photoshop genius, its fine, included with the Photoshop Document is a help document guide to aid you in designing your mockup.

Mockup Apple iMac on white

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8. Apple iMac 27 Desktop Mockup Photo

Create a unique and personalized mockup that represents you and who you are.It very user-friendly and easy to edit with Smart Object. The mockup allows you increase and decrease the reflection of the screen, making it easier for your viewers to notice your amazing design.

Apple iMac 27 Desktop Mockup Photo

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9. Apple Devices Mockups Bundle

This bundle contains 262 Apple Devices Mockups that are high quality and very easy to edit and add your own content. You are able to change the shadows, reflections, glares, add a logo anything you need to make the mockup personal. And, don’t forget you can use it with any Apple device.

Apple Devices Mockups Bundle

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10. Mockup Creator Scene Creator

Creat your own personal and unique mockup. This is a well-organized document that contains, 14 screen objects, 88 items you use on a desk, wall, and foreground, and textured backgrounds allowing you to get creative and create your ideal workspace scene.

Mockup Creator Scene Creator

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11. Mockups Bundle Sketch Photoshop

These are simple and elegant Apple Device Mockups. They are beautifully done and will make your content stand out.The two versions, the light and dark, can both be used in Photoshop or Sketch. This can be used for any website, marketing, or presentation you need to show.

Mockups Bundle Sketch Photoshop

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12. Vectorized iMac

This scalable mockup could be used for any device. It works great with 27 inch iMac. You can display your creativity using this mockup. This is a clean and simple look with a modern vibe.

Vectorized iMac

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13. Apple iMac Realistic Mockup

This clean and professional style can be easily edited for you to add your unique and amazing design. All you have to do is add your personal work, save it, and let it automatically adjust. You don’t have to be an expert to know how to use it, just click a few button and you are good to go.

Apple iMac realistic mockup

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14. Responsive Screen Mockup Devices

This mockup can be used on various devices like a desktop, tablet, phones, and notebook. For a professional look, without much experience, use the replaceable Smart Object Screens. You can change and personalizet as much as you want to make your work unique.

Responsive Screen Mockup Devices

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15. 3X Real Photo iMac Mockups

This 3 photo mockup can present and display what you need your viewers to see. On the PSD, with a click of a few buttons, you can customize and create your own unique work.

3x Real Photo iMac mockups

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16. Responsive Mockup

For a multi-purpose mockup that you can use as a header, Responsive Mockup is what you want. You can insert your own unique and special images. This web designed mockup makes it easy for you to preview your work in a professional and photo-realistic manner.


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17. iMac Front View Mockup

This layered PSD lets you add your artwork, which gives a high-resolution faux-3D image. You can rearrange the layers that fully editable to create your own and unique work. Works like a great design to use on your iMac 27 inch.

iMac Front View MockUp

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18. iMac Pro iMac Stylized iMac Mockup

Colors can always catch the viewers attention. When you catch your viewers attention, the more intrigued they’ll be in what you are displaying. This mockup can be customized, letting you change the color by a click of a few buttons. You could also change the background, in addition to being high-quality and fully editable for you to add and remove what you need and don’t need.

iMac Pro iMac Stylized iMac Mockup

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19. iMac 10 Photo Mockups

Using bright colors can always brighten the day in a white and neutral environment. If you do not like the yellow and bright colors, you could always change it to a neutral, yet modern and classy style. This mockup is easy to edit and perfect to display what you represent.

iMac 10 photo mockups

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20. Female 6 iMac Photo Mockups

This stylish and sophisticated mockup has a very consistent color scenography. The light pink colors and beautiful flowers give it a chic look. If there is something you don’t like or would like to add more, with a click of a few buttons, it could be easy for you to personalize.

female 6 iMac photo mockups

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21. iMac 7 Photo Mockups

This rustic workplace setting is perfect for a mockup on a blog, website, display, etc. It is very easy and fast to use by using the  “smart object”. By clicking a few buttons you can paste images, add or remove what you need.

iMac 7 photo mockups

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22. Woman Using iMac 12 Photo Mockups

Thanks to the “smart objects” button, we can double click and replace the image on the screen. It is very easy and simple to use. You do not have to be a professional to have a beautiful and clean mockup. Your finishing work will display your webpage, artwork, or desktop with a fine finish.

Woman using iMac 12 photo mockups

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23. Workspace Mockup Set 2

This rustic and manly setting come with 8 different PSD files, in different angles and positions, which are 2 vertical, 2 horizontal, 2 perspective , and 2 top-view. You can add and erase images as you need. In some, you may also change the effects, like blurring the edges.

Workspace Mockup Set 2

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24. Bundle 25 iMac Mock Ups

What unique design do you have and want to display? This bundle includes 25 Photoshop file, that is very user-friendly using the Smart Object function. It is a high-quality mockup that is layered to help you customize and personalize your design.

BUNDLE 25 iMac Mock ups

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25. 6X iMac And iMac Pro Mockups

With technology advancing, this mockup will digitally display your work on a unique level. There are three different angles used for the image, and two different color schemes, being Silver and Space grey. It is very realistic and easy to personalize and edit.

6x iMac AND iMac Pro Mockups

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Best iMac Mockup PSD Templates

I have gathered 40 free iMac mockups that are available for you to use which are fully layer and easy to edit. There are several options for you to choose from just decide your concept and choose accordingly.

1. Free Apple iMac PSD Layers Mockup

An iMac mockup that relates to a bright day atmosphere. It has a nice plant and clock next to the iMac 27″ screen. This mockup PSD can be used for blogs, websites, designs and much more.

FREE Apple iMac PSD layers MOCKUP

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2. Free Mockup PSD Imac Device

This free retro mockup gives you the options to display your design on different iMac screens. There are three different options that you can choose from which include two devices together, front and isometric perspective.

FREE Mockup psd Imac device

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3. Free PSD Mac Monitor Mockup

A mellow desk setting for a free imac mockup which includes the laptop and the screen. You can use this for a blog, website, or even a presentation design.

Free PSD iMac Mockup

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4. Free iMac Screen 5K Mockup

iMac mockup bundle of a variety of screen directions that can be used on any project to reflect your work. You can even add this to a website or even a flyer.

Free iMac screen 5k mockup

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5. Free PSD iMac Template

Modern free desktop mockup PSD with flat colors to give a unique look to a design. You will be able to display on the screen and on the wall a picture.

FREE Device Mockup

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6. Splitshire iMac Mockup Freelancer Setup

This relaxed iMac freelancer mockup is perfect for a photographer but can also be used to share other photos such as social media, advertising materials and more. The colors are dark which can help your image stand out.  

SplitShire iMac Mockup Freelancer Setup

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7. Free iMac 5K Retina 27 Inches PSD Mockup

This is a simple clean home office with a setting of a desk along with the iMac screen, picture frame, and other desk accessories. You can use to show your website for retail or even a blog. You can edit both the screen and frame on the wall.

Free iMac 5K Retina 27 Inches PSD Mockup

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8. Free iMac Perspective Mockup for Photoshop

A computer mock-up created by Mockupfree team. You can customize all the smart object to your desire to accommodate to your project.

Screens with iMac Pro 2 Free PSD Mockups

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9. Free Mockup

iMac screen mockup set is in a 3D style to give the exact effect. You have the options to use the open space to add in the information you need or add these screens with your work into another design.


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10. iMac Mockup

Simple desk setting iMac mockup for a type of work is easy for you to manage and edit. You can use this to show any type of work and it will stand out.iMac Mockup

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11. Macbook Pro iMac Mockup Template

Macbook Pro & iMac high resolution free mockup template is simple and comes in high resolution PSD. You can use this for a presentation image, blog, or website.

Macbook Pro iMac Mockup Template

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12. Apple iMac Mockup

Free iMac mockup template made graphic designer Zoki Design in PSD with smart layer. It’s a free download that you can get with 300 dpi.

Apple Mac Mockup

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13. Workspace iMac Free Mockup In Vintage Scene

Vintage style free mockup with a home office that you can add your next web designs on. You can use this for blogs, or to present your logo.

Workspace iMac Free Mockup in Vintage Scene

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14. Free Mockup iMac 03

This free iMac mockup has a distintive look to it because of the blur background effect surrounding the iMac screen. Free Mockup iMac 03

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15. Photorealistic Device Mock-Ups Free Psd

Graphic designer Rami Brika created this vintage style mockup that you can customize and edit for free. You can showcase your work of site templates, wallpapers or even web apps.

Photorealistic Device Mock Ups Free PSD

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16. Free Facebook Page Mockup

If your looking for a Facebook mockup to show off your facebook site or a site created for a client. The iMac mockup is not included in this mockup. Free Facebook page mockup

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17. iMac Mockup Free Psd

This is a iMac mockup that can be used for any assignmet so that you can use for your web or any other PSD deisgn.
I Mac Mockup Free PSD

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18. Responsive Vector Device Mockup

This responsive vector designs are scalable to any size. You can use them on any project or assignment needed. Responsive Vector Device Mockup

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19. Free iMac Mockups

This classic iMac set has three different photoshop mockups. You can use this mockup for a variety of design projects.

Free Imac Mockups

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20. Free Realistic iMac Mockup

Free realistic iMac Mockup in a home office space setting has other apple items as the ipad, keyboard, nad mouse.Free Realistic iMac Mockup

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21. iMac In Home Office Mockup Free Psd

iMac in Home Office Mockup Free PSD

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22. Apple iMac On Office Desk

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23. iMac In Home Office Mockup Free

iMac in Home Office Mockup Free

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24. Free Apple iMac Photo Mockup Psd

Free Apple Imac Photo Mockup PSD

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25. Free Apple iMac Photo Mockup Psd File

Free Apple iMac Photo Mockup PSD File

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26. Free Silver iMac Mockup Psd Template

Free Silver iMac Mockup PSD Template

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27. Free iMac Pro Psd Mockup Template

Free iMac Pro Psd Mockup Template

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28. Modern iMac Pro Mockup

Modern iMac Pro Mockup

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29. Free iMac Pro New 2017 Psd Mockup

Free Imac Pro New 2017 PSD Mockup

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30. iMac Pro Mockup

Imac pro - Mockup

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31. Free iMac Pro Mockup Psd

Free iMac Pro Mockup PSD

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32. iMac Pro Free Psd Vol2

iMac Pro Free PSD Vol2

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33. Free Psd Apple iMac Pro Mockup

Free PSD Apple iMac Pro Mockup

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34. iMac Pro Mockup Psd Vol1

iMac Pro Mockup PSD Vol1

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35. Apple iMac Psd Mockup

Apple Imac Psd Mockup

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36. Free Business Container Mockup

Free Business Container Mockup

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37. Freebie Apple iMac Desktop Mockup Free Psd

Freebie Apple Imac Desktop Mockup Free PSD

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38. Mocka iMac Freebie

Mocka iMac Freebie

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39. Workspace Mockup Psd

Workspace Mockup PSD

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40. Responsive Website Mockup

This is a three image mockup that is simple and great for so many different type of work.

Responsive Website Mockup

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I hope that you are able to find these iMac mockups useful to express your artwork. I will continue to update this post with more premium and free iMac Mockups for Photoshop as well as the information to better suit your next mockup project.

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