25 Free Lightroom Presets to Enhance Your Images

free lightroom presets

Increase your production and take your photography to a whole new level with these gorgeous free Lightroom presets. Lightroom is a photographer’s best friend when it comes to posting processing and storing photos on your computer. It can save lots of time on editing, especially when you work on hundreds of images at the same time.

You can easily make color and light correction. Besides, a ready-made complete range of settings called preset can help you apply interesting filters to your images. There are numerous presets are available on the internet, both free and premium.

Top 25 Free Lightroom Presets

Here are 25 best free Lightroom presets to optimize your pictures quickly. You’ll find high contrast, warm, pastel, soft, black and white, light leak, and matte presets in this collection.

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1. Chocolate Matte

Here is a beautiful, stylish finish for your images. This Lightroom preset can be used for portraits as well as landscape photography.


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2. Vacation Memory

This is a fantastic warm preset which will work correctly for any image. It can help you to save the underexposed photo.


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3. Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer is a stunning black and white Lightroom preset for any image or series of images. It features some fade and looks like a vintage camera.


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4. Luc Besson

Here is a preset designed to add more warmth and style to your pictures. It will also work with food photography.


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5. Let’s Get Lost

Let’s Get Lost preset add warm, vivid colors to an image. You can change the way you edit your images in just one click with this preset.


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6. Blood Brothers

Here is one more Lightroom preset which can make colors pop! It will work for portraits, family, weddings, children, landscape, and urban photography.


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7. Sincerely Yours preset

Sincerely Yours preset can serve as a foundation for your photo editing workflow. It was created for any kind of images.


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8. Free Travel Lightroom Presets Sample

This is a free set of presets that will give you a lovely instant effect. There is the following effect in the pack: Blue Shadow, Booster, Dreamscape, Grunge, and Road Trip.


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9. Free Vibrant Colors HDR Lightroom Preset

Make your boring everyday photography pop up with colors this gorgeous preset. You can use it for pictures taken with an iPhone or DSLR.


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This preset will suit nature photography. It pops out green, white, and blue colors.


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11. Free Pastel Lightroom Presets

Check out this multipurpose soft Lightroom preset which will add pastel colors to your image. It will speed up your workflow and make you more flexibility and beauty.


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12. Carnival Glow

This preset was designed for underexposed night photography. The preset makes lights stand out from the image and glow.


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13. Maximum Grain

Here is a beautiful free Lightroom preset which helps to add film grain to your photos. You can quickly turn a normal image into a vintage image with this set of settings.


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14. Free Luminar Presets Pack

This is a pack of four fantastic presets. There you’ll find faded warm, cool matte, Golden hour look, monochrome filters, and a guide to help you install these presets on your PC.


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15. Free Color Pop Lightroom Preset

Want to add more colors to a dull photo? This preset will help you to brighten up your image in a few clicks.


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16. Winter Wonderland

Look at this stunning preset for winter photography. It will make snowy images high contrast and vibrant.


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17. Trey Ratcliff Presets

Trey Ratcliff is a well-known travel photographer who loves to shoot HDR images. These pack of presets was created by Trey while traveling the world.


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18. Free Light Leak Lightroom Preset

Add a retro red light leak to your image with this preset. It’s going to look like a photo taken with an old film camera.


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19. Free Lightroom Presets Sample

Here is a fancy preset which will turn green tones into yellow and warm. Also, it will make colors soft and dreamy.


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20. Free Vintage Lightroom Preset

Do you want to get a vintage look for your photo and not go overboard, then this Lightroom preset was designed for you.


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21. Free Autumn Lightroom Preset

This cool preset will give your images sepia autumn-inspired look. Just make sure to install it properly on your computer.


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22. Film Lightroom Preset

This preset will help you to get a typical film look for your photos. It will make tones colder and skin more growing.


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23. Free Lightroom Presets Sample

This soft preset will be suitable for wedding and outdoor photography. It will add pink tones and nice warm colors to a picture.


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24. Landscape Vibrations Presets and Brushes by Sleeklens

This free package includes 30 presets suitable for landscape photography of any type, from sunsets to mountains.


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25. Free Light Leak Lightroom Preset

Sometimes photography mistakes like overexposure, saturated colors, or light leaks can make photography special (or Lomography?) In any case, here is a tremendous preset to add cool red leak to your photo.


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