10 Free Music Apps Without Wifi That Work Like a Charm

Free Music Apps Without Wifi

There are numerous music streaming apps available for free these days. The apps are great to discover and listen any music you want on the go. However, it’s not always the option. You can’t be sure you have internet connection all the time.

Modern telecom operators claim that you are going to have internet everywhere you go. But we all know the truth, when you are on the airplane, or underground train, or traveling abroad, you need to have music to listen offline.

Top 10 Free Music Apps Without Wifi

Take a look at our latest list of top 10 free music apps that work without wifi. Most of them work on Android devices. They allow you to listen to the music, download songs and listen to them offline, create playlists, browse curated lists, download music from Dropbox or OneDrive, and more.

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Make sure to check out the collection and pick the app with proper features for you. What offline music apps you use and why? Share with us in the comment field at the end.

1. SoundCloud – Music & Audio

SoundCloud is one of the most popular streaming and offline music apps these days. It allows you now only discover new music and curated playlists, but also upload new songs from your device into it.

You can choose a playlist for a particular occasion and your mood. Besides, the app will give you music suggestions based on the songs you listen. You can follow artists you love and stay updated about their new tracks.


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2. Google Play Music

This app makes it easier to find, play, and share music you like on Android device and the internet. Google Play is already installed app on modern Android devices, so you don’t need to download it. The app allows you to save music and listen to it offline, and it also shows album covers.

You can use different widgets for the home screen and customize them. You can select which song is going to play next. But, if you want to create your radio station for the music of particular genre, you need an internet connection to do it.


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3. Pandora Music

Unlike other music apps in this list, Pandora does not have a massive library of songs.

However, it has plenty of different features, for example, discover and play songs, create playlists, save music to listen to offline, and even an alarm clock which wakes you up with your favorite song. Premium Pandora users can listen to offline stations with no ads.


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4. Spotify Music

Spotify is a light-weight user-friendly app for streaming music, creating playlists, and saving music to listen offline. You will get access to millions of tracks from all over the world.

The app was launched in 2008, so it’s here for a while. Enjoy high sound quality and minimalist interface with no ads.


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5. 4shared

Use the search button to find songs you like and add them to your library. You can save tracks in folders and share them with friends.

It allows you not only save music to listen without wifi, but also store your photos, documents, and other data. Different search filters, such as name, date added will help you to find any file you need immediately.


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6. Microsoft Groove

Consider Microsoft Music, if you want to get all your music offline. You can easily upload your songs on OneDrive and listen in the app. There is an option to see online and offline songs inside the app. You can use it on both Android and iOS devices.

Once you added songs or create playlists, you can access them from all your connected systems, like smartphone, tablet or PC.


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7. Deezer: download music

Deezer is a popular music app with over 43 million tracks available to listen. Once you installed the app, it will suggest you choose genres you like. This way the app will offer you only music for your taste.

Download your particular tracks on the device with an app and listen to the music anywhere you go without an internet connection.


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8. Wynk Music: MP3 & Hindi songs

Depending on your taste, Wynk has all existing genres of music to listen to, from Pop, Rock, Devotional, Bhangra, Romantic, Dance, Party, to Old Classics.

The app is Indian, so it’s created with a focus on their music industry. It lets you stream and download numerous songs on your device.


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9. Napster

Napster gives you access to millions of songs and radio streaming with no ads. You can use it almost any device from smartphone to Macbook. And, apparently, this app allows you to listen to the music without internet.

Just load songs and playlists on your device and listen to the music. You can use their Music Match features to discover people’s profiles with similar tastes to music.


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10. Audiomack – Download New Music

Audiomack is a free music app with the endless number of songs. You can create playlists, share them, browse different music in different genres, stream music online, listen to numerous radio stations, and play music in the background.

And you can also download songs and albums on your device to listen to them offline. You can get ad-free interface by buying their premium account.


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