15 Places to Get Free Music Downloads

free music downloads and streaming

Many websites on the internet offer free music downloads legally. In this article, we featured the most popular sites where you can listen as well download music for free and burn the tracks to CD if you want.

People listen to music all the time. We listen to the music when we’re happy, when we are sad, when we travel, when we clean our homes, sometimes even while working, if your job allows you to do that. Our favorite music helps us to relax, escape from reality and sad thoughts, and cheer up.

Sometimes you want to download the songs you like on your smartphone, tablet, or iPod and you can’t do it because most of the sites have only paid music. Of course, artists and music bands should get paid, that’s why most of the music is paid. You pay for a particular song or subscription for the music app.

However, when it comes to listening to the music, it’s quite challenging to find a proper site that offers free music downloads with high-quality and latest tracks.

Best Sites for Free Music Downloads

We decided to collect a list of 15 places to get free music downloads. Of course, some sites listed here require paying after a certain period, for example, a month of using the app, which is their free trial period. In any case, you can listen and download music for free during this time.

These 15 sites, allows you to get free music downloads in a high-quality MP3 format so you can play or save the songs on your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

1. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade one more site which lets you download thousands of tracks on your phone or desktop computer. Besides, you can get in touch with the artist or band you like via email. To download a particular song, you need to download a whole album in a ZIP file. Besides, the site offers audio-books to download.


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2. SoundClick

SoundClick is a free social site and community which has been created back in 1997. It seems like since then the site design does not change, but it offers you free songs to download on your devices. They also have a section with free music videos and radio.


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3. PureVolume

PureVolume is a great place to discover new artists and music bands.The site contains profiles of artists, and they can make their music free to download. Laos, you can communicate with the artists you like. You can see sections like top songs, top downloads, most popular.


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4. Jamendo

Jamendo is an amazing site which allows you to listen to the music and download tracks you like thanks to Creative Commons licenses. This license means you can download and share music. This license can be given to the music only by artists that have created it. Also, you can listen to their radio channel and discover new modern music.


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5. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a legal library of music, curated by freeform radio WFMU. You can download music even without registration. All songs are under Creative Commons license or public domain. To find songs you like here use top charts or browse music for genres.


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6. Audio Archive

Audio Archive contains millions of free songs along with audio, podcasts, radio programs and much more. You can filter your search results by year, language, topics, media type, collections. You can download music from here in different file formats.


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7. Last FM

Last FM is an amazing service allowing you to both listen and download the songs you like. It can suggest you, artists, you would like based on the music you listen. You can browse their library of free music by live charts, new releases, and come sections soon. Just click the download button, and the song will appear on your device.


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8. Musopen

Musopen is a perfect place for classical music lovers. Besides, classical music in most cases has a public domain. Musopen is a non-profit site dedicated to classical music and educational materials. You can browse music by featured composers, such as Bach, Chopin, and more. Or, you can search music catalog.


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9. BeSonic

When you create your profile on BeSoinic, you’ll be able to download thousands of tracks and listen to the music by streaming audio. Use search filed quickly find a song or album you like. Also, you can choose a certain genre and see what music is popular today. Website design is not modern; however, the site is easy to use.


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10. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a social music platform to listen and download free music from all over the world. The service is available not only online, but on mobile devices on Android and iOS. You can create playlists, gain followers, and download music there. Not all songs can be easily downloaded. Some downloads require liking some Facebook page, for example.


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11. Artist Direct

Artist Direct is one more website which lets you listen to the music and download tracks for free. You can browse music using various sections, such as pop, hip-hop, rock, R&B, punk, jazz, latin, blues, and more. On their blog, you can read the latest news form music world.


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12. CCTrax

CCTrax is a site offering different music free to download under Creative Commons license. You can choose what music you like among the genres like ambient, techno, electronica, and jazz. You don’t need to have an account to download music from this site. If you need, you can even download a whole album at once in one file.


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13. Classic Cat

Classic Cat is a good service with thousands of free classic songs which are legal to download. You can spend all day browsing dongs and genres searching for music. There you will fond religious music, opera music, and chamber music. Click Top 100 on their homepage to find out which songs are popular today. Or use a search box to find a certain track.


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14. DatPiff

If you are a rap lover, use DatPiff. The site has a strong hip-hop community behind. The site has a pop-up player so that you can listen to the song before download. This service offers songs from mainstream artists, such as Drake, for example. You can download free new taps and see release schedules.


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15. ReverbNation

Many future big names, such as The 5 AM or Image Dragons came out from sites like ReverbNation. It allows new artists to share their songs on the site and build their following. You can use their Discover page and see what music is popular. Of find out who is going to be a newly famous band in Crowd Picks.


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