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In this post, you will find the best free Powerpoint templates to build professional presentations in 2018. Talking about presentation software, PowerPoint is the very first thing to mention. We know this program for ages, and every update brings new features expanding its possibilities. These days you can create almost any slide and elements, use any font and image in PowerPoint for Windows or Mac.

The web is full of both premium and free PowerPoint templates you can download or buy today. However, most sites sell the templates at high prices which is no good for low budget projects.

Best Free Powerpoint Templates 2018 for Professional Presentations

For those of you who are looking for free presentation templates, we have collected the best sites to download free professional PowerPoint presentations, also we featured some PPT templates you can download completely free.

1. Business Gold Free Powerpoint Template

For an elegant and informative presentation that looks professional use Business Gold Powerpoint Template. Because of its clean and organized layout, this is sure to impress and give your audience a clear message.

Business Gold Free Powerpoint Template

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2. Air Minimal Free Powerpoint Template

Air Minimal Powerpoint Template is a simple, clean, and organized presentation template that will leave your audience impressed. This eye-catching presentation is elegant and easy to follow to deliver a clear message.

Air Minimal Free Powerpoint Template

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3. Science Free Powerpoint Template

Science is a very popular school subject, but can sometimes be boring and difficult to follow along. Capture your audience’s attention with a fun and creative, easy to follow presentation like the Science Powerpoint Template.

Science Free Powerpoint Template

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4. Kotio Free Powerpoint Template

The Kotio Powerpoint Template is a great presentation template for business, or to present to any corporation. It is simple and clean and it will impress your audience with its professional look.

Kotio Free Powerpoint Template

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5. Business Pro Free Powerpoint Presentation Template

This Business Pro Powerpoint Presentation Template is a clean and colorful template that will enhance your audience’s with the bright colors used, without causing much of a distraction.

Business Pro Free Powerpoint Presentation Template

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6. Modern Minimal Free Powerpoint Template

For a modern and simple presentation that is both creative and is multipurpose use the Modern Minimal Powerpoint Template. This presentation is colorful and a very creative way to display information to an audience.

Modern Minimal Free Powerpoint Template

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7. Business Idea Free Powerpoint Template

Presentations about business can sometimes be boring, but with the Business Idea Powerpoint Template, you can create an appealing presentation that will impress your audience. Also, it is simple to edit, and with a click of a few buttons, you can change the color of the presentation.

Business Idea Free Powerpoint Template

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8. Report Biz Free Powerpoint Template

How do you create an interesting business presentation? With the Report Biz Powerpoint Template you can present a creative presentation that is informative and organized, which will help you deliver a clear message.

Report Biz Free Powerpoint Templat

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9. Clean Free Powerpoint Template

Simple can help you present any information that is why the Clean Powerpoint Template was designed. This template helps you give a straightforward message that is easy to follow. The subtle hint of color helps information stand out, by visually grabbing the readers attention.

Clean Free Powerpoint Template

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10. Organic Free Powerpoint Template

For a fresh look, Organic Powerpoint Template should be you presentation weapon, to not only capture, but also impress your audience. This template is modern and clean. Some slides contain a unique pattern, and the green used with the white background helps information stand out.

Organic Free Powerpoint Template

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11. Report Free Powerpoint Template

The Report Powerpoint Template is a well-organized presentation that uses color to enhance the audience’s attention. The cool electric colors used in this presentation give a unique and modern look to your project.

Report Free Powerpoint Template

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12. Marketing Plan Free Powerpoint Template

Want your project to stand out? Using the Marketing Plan Powerpoint Template you will impress your audience using a modern and colorful presentation. As a result, your audience will be focused and not daydream.

Marketing Plan Free Powerpoint Template

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13. Watercolor Free Powerpoint Template

Watercolor Powerpoint Template is a creative and expressive presentation. The colors used are not distracting, but visually enticing to capture your audience’s attention. The slide layouts are clean and simple, making it easier to follow along and giving them a clear message.

Watercolor Free Powerpoint Template

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14. Onyx Free Powerpoint Template

An eye-catching presentation template that will keep your audience focused is the Onyx Powerpoint Template.  This modern, bi-colored template has a clean layout that is organized and visually appealing.

Onyx Free Powerpoint Template

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15. Business Free Powerpoint Template

Let’s talk business. The Business Powerpoint Template is a modern and professional presentation template that uses color to make important information stand out. There are unlimited ways for you to organize the information, letting you get creative and give an impressive presentation.

Business Free Powerpoint Template

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16. Elite Free Powerpoint Template

With the Elite Powerpoint Template, it does not matter if you are a small company or a huge corporate, this presentation will deliver a professional and impressive presentation making you stand out. It is laid out in a clean and organized manner to deliver your message successfully.

Elite Free Powerpoint Template

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17. Instagram Analysis Free Powerpoint Template

Instagram is a popular social media that used by everyone, that is why the Instagram Analysis Powerpoint Template was designed. This clean and colorful presentation will capture everyone’s attention with its unique color scheme.

Instagram Analysis Free Powerpoint Template

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18. Company Profile Pro Free Powerpoint Template

The Company Profile Pro Powerpoint Template is an outstanding and modern presentation template that will astonish your audience. Giving a business presentation, school project, or company report has never more exciting and interesting.

Company Profile Pro Free Powerpoint Template

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19. Elegant Free Powerpoint Template

Elegant Powerpoint Template has classy and sophisticated look. This Powerpoint template is unique, and will impress your audience with its stylish and chic design.

Elegant Free Powerpoint Template

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20. Nova Free Powerpoint Template

For a minimalist, multi-purpose presentation, the perfect template would be the Nova Powerpoint Template. This is a modern design that is clean and organized. Impress your audience with this unique presentation with an amazing design.

Nova Free Powerpoint Template

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21. Bizplan Free Powerpoint Template

Impress your audience using the Bizplan Powerpoint Template. This Powerpoint template uses bright colors to visually appeal to your audience and helping them focus on the important information.

Bizplan Free Powerpoint Template

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Top 20 Websites to Download The Best Free PowerPoint Templates

On these sites, you can get these themes instantly, without registration. Whether you are pitching investors, share new ideas with your team, or making a review of a new product, these sites will help you to find a perfect presentation template.

1. SlideSmash

SlideSmash is a website with hundreds of presentation templates of any kind. You will find both free and paid templates here. Just go to the PowerPoint section of the menu, and you’ll see various collections of templates, such as Best, Business, Marketing, Clean, Mind Map, and more.


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2. FPPT Website

FPPT is a quite popular and old website including over 3,000 presentation themes. You can download any template without registration in a Zip file. Besides, you can use tags to find what you need.


Download / More info

3. SlidesCarnival

This site has a big collection of presentation themes for business professionals, as well as, creatives. You can browse different site categories, such as formal, inspirational, creative, simple, startup, elegant, playful, and business. This is the best way to choose a free PowerPoint template for you.


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4. Graphic Panda

On GraphicPanda you are going to find free Powerpoint templates, Keynote templates, and Google Slide themes. You will see both free and premium options. Also, they collect the best presentation templates bundles and deals on the homepage.


Download / More info

5. SlideModel

SlideModel is a well-known site featuring professional modern free Powerpoint templates for business, marketing, finances, and other serious purposes. But you should be careful because a user has a download limit for a day there.


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6. SlideHunter

SlideHunter is a trademark for Microsoft. They have over 4000 press presentation templates on the site. All the presentations have 16:9 ratio which means they will look perfect on a projector screen.


Download / More info

7. PPT Template

PPT Template site has loads of cool creative presentation templates to choose from. You can pick the template using the following categories: food, medicine, music, lifestyle, abstract, animals, education, sports, technology, and more.


Download / More info

8. Canva

Canva is an excellent website allowing you to create and edit your presentations, social media covers, postcards, business cards, logos, and more. Just pick one of their presentation templates, edit it, and download in a proper format.


Download / More info

9. Powerpoint Styles

Powerpoint Styles has several hundreds of PowerPoint presentation templates and backgrounds you can get free. Just click the ‘Download’ button.


Download / More info

10. Free PowerPoint Templates Design

Just like the name says, this site features free presentation templates. You can download a well-organized neat template for any occasion, would it be an education project or business proposal for investors.


Download / More info

11. TemplatesWise

TemplatesWise will bring your story into the spotlight with one of the hundreds of presentation templates. They have a few categories such as general, business, finance, nature, and travel, so you can browse them and choose the theme you need.


Download / More info

12. Powered Template

At Powered Template, you will find perfect attention-grabbing PowerPoint presentation templates. You can choose a template from many categories, from newest or popular tabs, and also find it by a certain color.


Download / More info

13. PresentationLoad

This site has hundreds of beautiful free Powerpoint templates and millions of nice slides. You can also download shapes, diagrams, maps, and add-ons.


Download / More info

14. Slidemart.net

Slidemart has lots of high-quality modern, stunning free presentation templates. If you are tired of all these old ugly templates from 19995, this site is here to help. You will find free powerpoint templates for any taste here.


Download / More info

15. SlideGeeks

Just scroll down the site to see more free presentation templates and choose the one you like. The left sidebar will help you browse the categories, such as timeline, business, roadmap, agenda, strategy, technology, and more.


Download / More info

16. StockLayouts

StockLayouts has a lot of various templates to offer. Along with presentations, you will find free brochures, flyers, business cards, menus, newsletters, postcards, and more.


Download / More info

17. Slideist

If you are looking for colorful, stylish presentation templates for your business, here you will find them. Slideist will help you present your message like a rockstar.


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18. E-Learning Heroes

Here are some important cool presentation templates for education are listed. You will see both illustrated and image-based templates.


Download / More info

19. Leawo

Leawo will help you create a gorgeous slide desk. You will find religion, Halloween, and even Labor Day templates on the site.


Download / More info

20. LucidPress

This site is one of my favorite on this list. It features only fifteen free presentation templates, but all of them are modern and dynamic.


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