25 Free Resturant Menu Templates for Word

Free Restaurant Menu Templates for Word

Sometimes you need to solve some tasks as a business owner which are out of your knowledge and experience. If you are not about learning Photoshop or Illustrator, you can make almost any design for your restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop in Microsoft Word. Modern versions of this standard Microsoft software have quite rich features.

A menu is like a business card for each restaurant. It’s the first thing people see when they want to make an order. And their choice depends on the design of your future menu, so it’s critically necessary to make it beautiful and high-quality.

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Restaurant Menu Templates for Microsoft Word

Here we have collected 25 free and premium menu templates for Word. In this list, you can find a menu to make your restaurant unique. You can personalize these menu templates depending on your culinary and design tastes. This list features not only menu template for cafes, but also menus for some special events, such as party, wedding, Valentine’s day and more.

1. Connection Cafe

Connection Cafe is an easy-to-customize menu with a creative layout. It will be suitable for small cafes and coffee shops with a few beverages and dishes.


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2. Fresh & Delicious

Here is one more tri-fold menu for the restaurant of fresh, healthy food. It has a clean design with a few food the photos and orange and green color scheme.


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3. Event menu

If you are looking for an event menu, but not a restaurant, search no more. This is an essential menu with starters, main course, and dessert.


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4. Formal event menu

This is a simple structured menu for an event, similar to the previous one, but in blue color.


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5. Party menu (Summer Santa design)

Here is a summer menu designed for New Year in warm zones, such as California, USA or Bali island. It features Santa on the beach and menu items.


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6. Event menu (Simple design)

This is a beautiful formal event menu including fork illustration on the top. It also has three different sections.


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7. Informal event menu

This is a nice formal eventy menu inluding fork ilustration on the top. It also has three different sections.


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8. New Year’s party menu

New Year’s menu with firework illustration and proper text blocks. You can edit it using Microsoft Word.


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9. Party menu (Floral design)

This is a one-page handcrafted party menu suitable for spring events. It includes a flower in a footer.


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10. Menu (Scallops design)

This interesting, vivid menu will be the best solution for specials of teh day. You can download and use it for free.


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11. Elegant Menu Template

This beautiful, elegant black menu will be suitable for hotels and restaurants. You can download it in various formats such as Illustrator, InDesign, MS Word, Photoshop, and Publisher.


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12. Elegant Dessert Menu Template

Here is a wonderful dessert menu with eye-catching pictures, labels, and typography.


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13. Salad Menu Template

This is a green salad menu template for healthy food cafes and restaurants. Green color symbolizes freshness.


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14. BBQ Menu Template

This dark menu is designed for barbeque cafes and restaurants. It features a cover side and menu page.


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15. Restaurant Menu Template

This is an easy-to-customize menu template for food restaurant. It features pictures for each menu item.


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16. Breakfast Menu Template

Here is an elegant bridge breakfast menu for hotels and cafes which looks like a brochure. It has just a few sections and item names.


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17. Dinner Party Menu Template

Look at this modern dark menu with a beautiful front page featuring mouse-watering image and another side with lots of dishes to choose.


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18. Food Catering Service Menu Template

Here is a catering service menu with images, quotes, and separated sections.


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19. Restaurant Menu Template

Here is a fully-loaded menu in black and red colors to choose. Just make sure to set up the font before opening the menu template in Microsoft Word.


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20. Food menu Template

This is a filled menu for Thai or Korean restaurants. It has menu items along with images and small descriptions.


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21. Editable Restaurant Mu Template

Check ou this editable food menu template in black and white color. It will be suitable for any kind of restaurant.


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22. Creative Menu Template

This is a flyer menu with color splashes in the header. You can adjust texts and fonts.


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23. Smoothie Menu template

This menu was created specifically for acai smoothy bowls. You can choose between light and dark color schemes.


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24. Pizza Menu Template

Here is a modern dark pizza menu with bright images and lots of negative space. The front side features big pizza image.


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25. Menu For Valentine’s Day Letter

This is a special event menu for Valentine’s day with pink hearts. It’s very romantic.


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