Top 15 Free Screen Recording Software for Windows & Mac

Free Screen Recording Software for Windows Mac

A screen recording software is an app you can use to record and save the screen activity of your computer. We live in the era of internet and high technologies. Thanks to the web many people can work remotely from their homes and do everything you may imagine: from 3D modeling to engineering of complicated software.

Something you need to show your colleague, friend or family, or even followers how to do something. Videos are an excellent way to show any visuals and teach your audience. They can illustrate what you do step-by-step.

2017’s Top Free Screen Recording Software

With a free screen recorder software, you can capture and share your video easy and fast. In this list, we have collected 15 free screen recording software for Windows and Mac users.

1. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a great service have been using for a few years. I downloaded it to make screenshots of a whole website page. But then they added an option to record screen videos. You can capture and share videos or images, and then you can also add arrows and other shapes to your video. You need to download and install a browser extension to use it.


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2. QuickTime Player

Have you ever know that Mac OS has an inbuilt software allowing you to record screen videos? Just open a QuickTime player and open menu. Choose Screen recording from File in the menu tab and start your video. There will show up a small window allowing you to see what you are recording. Of course, then you can save this video and edit it as you like using iMovie, also a famous Mac tool.


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3. DVDVideoSoft

DVDVideoSoft is an easy-to-use monitor recording software for Windows. There is a quick instruction on how to record a video and crop images. Besides, you can record videos with sound; you just need to have a microphone for that. Then, you can save the video in different formats, such as AVI, JPG, GIF, and PNG.


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4. CamStudio

This tool allows you to record all screen and sound activities. CamStudio is free open-source software. To use this tool, you need to read their guide, and you’ll learn in a few minutes. It also allows you to add captions to your videos. There is the only free version of this service.


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5. GoPlay Editor

GoPlay Editor is available for Windows, Mac, and even Android users. It allows you to record your screen record video from webcam, and even record your game in full HD quality. Then, you can edit your video and audio on computer or smartphone, insert images, and add sound effects. Unfortunately, when you use it, free you can download videos only in 720px maximum 10 minutes.


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6. TinyTake

The fastest way to capture your screen and record videos is TinyTake, at least they claim it so. It allows you record a video for free, adds comments there, and share it. You can use it free, but features will be limited. Or, you can buy their pricing plan from $9.95.


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7. Jing

Jing is a free screen recording software for Windows and Mac OS. There is an accessible guide on how to use this tool. Besides, you can use it along with Screencast, which is a service for hosting your videos. It’s also created by TechSmith’s media. The only disadvantage of Jing is that it saves the video in SWF, which is an old flash format.


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8. Ezvid

Edviz claims to your the power of your computer to enhance speed and capturing possibilities for videos. It includes a video editor, so you can not only capture a video but change it at one place.The company was created in 2009 in California, USA.


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9. Telestream

Telestream is video recording tool for Mac users called ScreenFlow. It will be a perfect solution for vloggers, marketers, teachers, gamers, and online trainers. With this tool, you can capture, edit, and then share your video in a few clicks. Also, there is no time limit for free users.


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10. Icecream Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder is an easy screen recorder for Mac OS and Windows 10. It allows you quickly capture the screen and even draw on it. It lets you also capture any part of the screen for screenshot or video.


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11. Screen-o-Matic

Screen-o-Matic is fast and free screen-recording tool. It allows you to capture videos from your monitor or webcam. It can also host your videos for free or you can upload them to YouTube right from the website.


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12. iSpring Free Cam

This is a free recording software for Windows users which allows you to capture screencast. Then, you can edit your video using their editor. You can delete some parts of the video, and apply sound effects.


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13. Camtasia

Camtasia is one more product created by TechSmith’s media, mentioned here before. You can effortlessly capture vidoes, and then edit it. Besides, you can even import some videos from an internal source. You can test drive this tool for 30 days for free.


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14. Open Broadcaster Software

Open Broadcaster Software is a video recording tool for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux users. It has HD streaming which allows you to capture the best possible quality videos.


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15. Apowersoft

Apowersoft is a free screen recorder. Along with capturing videos you can also record audio, convert videos, download videos, edit audio, and capture your screen. You can use it on Mac OS.


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