30 Free Spring Clip Art Flowers for Beautiful Projects

Free Spring Clip Art Images for Beautiful Projects

After a long and snowy winter, when Christmas has gone you may get tired of cold. And here comes spring. Don’t you love spring and everything about it? It brings nature back to life. It’s wonderful to see blossom trees and flowers. Spring paints nature with so many fantastic colors, such as pink, red, yellow, green, blue, and more.

You never get enough of spring, so we decided to handpick a collection of free amazing spring clip art flowers and images for your future projects. These images can be used for postcards, invitations, flyers, greeting cards, website decoration, and more. We hope you enjoy this list. Feel free to share your designs using these clip art images in the comment section below.

Free Spring Clip Art Graphics

1. Free Spring Season Decoration Vector Background

This is a beautiful set of spring green decoration elements, such as leaves, flowers, and butterflies.


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2. Spring Doodle Flowers

These excellent spring flowers are hand drawn and filled with color careless which add even more elegance to this image.


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3. Spring Challenge

It seems like these vast bright flowers were drawn in Microsoft Paint. It is significant and cool.


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4. girl cycling in spring

Here is an illustration of a girl cycling on the backdrop of spring field and vivid colors.


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5. Spring Floral Vector Background

Here is a beautiful spring-inspired frame which can be used for a flyer or a postcard.


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6. Free Vector Spring Flower Wreath

Here is a fantastic flower wreath with negative space in the middle of the text. It will be a perfect solution for a postcard.


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7. Spring Flowers Silhouettes

This is an illustration of diiferent silhouettes of flowers. It can be used as a pattern or a background.


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8. Free Spring Flower Vector Set

This is a pack of sweet green leaves and flowers for spring designs. They go in different sizes and forms.


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9. Spring Vector Typography Wreaths

If you are looking for breathtaking spring labels, search no more. Here are flower frames saying Beautiful Spring, Time to Love, and Fresh Air.


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10. Seamless floral pattern

This gorgeous spring flowers background should open this collection. It’s a seamless pattern.


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11. Spring Clip Art Flowers

This is not a flat image, these flowers are moving and growing.


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12. Spring Break Clip Art

This is a beautiful poster saying Spring Break with a suitcase on a blue background.


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13. Retro floral background

Here is a vintage-inspired spring background with vivid colorful ornament.


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14. Eco leaves and green waves

Here is a green background with leaves and curves. You can place a text on it with Photoshop and turn it into a postcard.


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15. Floral decorative postcard

This is a floral nature background in purple color with text.


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16. Forest herbs, blue background

This spring background featured forest herbs and washed out green and yellow colors.


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17. Girl jumping on a trampoline at the backyard

This is an illustration of a girl playing a garden in spring.


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18. Multicolor floral design

Here is an intensive creative floral design on a dark background with elegant typography.


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19. Girl riding a spring horse ride

This is a girl riding a horse clipart. It’s one of the numerous types of fun activities outside in spring.


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20. Spring Bunny 6

Take a look at this funny bunny head which is a symbol of spring and Easter.


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21. New Spring Chick

Here is a cute yellow chick on a simple white backdrop.


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Free Clip Art Flowers

22. Retro Spring Flowers

Here is a package of spring retro flowers using bright colors.


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23. Free Spring Vector Background

This is a lovely beige background with light-green leaves and pink flowers. It looks soft and tender.


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24. Free Spring Happy Easter Vector Illustration

The most important spring holiday is Easter. So, here is a Happy Easter postcard clipart.


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25. Free Spring Sale Vector Background

For those of you who are going to have a spring sale, pay attention to this chic background.


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26. Colorful Easter Flowers

Here is a nice Easter greeting card with tulips, pots, and polka dot.


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27. Cartoon Spring Clip Art Flowers Background

Here is one more spring backdrop in cartoon style.


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28. Dandelion Blowball Vector Flowers

This is a background with pink blowballs on gray. It seems like a vintage style.


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29. Iris Flowers Vector

Irises is flowers which grow only in spring. This clipart is an excellent vector illustration.


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30. Spring Pattern

Take a look at this fantastic free spring clip art leaves pattern using different shades of green.


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