15 Free Timesheet Templates and Employee Timecard Examples

Free Timesheet Templates

Running a business is not a simple task. If you have more than one employer, you need to track their working time somehow.

Excel makes it very simple to set up a time tracking system. Using formulas in Microsoft Excel, you can create customized timesheets which will help you track working hours of your employers. The process of tracking time may vary depending on the workers and their position. However, there are some universal principles of counting hours exist.

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In this collection, you’re going to find weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly free timesheet templates, as well as report and schedule templates for Excel. You can adjust hours, names, numbers, and currency in each template.

Employee Timecards and Timesheet Templates for Excel

1. Biweekly Sample Timesheet Template

This simple biweekly time sheet was created to count working time, seak leaves, and vacation days of your employers. It has calculated total numbers, so all you have to do is just add your numbers in proper cells. Besides, it features a nice brown and blue color scheme.


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2. Employee timesheet

Here is an employee time sheet to add working hours weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly. When you insert numbers, totals will be automatically calculated. The colors palette is white and blue, which is perfect for corporate purposes.


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3. Employee timecard

Using this timesheet you can insert working hours weekly and calculate total time. Also, you can add worker’s name, phone number, and email address. I love washed out green, beige, and gray colors used here.


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4. Biweekly time sheet with sick leave and vacation

This is a biweekly timesheet which you can download free in Excel format. It shows day, date, number of regular hours, number of overtime hours, sick leave, and vacation. In the end, you can count total time and total pay.


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5. Operations employee timecard

Here is an operation employee timesheet showing working hours along with time spent on each task. Such kind of sheet will be suitable for developers and designers, for example. Besides, it has a separate field for overtime hours.


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6. Time card

This useful timecard template has all necessary info to count weekly hours and paycheck for this period of time. Along with day, date, regular hours, and sick leave, there is a contact info of the employee and signatures of both sides.


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7. Weekly timesheet

Here is a weekly time sheet template which will come in handy for business owners of any kind. All you need to do is just download it and add your company name and name of an employee. Then, the employee can add their working hours manually to the sheet using Excel.


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8. Payroll calculator

If you are looking for payroll calculator for many workers at once, here it is. You can add all the needed information there, such as employees names, regular hours, vacation, sick leave, overtime, and then count the total sum of money. This will be an overall amount of money to pay your workers for a specified period.


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9. Employee shift schedule

This timesheet was explicitly created for employees who work by shifts. You can dd their names, tasks, and time. You can print this timesheet and hang on the wall in your office.


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10. Time sheet

Here is an amazing pink and gray timesheet allowing you to add and count hours of a working week. Depending on the time attached to the sheet, the total amount will be calculated. You can print it and just write down all the data.


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11. Weekly Expense Report Template – Excel

Instead of creating a complicated timesheet with formulas in Excel, use this handy template. It is a weekly expense report template which will help you track expenses spent by an employee, or paid by company funds.


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12. Weekly and Daily Timesheet Template – Excel

Take a look at this useful Excel template for weekly timesheet. It has a basic table with date, start time, finish time, regular hours, overtime hours, vacation, holiday, and sick hours. The heading is colored with gray and total pay row is made in blue.


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13. Consultant Timesheet Template

This consultant timesheet template will help you to count time on particular tasks. It has space to add dates manually or using Excel. Besides, you can add important names and signatures to the document.


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14. Weekly Employee Schedule Template – Excel

It’s easy to mix up the days when you work by shifts. So, here is a weekly employee schedule template will allow you to add names and turns to make it easy to remember. You can mark particular shits and dates.


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15. Printable Biweekly Time Sheet Template – PDF

Here is a printable timesheet template for two weeks. It will help you count hours spent at work by your employees. It has the following fields: day, date, time in, lunch start, lunch end, time out and total hours worked. Then, you can calculate total hours and overtime hours by a week.


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