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funny desktop wallpapers

Are you looking for a Funny Desktop wallpaper because you are tired of seeing the same boring plain screensaver? Funny wallpapers are fun and describe the type of person you are. They will give a different atmosphere to your day including your workplace.

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Hilarious Funny Desktop Wallpapers

We gathered funny wallpapers to enjoy as well as save to your desktop and not worry about another boring screen ever again!

1. Funny Danbo Skateboard

Amazon carton Danbo skating down the stairs.


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2. Funny Squirrel Lesson

Squirrel teaching a plush lamb and bear.

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3. Funny Animals Boating

Monkeys fishing by a lake with a racoon. Funny Animals Boating

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4. Funny Tea Bags Party

Relaxing tea bags having a great time.

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5. Pair Frog Toy Love

Two frogs in love with one another. Pair Frog Toy Love

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6. Funny Friends Night

Alien and lizard watching the moon. FUNNY FRIENDS NIGHT

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7. Dambo The Bottle Funny Situation

Dambo was drunk and wasted with his bottle of champagne.

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8. Funny Computer Security

Don’t touch my computer! FUNNY COMPUTER SECURITY

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9. Dog Funny Face

Baby bulldog doesnt want to eat his food.DOG FUNNY FACE

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10. Funny Ladybugs With Umbrellas

Lady bug family marching together. FUNNY LADYBUGS WITH UMBRELLAS

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11. Fire And Water Relationships

Fire is running away from water kisses. FIRE AND WATER RELATIONSHIPS

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12. Squirrel Hold A Umbrellas Funny Pose

Squirrel is scared of the rain so he is ready with his umbrella. SQUIRREL HOLD A UMBRELLAS FUNNY POSE

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13. Funny How Love Is

The struggles of love in different forms. FUNNY HOW LOVE IS

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14. Funny Hairless Clean Dog

Dog gets shaved completey. FUNNY HAIRLESS CLEAN DOG

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15. Funny Batman And Superman

Batman sitting on superman. FUNNY BATMAN AND SUPERMAN

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16. Funny Lovely Playful Kitten

Kitten ready to go fishing. FUNNY LOVELY PLAYFUL KITTEN

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17. Cat With Glasses

Cool cat with sunglasses relaxing. Cat With Glasses

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18. Funny Angry Ostrich

Ostrich mean mug face ready to poke someone. Funny Angry Ostrich

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19. Funny Potatos

Potato surprised looking at the potato fries. Funny Potatos

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20. Tomatoes Ketchup Sad

Tomatoe crying over the ketchup sauce spilled. tomatoes ketchup sad

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21. Sad Cat

A sad cat is not a hapy cat. Sad Cat

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22. Funny Pink Panther

Pink Panther laying down drunk after getting wasted. Funny Pink Panther

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23. The Cat On The Floor

Shocked cat looking surprised. The cat on the floor

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24. Funny Face

Little boy with glasses sticking out his tongue.Funny face

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25. Apple In Danger

Mac computer cover with stick figure about to chop the running apple.Apple in danger

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Laugh out loud!

We hope you enjoyed our selected funny wallpaper desktop images. We will continue to update our site with more funny pictures so that you can enjoy and save. If you have any image you think we should add please send us a message.

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