21 Google Docs Resume Templates

Google Docs Resume Templates

Eye-catching, simple yet modern resume can help you get a job of your dreams. All HR managers and potential employers are tired of all those generic resumes created hastily in a text editor. Whether you are a young nurse or an experienced marketer, you need to have an impressive resume to attract attention and make the employer invite you to the job interview.

In this list, we have put together 21 the best Google Docs resume templates which you can easily edit online. Besides, you will also have access to this file on your laptop and smartphone on the go.

To download and use Google Docs template you need to have a Gmail account and Google Drive. Open Google Drive and click New – Google Docs – From a Template.


Then scroll down until you find a particular template. If you don’t see the Templates section, you might need to change language preferences into English.

In any case, take in mind that the context of your CV is way more valuable than its design. So, make sure you added all the necessary information there.

Free Google Docs Resume Templates

1. Swiss Resume

Swiss is a clean resume template with name and job position title.Wrap text lines separate the following fields: skills, experience, education, and awards.


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2. Serif Resume

Serif is a similar CV template from Google with name title, and creative typography to pick out specific blocks of text.


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3. Coral Resume

Coral resume template has its name due to subtitles in a particular color. You can share your skills, experience, education, and awards with ease.


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4. Spearmint Resume Template

This resume template is similar to Coral one, but it features green subtitles and clean design.


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5. Argent Google Docs Resume

Agent resume template is designed in beige and brown colors. It will be suitable for teachers, assistants, and other corporate job positions. It has charts to showcase critical skills.


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6. Modern Writer Resume Template

Take a look at this cool resume template which uses sans serif fonts and big title on the top of the page. It will help you to make a positive impression on HR manager.


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7. Free Resume Template | Bewerbung Muster

Here is an elegant bridge resume with a picture on top. Note, this template is created using German text, but you can easily edit it according to your preferences.


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Premium Google Docs Resume Templates

8. Resume Marble Gold

Check out this gorgeous resume template with marble header. You can customize position title, education, contact info, and work experience.


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9. Professional Word&Google Docs Resume

This is a two pages resume template with a simple design. It uses white and blue color scheme. You can edit it using Google Docs or Microsoft Word.


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10. Saturn resume template for Google Docs

Here is an ultra-modern, sleek resume template designed with gray and electric blue colors. A potential employer will admit your name written on a large header on top.


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11. Resume Template for Google Docs

Here is an elegant, feminine resume template with script fonts. All the necessary blocks are grouped with typography and spacing.


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12. Google Docs Resume Template

This is a two pages resume with a big green title featuring name. It has quite large work experience field, skills, education, languages, and interests.


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13. Resume Teacher for Google Drive

Here is a 100% editable resume template for teachers. You can change fonts, switch sections, and insert your text.


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14. Resume Template + Cover Letter Template for Google Docs

After purchase, you’ll get editable modern resume template for Google Docs. It has a beautiful header with name and pastel green color. Also, you can change any element in the resume to make it your own.


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15. Creative Google Docs Resume

If you are looking for something super simple and clean, check out this editable resume. Made on black and white colors, it features name, contact info, education, skills, experience, awards, and a covering letter.


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16. Resume Template Google Docs

This is a beautiful resume template with green line and name on top. It features all the essential sections you may need, such as education, skills, experience, and profile summary.


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17. Google Drive Docs Resume Template

This minimalist resume template will help you to put together a resume on less than 10 minutes. It goes along with a covering letter and references page.


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18. Google Docs CV Resume Template

Here is a modern resume template which looks like a newspapers page. It has apparently separated fields into different sections and editable layout.


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19. Google Docs Resume Template

This is a perfect resume template for those of you who want to stand out from the rest of candidates for a job position. It has orange heading and subheadings, and pre-made fields for experience, profile, education, and others.


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20. Simple and Bold Editable Resume Template for Google Docs

Here is a strict and straightforward resume template. It has a separated column for awards, skills, and interest on the right side. All the other information is placed on the left.


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21. NIGHT MODE Resume Template for Google Docs

This is a dark style resume template made in dark gray color with white text. You can edit everything you want using Google Docs, just make sure to add it to your Drive.


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