25 Best Hand Lettering Fonts for Beautiful Designs

Best Hand Lettering Fonts for Beautiful Designs

Handwritten and script fonts are created with a human hand and turned into a typeface with the proper software. Such kind of fonts can be used in numerous ways, for example, for titles and headlines, logos, branding, website header, business cards, postcards, packaging, and many more. Handwritten fonts add some natural human touch to plain sans serif fonts. Sometimes they are used to highlight some particular words and add some balance to the typography.

Best Hand Lettering Fonts for 2018

In this article, we have collected 25 the latest handwritten, hand lettering fonts you can purchase today. You can download them today in most used fonts format TTF or OTF and easily install on your PC. Then, when you open any graphics editor, from Microsoft Word to Adobe Photoshop, this typeface should appear in the list of fonts.

1. Featherly Hand Lettered

This wonderful romantic font will be suitable for wedding invitations, female business cards, and blogs. It’s connected handwritten font with 400 glyphs.


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2. Heritage Font Combinations

It’s a pair of a script and sans serif fonts which work perfectly together. Thanks to its vintage feel, and look you can use it for signs, headings, logos, social media images, and more.


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3. Crystal Sky Font Set

This is a package of handwritten fonts which will help you to add a personal touch to any design. You can download the fonts in OTF, TTF, AI, and EPS formats.


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4. Adorable Handwritten Script Font

Look at this classy, elegant font which would be a great choice for t-shirts, branding, package design, signs, and other. It comes in line and pressure weights with basic characters, numbers, and punctuation.


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5. Moonstruck Handwriting

Moonstruck font was created using a dry marker creating cool spaces in lines. It has lower and uppercase characters and supports different languages. You’ll also get had drawn circles and swashes as extras.


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6. Rambies – Handwritten Calligraphy

This handwritten calligraphy font was designed for multiple purposes, such as wedding invites, logos, and watermarks. You can mix and match ligature and swashes.


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7. White Oleander Handwritten Font

White Oleander elegant handwritten font for your projects which stays clear and readable. You can choose between sized and slant versions, depending on your needs and taste.


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8. Sugar Plums Script

Here is a beautiful typeface with a romantic name Sugar Plums. After purchase, you’ll get 400 handwritten characters along with 60 ornaments, such as flowers, frames, and catchwords.


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9. Starstruck hand-lettered script

Starstruck is a hand-lettered script font suitable for event invitations, logos, packaging, and Instagram images. For some words, you can use characters with swirls to add an extra elegant touch.


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10. Million Notes: Handwriten Script

This amazing script imitates quick handwriting with a marker. It works the best for quotes, postcards, logos and other printed products.


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11. Fonjava

Fonjava is a brand new script font with an OpenType feature. It means you can change the stylistic alternates and swashes as you like.


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12. Hello Sunshine Font Duo

Hello Sunshine is a bold, stunning brush font which you can use for commercial purposes. The font has alternative characters allowing you to create a uniquely beautiful look of each word.


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13. SokaQola Hand-lettered Font

Here is more modern hand-lettering typeface with upper and lowercase characters, numbers, and punctuation. Also, you’ll get over 20 logos as a gift with this font.


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14. Chamelia Script

Check out this cool Chamelia Script typeface with 400 glyphs in OTF format. Use it for letterheads, emails, postcards, business cards, invitations and more.


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15. Verbena Handstylish Font

The fonts created with a human hand has magic and elegance. Take a look at this hand-lettering font Verbena with 400 glyphs.


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16. Its Tasty Missmallove Font Duo

This is a fantastic typeface which looks like it’s been created with a watercolor brush. It comes with additional ornaments and doodles to spice up your next project.


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17. Serendipity Handwritten Font

Here is a modern script font created with elegance in mind. It will be a perfect solution for postcards, sale cards, pillows, t-shirts, invitations, PowerPoint slides, and more.


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18. Sharpeye Type

Here is an irregular hand-lettering type designed carefully with details in mind. It can be used for the poster, headlines, postcards, and social media posts.


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19. Stonestick Imperfect Script

Stonestick is a solid, bold brush font suitable for headlines, highlighted text, and titles of any kind. Along with letters and numbers, you’ll get ornaments and splatters as a bonus.


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20. Slow Attack – Double Fonts

Here is a script version of double font Slow Attack. It is created with beautiful handwritten strokes and attention to every detail.


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21. The Styled Edit- Chic Ligature Font

Check out this ligature font which looks like it was carelessly written. It will be a perfect fit for signatures, logos, signs, and headings.


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22. Handwritting

Here is a clean monoline thin font which imitates handwriting. It works for signature, postcards, blogs, and social media images.


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23. Burston Handwritten Script

Burston is a stylish connected hand lettering font with 400 glyphs in OTF format. It goes with lowercase, uppercase letters, punctuation, and special characters for most European languages.


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24. Halbrein Handwritten Script

Here is an elegant delicates font imitating handwritten text. You can download it in OTF and TTF formats.


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25. Garlic Butter: a tasty fun font

Look at Garlic Butter font if you are searching for a funny comic font with handwritten style. You can use it for postcards, invitations, and other designs with an informal thematic.


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