How To Make Money With a Truck and Trailer

How To Make Money With a Truck and Trailer

Do you own a truck or a trailer? Perfect, you can start making money today! There are so many ways that you can make money with your truck and or trailer. This would be a perfect opportunity for you to become your own boss or simply make some extra income by using what you already have. But I know that your questioning how to get this business running and that is why this article is here to help you understand how you can make the money along with where you can go to get the customers.

Having trucks gives you the capability to haul large loads, move furniture, appliances, and more. There are plenty of ways you can make money with your truck or trailer, start your business, get your customers which I have added in this article.

So let’s get started!

Where do you find your customers?

Once your ready to get your flow going, first and for most think of all the people you can contact to tell them about this new business your about to start because you never know if they will need you. Friends and family are always needing to move furniture, appliances, tools, and more. So just imagine if they know that you’re doing this, they will use your services in the near future.

Social media is also a great place you can promote and tell people about what our doing. Instagram can be a place where you create a page for your new business or just simply tell your followers about it on your ig stories. Facebook has a market place which you can create a listing for your services. It’s also similar to craigslist where you can also add your services to get jobs.

Contact your local furniture places, apartment complexes they may be looking for someone to move out particular items, or furniture left behind.

Advertise your Truck and Trailer business and services

There are simple easy ways to create a website for your services and business using sites like which is very user friendly and provides all the sorts of designs. You don’t need to have a use page , just one or two pages will be just fine. Just add all the necessary information so that any business can contact you as well as know what services you provide.

If you want to invest into some business cards you can do this easily on vista print or etsy at a low cost. Use these to hand out to people or any of these local places.

Use your Truck or Trailer for Trash Removal

You can do this with either the truck or a Trailer as long as you can haul loads. Now on the trailer since its a bit different you can haul bigger loads and earn more money. The easier part of the trailer is that you can actually leave it at the job site that you will have and pick it up later once its loaded and ready. You don’t need to do anything at all because the customers are the ones that load it up on there own. Once you have been notified from your customer that your trailer is filled and ready you to go , you will pick it up and take it to the location of recycling. The best part of doing this is that you don’t have to personally be there at the job site so you can continue doing other jobs throughout the day.

Use your Truck or Trailer for an Advertisement Company

Another way you can make money is using your truck or trailer and advertise for a particular company. There are a lot of them out there that are willing to pay for you to brand your truck with there logo, information of there products and more.

When a company is willing to pay for advertisement like this is because there looking for you to move around different areas that have traffic so that the product gets known.

What’s great about this is that you can get longterm contract which mean you will get paid more for a longer time. Isn’t that awesome!

So don’t lose the opportunity about finding out with different companies so you can advertise there business and products.

Deliver parts and material with your truck or trailer

You could also be a delivery service for a variety of people as well as businesses. Theres a lot of people always looking to move parts , equipment , material to different destinations but they don’t have the appropriate vehicle to do so.

It’s a service you can provide at all times and you can actually sign up with a particular company so that you can do these deliveries.

How much should you charge for your services?

Setting a price for your services can be tricky! So what you need to do first, is call around a few of the known hauling places or other businesses doing the same to get an idea of what there charging. Once you have some prices what you can do is work numbers determining the jobs you will be doing along with the time you will have to spend with each service.

You don’t want to charge for your services higher then those you did some research on. You want to make sure you do a price lower.

So when your doing your calculations and estimates make sure the following items are included:

  • service
  • gas
  • miles

This will help you tremendously when closing a deal and setting your service fees. Just remember to go according to what is correct and not over pricing services.

You are all set, time to start making some MONEY!

In conclusion, I hope you have found all this information useful for your new adventure your about to take on with making money using your truck or trailer. There is no other vehicle that can do this much, so definitely take advantage of this amazing opportunity you have in your hands.

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