Insanity Calendar: 11 Insanity 60 Day Workout Calendar (PDF Download)

insanity calendar

Insanity Calendar is a program that helps people to do their exercises in the comfort of their home. With this calendar, you will see it give you a better control of the training that must be done per day and also you can keep track of the process you have accomplished.  The best part of this is that it

The best part of this is that it won’t take that much time per day, you would take it at your own pace and see the results as soon as possible. Also, you will see how useful these calendars can be, just take the chance to start one of these calendars we are sure you will love it. Just find the insanity calendar that best suits you!

Printable insanity calendars 2017

1. Insanity Workout Schedule 1 PDF

This calendar is intended to work different types of Cardio exercises throughout the week and intensify every week.

Insanity Workout Schedule 1

2. Insanity Workout Schedule 2

Calendar that provides the development of Cardio exercise in a period of 8 weeks (2 work and one rest)

Insanity Workout Calendar 960 Web

3. Insanity Workout Schedule 3

8-week schedule for a variety of cardio exercises. Includes test of exercise guide and control box images.

Insanity Workout Schedule And FIt Test

4. Insanity Workout Schedule 4

Custom exercise control calendar for each week to complete the 2-month challenge. We know you can do it!

Insanity Workout Schedule 4

5. Insanity Workout Schedule 5

13-week calendar for buttock lifting that guarantees a spectacular result in a short time, it will help you to stay motivated!
Insanity Workout Schedule 5

6. Insanity Workout Schedule 6

A calendar that mixes different exercises that make for sure in 9 weeks of hard work, you will start to get fabulous results and great shape!

Insanity Workout Schedule 6

7. Insanity Calendar for Workout

9 weeks of intense exercises per day programmed in this calendar for best results. Try to motivate your friends and start now.

Insanity Workout Schedule 7

8. Calendar Insanity 1

Exercise for 9 weeks applying what the calendar tells you to improve your physical condition each day and in a short time.

Calendar Insanity 1

9. Calendar Insanity 2

Mark the exercises performed every day for 5 weeks for better control, it will easily help you to burn fat.

Calendar Insanity 2

10. Calendar Insanity 3

63-day schedule with different cardiovascular exercises to quickly improve physical condition.

Calendar Insanity 3

11. Calendar Insanity 4

A calendar that programs different exercises each week to improve the physical condition in a short time and in a fast way.

Calendar Insanity 4

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