21 HD iPhone 8 Plus Wallpapers Perfect for Your Phone

iphone 8 plus wallpapers

The iPhone 8 plus launched out September 22, 2017, with the all-new brand new glass back. iPhone 8plus design is actually similar to the previous one with changes of a faster processor, wireless charging, and a well-improved camera. Home Button still applies. The dimensions of an iPhone 8 plus are 6.24 ins x 3.07in and .30 in depth which if you like the precious iPhone 7 size you will love this iPhone 8 Plus size as well. It has a 5.50-inch touchscreen display with high resolution of over 1500 pixels. The iPhone 8 Plus has a Hexa-core Apple A11 bionic processor which comes with 3GB of a ram with 64 GB of memory. There are several connectivity options included from GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, 3G, Wi-Fi, and 4G.

The camera has changed a bit but is extremely impressive. It has both dual rear cameras with great stabilization for an optical image. Including a 12-megapixel primary camera and 7-megapixel front shooter for your excellent selfie photos. You can clearly see the difference by using the camera features. They are similar to the ones on the iPhone 7 but there is one that is new that stands out by selecting the “portrait” option which takes impressive photos like a DSLR camera. It has a portrait lighting that is a feature that stimulates lighting.

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Investing in these apple phones can be expensive, but there is plenty of reasons why it’s not a bad idea. The phones have fantastic quality features in them that helps with daily tasks. Apps are beyond endless and easy to manage. You can also take these phones anywhere around the world. Apple sells eight plus SIM-free that you can make it to any carrier or if you travel internationally versus paying roaming fees. iPhone 8 Plus has a cost of seven hundred ninety-nine dollars and nine hundred and fifty dollars.

Best iPhone 8 Plus Wallpapers

Keeping your iPhone 8 Plus home screen, as well as the lock screen fun and bright, can make anyone happy. If you are looking to change up your wallpapers on your screen instead of using the 20 that are already incorporated into the phone. We have exclusively selected and cropped these free wallpapers for the iPhone 8 Plus ready for you to just download and add to your phone. All images are in HD resolution so colors are bright and beautiful.

Download 21 Amazing HD Backgrounds and Wallpapers for iPhone 8 Plus cropped by 1920-by-1080-pixel resolution.

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1. Neon Blue Green Lights

neon blue green lights

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2. Winter iPhone 8 Plus Background

winter iphone 8 plus background

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3. Mountains Sunset

mountains sunset

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4. Salsa Neon Wallpaper

salsa neon wallpaper

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5. Stormtrooper Star Wars iPhone Wallpaper

stormtrooper star wars iphone wallpaper

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6. Flamingo Wallpaper

flamingo wallpaper

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7. Circles Wallpaper

circles wallpaper

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8. Sunset Beach Free Wallpaper for iPhone 8 Plus

sunset beach iphone wallpaper

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9. Tacos Burritos Neon Wallpaper

tacos burritos neon wallpaper

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10. Green Stars iPhone Wallpaper

green stars iphone wallpaper

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11. Sphere iPhone 8 Plus Wallpaper

sphere iphone 8 plus wallpaper

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12. Night Green Stars HD Background

night green stars

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13. Beautiful Stars iPhone 8 Plus Backgrounds

beautiful stars iphone 8 plus backgrounds

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14. Purple Stars 4K iPhone Wallpaper

purple stars wallpaper

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15. Galaxy iPhone 8 Plus Wallpaper

galaxy iphone 8 plus wallpaper

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16. Merry Christmas iPhone 8 Plus Wallpaper

merry christmas iphone 8 plus wallpaper

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17. Christmas Neon Canes

christmas neon canes

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18. Christmas Coffee Wallpaper

christmas coffee wallpaper

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19. Golden Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

golden merry christmas and happy new year

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20. Beach iPhone 8 Plus Wallpaper

beach iphone 8 plus wallpaper

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21. Sea Ocean iPhone 8 Plus Wallpaper

sea ocean iphone 8 plus wallpaper

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Furthermore, we hope you found all this information in our article about the iPhone 8 useful for when you purchase one or if you have one already. This will help be prepared ready to enjoy your iPhone 8 Plus. The wallpapers are always fun to have and still great to change out every so often so we will continue to update our wallpapers to bring you brilliant images you can use on your devices.

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