47 HD iPhone X Wallpapers

iphone x wallpapers

Are you looking for new background styles for your new iPhone? Discover and download free iPhone X wallpapers to add fun and life your mobile device. Before launching new iPhones, Apple has created a series of emotive 3D wallpapers. They animate in response to human touch. The new iOS is preloaded with a set of these animated wallpapers on iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. Each wallpaper is a four-second video.

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Once iOS 11.2 will be launched, you can update your older iPhone and use these dynamic wallpapers, without having to download images from a third-party website first. But before that, feel free to download these top amazing iPhone X wallpapers from our collection.

Best Apple iPhone X Wallpapers 2018

Besides, we have put together these high quality iPhone X wallpapers you can download free. You can use them for your brand new iPhone or older versions. Just scroll down, choose wallpaper you like and download it.

For users of iPhone 8, you can download free these iPhone 8 Plus Wallpapers

Orange Abstract HD iPhone X Wallpaper

orange abstract iphone x wallpaper

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Blue Abstract iPhone X Wallpaper

blue abstract iphone x wallpaper

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Blue Lagoon iPhone X Wallpaper

blue lagoon iphone x wallpaper

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Ghost iPhone X Wallpaper

ghost iphone x wallpaper

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Red Swirl Wallpaper

red swirl wallpaper

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Light Is Strongest Wallpaper

light Is strongest wallpaper

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Green Hurricane iPhone X Wallpaper

green hurricane iphone x wallpaper

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Cool Flare iPhone Wallpaper

cool flare iphone wallpaper

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Abstract Black Cool iPhone X Wallpaper

abstract sphere iphone x wallpaper

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Blue Pruple Abstract iPhone X Wallpaper

blue pruple abstract iphone x wallpaper

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Hidden Lake

Hidden Lake

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Poon Hill Marga Iphone X Wallpaper

Poon Hill Marga iPhone x Wallpaper

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Sedona Mountains iPhone X Screensaver

sedona mountains wallpaper

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Sky Ocean Iphone X Wallpaper

sky ocean iphone x wallpaper

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White Sands Snow Wallpaper

A beautiful white iPhone x wallpaper, with two people walking on the snow.

White Sands Snow Wallpaper

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Snow Lake Wallpaper

snow lake wallpaper

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Dawn Dusk Lake

dawn dusk lake

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Autumn Fall iPhone x wallpaper

This is a gorgeous wallpaper to use on your iPhone this fall featuring an autumn leaf.

autumn fall iphone x wallpaper

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Here is a retro bulb which is used in loft-style interiors these days. It’s a cozy wallpaper choice.

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This is red amazing sunset in mountains which will definitely motivate you to travel.


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Winter Forest iPhone x Wallpaper

This is a beautiful scene of winter forest, threes covered with snow.


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iPhone X – TV Ad Wallpapers

This is a great purple abstract iPhone X wallpaper. It’s available for still and perspective views.


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Star Trails

This is a gorgeous shot taken using long shutter speed. This way you can see the stars are moving.


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This is a fantastic nature photo featuring a cool gradient of colors, from pink to blue and yellow.


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Abstract iPhone X wallpaper

Here is a fantastic abstract wallpaper for iPhone X with bright red and orange colors.


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Galaxy Stars – Space iPhone X Wallpaper

This abstract wallpaper is actually a picture of the space with stars.


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Blue Abstract iPhone X wallpaper

These amazing blue trails seem like water. This image was created for those of you who like calm backgrounds.


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Purple iPhone X wallpaper

This abstract pattern looks like it’s strokes made with a huge brush.


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iPhone X wallpaper pack 1

Here is a nice abstract background with featuring the sky with Northern Lights and stars.


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Sunrise Full HD iPhone 10 Background

This is a gorgeous sunrise under the sea featuring plants and mountains.


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Dreamy Sky

Here is a dreamy sky with fluffy clouds which will look amazing on your brand new iPhone X screen.


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Dark Sky

Here is a picture of the dark sky which is moody and gloomy.


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The Earth – Space iPhone X Wallpaper

Here is how the Earth looks like from the space.


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Forest Black Lights iPhone 10 Wallpaper

Northern Light is an amazing wonder of our nature. Now you can see it each time you take your iPhone X in hands.


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This is a stunning orange sky right before the sunset. It seems like this shot was taken from the airplane.


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Full HD iPhone X Default Wallpaper

Here is a standard abstract wallpaper for iPhone X.


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Abstract Wallpaper

This is a new wallpaper for iPhone X you can download now to use for older Apple phones.


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Ocean Waves iPhone Wallpaper

Here is a wallpaper with cool blue waves on a yellow sand. A minimalist iPhone X wallpaper.


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Abstract Wallpaper

Here is one more vivid abstract background which will be featured in standard iPhone X wallpapers.


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iPhone X Wallpaper HD

These gorgeous pinks and blue colors will split together and look amazing on your screen.


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Here is a black illustration with a colorful rainbow. A clean minimalist wallpaper for iPhone X.


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Flowers iPhone x Wallpaper 4K

Here are purple flowers on orange digitized which will look amazing on your iPhone X screen.


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Christmas iPhone X Wallpapers

Download free Christmas wallpapers for your new iPhone X

Christmas Tree iPhone X Wallpaper

christmas tree iphone x wallpaper

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Christmas Bells iPhone X Wallpaper

christmas bells iphone x wallpaper

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Christmas Neon Snow iPhone X Wallpaper

christmas neon snow iphone x wallpaper

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Christmas Tree iPhone Wallpaper 2

christmas tree iphone wallpaper 2

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Christmas Lights iPhone X Wallpaper

christmas lights iphone x wallpaper

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