Letter of Recommendation for Teacher: 15 Templates and Examples

letter of recommendation for teacher

A professional well-written letter can make all the difference when it comes to communicating in the right way with a potential employer. It happens your colleague or friend asks you to write a recommendation letter for them in order to be considered for a new job. A proper well-crafter recommendation letter will speak for person’s skills and confirm their experience in a particular position.

Between 2012 and 2024 U.S. Bureau of Labour projects about 1.9 million job openings for teachers. It means many teachers may look for a new job at the moment. If someone asked you to write a recommendation letter for a teacher, make sure you are a proper person for this. To write a great letter you need to identify yourself first, tell about intellectual abilities, professional skills, communication skills, personal qualities, and suitability for a position.

Take a look at 15 letters of recommendation for teachers we collected here for you. They will help you to create a fantastic recommendation letter or, at least, will become your starting point. You can download the letter samples or just copy the text and change it.

1. Letter of Recommendation for Teachers Template

If you are applying for a teaching job, this template will come in handy. Download the file in MS Word doc and edit it to suit your goals. It has yellow fields highlighted with brackets which you need to change.


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2. A School Principal’s Recommendation Letter for a Teacher

This is a very nice letter sample for teachers. As teaching is quite a competitive field, it’s important to stand out with an important recommendation letter. You can copy the text and then adapt it to your preferences using any text editor.


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3. Free Preschool Teacher Recommendation Letter Template

Download for free this simple preschool recommendation letter for teachers. It tells about skills, experience, and personal qualities.


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4. Free Assistant Teacher Recommendation Letter Template

This letter is explicitly created for teacher assistant job position. You can download it and edit using MS Word doc, Apple Pages or Google Docs.


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5. Free Professor Recommendation Letter Template

For those of you who are going to recommend a professor for a job position, this active letter sample was created. It features a stylish blue line with a header and fully editable text.


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6. Sample Teaching Recommendation Letters

Here is a lengthy two-page recommendation letter saying that a somebody who wrote it highly recommends this teacher as an educator and a person. You can change any part of the text as you like.


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7. Teacher Recommendation Letter Template 1

In this letter sample, a person tells that a teacher is a pleasant, skilled, and truly gifted as a professional. Copy the text into one of the suitable text editors, and adjust it as you want.


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8. Teacher Letter of Recommendation per College

Check out this teacher recommendation letter template for college. It’s made on a green piece of paper with a table featuring two columns: which are the school and the deadline. This way a teacher can send a letter recommending a particular student.


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9. Letter Of Recommendation Student Teacher

Here is a recommendation letter was written by a student about a teacher. It says that the teacher is responsible and pleasant, and he/she helped to manage students properly. Just copy this text and insert names and dates in specific fields.


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10. Teacher Letter of Recommendation PER COLLEGE

This primary teacher recommendation letter sample suitable for any teaching position. It says a teacher has been working for years and she is caring and devoted. You can change the letterhead and any text on a page.


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11. Teacher Letter of Recommendation From Principal

Here is a recommendation letter sample for teacher of a middle or high school. It mentions that the teacher can communicate with teenagers and work late to complete the job.


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12. Recommendation Letter for Teachers from Bodwell High School

This is a confidential teacher reference letter sharing information about student behavior, motivation, and self-esteem. Download in PDF format and edit with any PDF editor you have, online or offline.


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13. Teacher Recommendation Letter Sample

It’s great to get a recommendation written by a parent of a child who was your student. Here is a letter sample you can easily use for yourself: copy and insert text on your PC or edit it using an online editor on the site.


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14. Recommendation Letter Template

This is a recommendation letter template written by a teacher for a student who is going to get a job. It says about student’s qualities as well as skills and classes.


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15. Recommendation Letter

Check out this sincere yet powerful recommendation letter written by a student about a teacher. You can edit it without a hassle. Download this letter in Microsoft Word Doc format.


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