25 MailChimp Templates: Free and Premium

MailChimp Templates

Are you sure you make the best use of email marketing for your business? Sending emails to your customers can help you get direct traffic to your site, get new sales, notify your users about discounts and updates. As reports shows, emails are 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined when it comes to finding new clients.

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Email should be clean, eye-catching, and straightforward so that it can be easily opened even on mobile devices with a slow internet connection. And since people use different screens to open their email boxes, it should be responsive.

Best MailChimp Templates

In this collection, we have covered 25 the best MailChimp email templates, both free and premium. You can scroll down and choose the design and format which suits your needs.

Free Email Templates

1. Green Village HTML Template

Here is an easy-to-use template which can be quickly integrated with MailChimp. It has a space for the big header image, text blocks, and last, but not least carefully designed footer.


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2. Passion – HTML Responsive Email Template

This is a minimalist, elegant HTML template of email newsletter with the gallery, action button, list of features, blog posts, and footer. It’s going to look great on both the computer screen and mobile device.


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3. Creating a Simple Responsive HTML Email

This is not a template, but a tutorial on how to create a responsive basic email template. You are going to create a header with title, text and image blocks using Photoshop.


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4. The Passion Email Template

Check out this beautiful yet clean email template which you can use in any context you want. The template is quite long and contains text blocks, gallery, video, testimonials, pricing table, and action buttons.


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5. Kreative – Free Email Newsletter Template

This cool modern email template will be suitable for online stores. It is used to promote other premium templates so that you can download the file free of charge and give it a try.


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6. Pook: Newsletter

Take a look at this stunning email template designed for blogs. It has a header with beautiful background and featured posts in the body.


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7. Free Psd/html Responsive Email Template

Here is a free responsive email template for the online store of any type. You can integrate it into MailChimp and then edit as you want.


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8. Free Responsive Email Template

Check out this free responsive email template created in blue, black and gray colors. It is available in different sizes suitable for iPhones, Android phones, and desktop computers.


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9. HTML Email Template – freebie

Bella is a minimalist dynamic email template for MailChimp or other similar services. It has a beautiful image header, icons with text blocks and footer with useful links.


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10. HTML & PSD Email Template – Free Download

This is a free clean email template in PSD format which means you can easily edit it using Photoshop. It features black and white pictures with bright orange titles.


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11. Hola Email HTML Template

Hola is a bold and beautiful email template which you can adapt for your purposes quickly. It includes image header with pink overlay, text blocks, quote, timeline and footer.


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12. Fabulous Email Template

Fabulous is a simple monochrome email template with a blue header. It has one image with action button and text blocks which can be changed according to your needs.


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13. Valentine’s Day Email Template

This romantic email template was designed for Valentine’s day or other events and special promotions. It has photo header, blog posts, and selected products. You can use it to notify about discounts or sale.


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14. Thanksgiving Email Template

Here is one more email template created for special occasion Thanksgiving. It is designed in orange color with images and text blocks. It’s entirely responsive HTML file.


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Premium Email Templates

15. Responsive E-mail Template HTML Blog

If you have not chosen a free email template from this collection, look at the premium options. This is another wonderful choice for business and creative industry.


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16. 14 Email Newsletter Templates Bundle

This is a huge profitable package which covers 14 email templates designed for different industries. All of them are goes in PSD format with the mobile-friendly design. You’ll find the template for agencies, shops, online stores, photography, corporate and more.


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17. Le-Tole E-newsletter

Here is clean flat email newsletter template which can be used for corporate purposes, online stores, offers, and sales. It’s mobile-friendly.


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18. Fashion Email Template PSD Bundle

Check out this fabulous bundle design for the fashion industry. It features 14 different designs. Besides, all of them come in PSD format, which means you have full control over email design from top to bottom.


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19. Company – Responsive Email Template

Company is a high-quality, responsive email template which can be integrated with MailChimp. It works best for corporate, business, and office needs. It’s compatible with most modern browsers.


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20. Quantoom Email-Template

Quantoom email template comes with an online builder which means you can edit it online and then download. It’s quite a long email template with different text and image blocks. You can edit them in a few clicks.


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21. ZULA – Responsive Email Template Minimal

Zula is a beautiful modern email template with 40 pre-made modules. You can rearrange or remove them as you like. All the changes can be made online.


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22. Belluga Email-Template

For some of you who prefer bold, powerful designs, this template was created. Belluga is cool MailChimp ready email template with an editable layout.


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23. Magma Email Template

Magma is an email template with a clean, memorable design. You can promote yourself, your brand, services, and products using it. It goes with an online builder, so you can easily customize the template.


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24. TOKYO Mail – Responsive Email Template Minimal

Look at Tokyo, a responsive modern email template with lots of modules and unlimited color schemes. It will look amazing on both mobile screen and desktop.


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25. Catch Email Template

Catch is everything you need for email campaign for the next year or more because it includes seven mail layouts, eight color schemes, and two background colors which can create an endless number of combinations. You can also copy and paste blocks from one layout to another.


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