40 Easy Photoshop Effects Tutorials for Enhance Your Photos

photoshop effects tutorials

Looking for new effects for photos? In this article, you will find useful Photoshop effects tutorials for enhancing your photos. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most effective tools in the world when it comes to photo editings. It would be quite a difficult to learn Photoshop by yourself.

However, having proper learning material will help. The web is full of different guides and tutorials on photo editing, both articles, and videos.

Therefore, we have put together 40 easy Photoshop effects tutorials to take your next image editing to the next level.

In this list, you’ll find tutorials on how to add light leaks to your image, apply film vintage look, retouch a portrait, create a double exposure, achieve tilt-shift effect, remove unnecessary objects from a photo using Photoshop, and much more.

Best Photoshop Effects Tutorials

1. How to Make Rainbow Hair in Adobe Photoshop: Two Easy Methods

Girls always wonder how they would look like with different hair color. This Photoshop tutorial will teach you to color hair on a photo into a rainbow.


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2. How to Smooth Skin in Photoshop

Here is an easy photo retouching guide on how to smooth skin and remove flaws.


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3. Create Light Leaks and Lomo Effects Using Actions in Photoshop

This is a quick tutorial on how to add a nice red light leak to any photo of your choice with Adobe Photoshop.


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4. How to Create a Vibrant Duotone Action

In this article, will learn how to create a vibrant tone on your image and save these settings as an action, so you can easily apply it to your other pictures.


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5. Advanced compositing techniques

Here is an advanced collage tutorial which will teach you to compose different elements on a photo and make them look realistic.


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6. Vintage Style: How to Create a Photo That Looks Old

If you have nostalgia about old times and yo like retro photos, this tutorial will help you to add sepia effect to your image.


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7. 3 Trendy Ways to Create Artistic Photo Effects With Photoshop Actions

This good article will show you how to add three trendy modern effects to your images, such as Low Poly effect, Duotone, and False Lighting effect.


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8. Photoshop Watercolor Painting Effect

Turn any photo into a watercolor painting with this accessible guide. This effect works the best for landscape pictures.


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9. How to Create an Endless Picture Within a Picture Illusion in Adobe Photoshop

Photo manipulations are the best way to show your creativity. This article shows the process of creating an endless picture.


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10. How to Create an Artistic Watercolor Background Effect

You can transform any photo into an astonishing watercolor background with this simple tutorial.


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11. Change colors in a photo to match

In this simple Photoshop tutorial, you’ll get to know how to change colors in a picture, so they match. In this particular case, you’re going to change the background color.


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12. Add Depth of Field to a photo using Tilt-Shift Blur in Photoshop

Beautiful depth of field on landscape shots can be archived with an expensive tilt-shift lens. Or, you can just use this quick tutorial.


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13. Photoshop tutorial: Wrinkle reduction

Here is one more portrait retouching tutorial. You can learn to reduce wrinkles.


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14. How to change the colors of objects in a photo

Here you will see the process of changing the color of objects on a photo. It could be a piece of clothes, the color of eyes, or hair.


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15. How to remove a background in Photoshop

Use Adobe Photoshop to quickly remove the background from a photo or replace it with another photo.


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16. Create a Realistic Photo Composite From a Sketch

You won’t believe me, but this is not a photo, it’s a picture created from the sketch using Photoshop. This tutorial is quite long and needs your patience, but you’re going to learn a lot.


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17. Create “Eagle Warrior” Human Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Learn to create a warrior illustration from a real photo with this Photoshop post.


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18. How to thicken hair in Photoshop

When you shoot a male model, you’ll notice that sometimes a man’s beard has blanks. Here you will learn how to hide these blanks.


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19. Retroize Your Photos in Seconds

In this quick guide, you’ll get to know how to dramatically improve your photo and add a retro effect to it.


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20. Amazing Photo Manipulation “World on the Tissue” in Photoshop

This is a simple photo manipulation tutorial which will show you how to make the water look like a piece of tissue hanging from the edge.


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21. Instagram your images using Photoshop

Nashville has been the most popular photo filter on Instagram for years. In this article, you’ll see how to apply this effect to your image with Photoshop.


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22. How To Create a Movie Style Photo Effect in Photoshop

Apply a fantastic cinematic effect to your photo in seconds with this simple Photoshop tutorial.


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23. How to Create a Composite Dreamscape

Take a look at this tutorial on how to create a dreamscape by combining two pictures in Adobe Photoshop.


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24. How to Create a Double Exposure Portrait with Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will see the process of creating double exposure portrait using magic wand tool and layer masks.


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25. Amazing 80s airbrush portrait techniques

You will learn to create a vintage inspired portrait from the 80s by using different brushes in Photoshop.


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26. How to Create a Haze Effect in Photoshop

In this guide, you’ll see the step-by-step process of creating a nice pink haze in Photoshop.


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27. How to Create a Faded Cross Processed Effect in Photoshop

Adding a fade to your images can be a great way to add a vintage feel and look. Learn how to make it with this simple tutorial.


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28. How to Create a Faded Film Look in Photoshop

This stunning faded film look with gray tones can be easily achieved by reading this guide.


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29. How to Create a Tilt Shift Effect in Photoshop

Tilt-shift is a famous photo effect because it imitates miniature scene. It looks the best on landscape pictures.


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30. How to Create an Old Film Effect in Photoshop

Just take a look at this retro-inspired film look! You can learn to apply it to your images with this article.


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31. Create a Trendy, Colorful Action

Learn how to create a hipster trendy modern photo effect with this simple Adobe Photoshop tutorial in 60 seconds.


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32. How to Create a Vignette in 3 Ways

A vignette on a photo helps a viewer to focus on the main subject. Learn to create vignettes with this accessible guide.


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33. How to Create an Instagram Filter Photoshop Action

If you want to edit your photo on your computer using Photoshop, but not on a smartphone, use this tutorial to achieve a widespread Instagram filter.


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34. How to Create a Vintage Photo Filter With Photoshop

Create a vintage black and white photo effect with yellow tones in Photoshop and save it as an action to use for other pictures.


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35. How to Realistically Change Hair and Fur Color in Adobe Photoshop

If you wonder to see yourself with different hair color, you can use Teleport app. But, if you need to change hair color in Photoshop, feel free to use this article.


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36. How to Apply a Halftone Effect to Your Images

Halftone is a neat effect which creates the image with tiny dots. You can apply this effect to your image using this guide.


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37. Create retro photos with ‘light-leak’ in Photoshop

Create a retro Instagram look with bold light leaks in Photoshop with this guide. You will use blending modes and layer styles.


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38. How to Create a Vintage Black & White Effect in Photoshop

Converting your photo in black and white with Photoshop is easy. But if you want to get vintage black and white effect, you need to make additional adjustments described here.


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39. Learn How to Remove a Person from a Photo

In this tutorial, you’ll get to know how to remove a person from a photo. Using this method you can also remove other unnecessary objects from your photo.


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40. How to Replace a Sky Using Photoshop

If you want to make your image look dramatic, you can replace a clear blue sky with cloudy sky image in a few minutes in Photoshop.


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Stay tuned because we will bring your more fresh new Photoshop effects tutorials.