15 Powerpoint Timeline Templates for Projects Status

Powerpoint timeline templates

The best way to present information to an audience about the past is to present it to them in a visually appealing way. Hearing and reading about is good, but the perfect way to enhance someone’s attention is to use something that will help them see the information in a new perspective.

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As a matter of fact, there is a perfect way to demonstrate information that has a certain order, like history, planning, or a process, to be shown chronologically, and that is by using a timeline. So, don’t just inform your audience, but demonstrate it to them the information visually.

Best Powerpoint Timeline Templates

When your information is visually appealing, you can be sure that you will have your audience’s undivided attention. Here we have provided 15 of the best Powerpoint Timeline templates that will make your information stand out:

1. Stages And Process Infographics

If you are looking a cool and creative timeline of steps, then look no further. The Stages and Process Infographic is the perfect timeline design for planning and giving steps to reach your goals. In fact, this infographic uses icons throughout the stages so you can give your audience a better understanding by giving visual representations of what you are trying to achieve. As a result, your audience will get the big idea, and together will be able to work as a team for the success of the business.

stages and process infographics

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2. Timeline Diagram

This is the simplest and most well-known timeline. The Timeline Diagram is a linear timeline, which is just a horizontal timeline with all the events being shown as dots with the years that they happened. Depending on your scale, you can change the number and year to match the time difference between events that would go with what you are discussing. This timeline could also be used vertically, and have the same effect as the horizontal timeline.

timeline diagram

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3. History From The Beginning Timeline

Similar to the linear Timeline Diagram, History From the Beginning Timeline is a creative, yet powerful timeline template that can also be edited to state all your information in chronological order. This horizontal timeline’s points stand out since they are higher than the timeline and use the colors with icons to make each event stand out. Writing you history from left to right is simple to understand, like reading a book.

history from the beginning timeline

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4. Business Timeline Example

The Business Timeline Example is a colorful timeline layout that makes each point stand out with each category having its own and distinctive color. The use of icons helps to make your point more understandable and to visually represent what you are discussing on that point of the timeline. This timeline example could also be used as a minimal and informational slide, like shown below.  You can bold important point and give a short and sweet description below.

business timeline example

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5. Creative Timeline Diagram

This fun and curvy timeline is a great way to present information in chronological order. Creative Timeline Diagram has the main points between the curves and below has a description. This diagram is great if you have certain points that you want to in-depth with. Unlike most timelines that give you a limited amount of description space, here your description can be as long as you need it to be to get your point across. Your information will stand out, and your audience will be fully impressed with your creativity and professionalism.

creative timeline diagram

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6. Road Map Timeline

For a fun and exciting presentation template, we recommend you use this Road Map Timeline. This timeline will enhance your audience attention because of its visual appeal and great use of color. Throughout your roadmap, you have many shades of blue and grey giving your timeline a cool and calm look. This will help your audience not get distracted and focus on the information being presented in a creative way.

road map timeline slides

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7. Business Timeline Infographic For Powerpoint

Are you looking for a creative Timeline Diagram to show how innovative you can be? This template is perfect because it strays from the boring straight line timelines and quickly stands out at first glance. The icons used can be changed to match your theme and represent the main points you are discussing. When you get creative, you enhance your audience’s focus, so you have their full attention, and they don’t daydream.

business timeline infographic for powerpoint

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8. Corporate Timeline Diagram

This time timeline diagram has an amazingly modern and geometric design to it that will make it 100% unique. Present your companies data from years ago all the way until now with this professionally modern template. In fact, you could also create a plan for the future on what your goals to achievement are. When you present your data in a visually appealing way, your audience is focused and not daydreaming. As a result, you will give an informative presentation, with a clear message.

corporate timeline diagram

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9. Creative Diagram Powerpoint Template

This timeline diagram has a wonderful way of maintaining creativity in a professional way. Not only does it allow you to show your company’s progress, but it also has a variety of wonderful icons you can pick from to visually represent your companies successes. The icons used in this Creative Diagram are big and stand out on the bright and colorful points of the timeline. You can add in bold your main point, and give a short description of the point, giving the diagram a clean look.

creative diagram powerpoint template

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10. Timeline Infographic For Google Slides And Powerpoint

Is your company sophisticated and known for its professionalism?? You’ve come to the right place if you want a timeline to represent just that! This simple yet professional timeline infographic allows you to place your stats from however long ago until the present time on a clean continuous line. Yet, like any business, you don’t just have to think about the past, but you could also think about the future. Creating a professional timeline that is eye-catching has never been as simple, as it is with this Timeline Infographic For Google Slides and Powerpoint.

timeline infographic for google slides and powerpoint

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11. Four Steps Infographic Timeline

This vertical timeline is for short processes and steps that can be described in a few points. Four Steps Infographic Timeline consists of a zig-zag line, with small icons of the steps. You can edit this template to look how you want it to look, including changing the icons, to match your topic. There are four main points with this timeline, with a short description giving you a clean and organized look.

four steps infographic timeline

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12. Timeline Company Diagrams

Timeline Company Diagrams is great for presenting long-term strategies and visions for a company. This diagram is great for the show previous years, the present, and future plans. The arrows are all point to the right, there is no going back or giving up. If you want to be successful, then you should always move forward. Because of the white background, the color scheme used for this presentation makes your information stand out. As a result, you enhance your audiences’ attention with this visually appealing timeline.

timeline company diagrams

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13. Modern Timeline Diagrams

If you are looking for a creative way to discuss past decisions, then the Modern Timeline Diagram is the template for you. As a business, you always want to have new directions, have a fresh objective, and new plans for the future. This roadmap diagram can be used to strategize, come up with tactics, and plan for the future. Modern Timeline Diagram is great for long-term plans of actions, so impress your viewers with a creative timeline.

modern timeline diagrams

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14. Blue Timeline Diagram Powerpoint

Shapes are always a fun and creative way to represent points. Instead of having regular circles that everyone expects, use different shapes like this Blue Timeline Diagram shows. This diagram uses hexagons as the years or time period of an event, accomplishment, or main point in the timeline. In addition, you can add a short title for your point with a smalls description.



blue timeline diagram powerpoint

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15. Business Timeline And Road Map

What better way to show your plans, then in a colorful and creative way. This may be simple, because of the white background, but the timeline points almost look like targets. The Business Timeline and Road Map is perfect to show what you are targeting to do in the future. On top of each point is the year and on the button, you can see a small description. Business Timeline and Road Map are great to show what your plans are and how you want to achieve them.

business timeline and road map

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What is a Timeline?

A timeline is defined as a demonstration of events in chronological order. Depending on your subject or information, the scale used may vary in order to show the numbers and time difference between events, or the process steps. For example, in a timeline of evolution, the time scale would be over millions of years, while the timeline of the evolution of a caterpillar to a butterfly may be on a time scale of weeks. Not only is timeline used to demonstrate events in the past, but it could also be used to help plan events in the future. For example, you could put the plans in order on how it should be done like, creating certain stages of an event or a process on what to do. Timelines are also a modern way to inform an audience while keeping your information short, sweet, and to the point.

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Why would you need to use a Timeline?

Timelines are mostly used for educational purposes, to visually demonstrate to students information and give them a clear understanding of any event in chronological order. Businesses may also use them to visually show where they started and how they have been doing throughout a certain time period. Also, they could begin from where they are now, and create a timeline for future plans, and how they plan to achieve their goal. Everything has a story, meaning everything has a past to where they are today, or everything in life has a plan and a process to get from one step to the next,  and what better way to demonstrate it than using a timeline.

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