35 Best Procreate Brushes for Drawing – Painting – Lettering

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We have the best Procreate Brushes that were created so that you can use with the Procreate app on an iPad Pro or Apple pencil. Many artists are liking this method of using the Procreate app. So to make it easier for designers as well as anyone curious we have collected 35 brushes that you can use.

Each brush is different and created by the designers listed for each one. The best way for you to assure that your brush works with your iPad or computer, download the free ones first. In this article, you will find free Procreate brushes as well as brushes you can purchase. Find the best 35 Procreate brushes for drawing, painting, and lettering.

1. Procreate Brushes Bundle

This 2017 edition bundle includes more than 300 brushes for the iPad app Procreate, in a large variety of styles. If you don’t want to purchase the entire bundle you are able to purchase by set.

Procreate brushes bundle

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2. 45 Procreate 4 Watercolor Brushes

Real watercolor brushes that have an amazing look for its textures. This watercolor pack was made for different purposes so that you can use for painting small details, texture effect and much more.

45 Procreate 4 Watercolor Brushes

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3. Devbrush For Procreate

These brushes are for typographers that love using the iPad Pro to create amazing words. Make the best lettering work for your next project.

DevBrush for Procreate

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4. Dnd Lettering Procreate Brush Bundle

This Dawn Nicole Designs bundle of Procreate brushes has 10 custom brushes you can choose from that look like real life lettering.

DND Lettering Procreate Brush Bundle

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5. 8 Mod Calligraphy Brushes Procreate

This modern calligraphy brush bundle is a set of 8 that you purchase of different style of burshes. Requirements: iPad Pro + Procreate app + Apple Pencil.

8 Mod Calligraphy Brushes Procreate

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6. 30 Procreate 4 Natural Media Brushes

Procreate Natural brushes are a set of 30 natural media brushes with a variety of different styles. Bristle brushes, gouache, pastels, different wet media, palette knife brushes are there for you to create painterly effects.

30 Procreate 4 Natural Media Brushes

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7. Halftone Procreate Brushes

A set of 15 handmade halftone brushes for Procreate with also 2 linework brushes that are great for tracing.

Halftone Procreate Brushes

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8. Procreate Paint Box

This cool paint box gives you a numerous of custom brushes that you can use for your next project. It’s only compatible for the new iPad pro.

Procreate Paint Box

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9. Lettering Brushes

This beautiful lettering of brushes for procreating has 20 custom brushes, specifically designed to perform truly realistic strokes. Also includes professional lettering tools. simulating numerous popular professional lettering tools.

Lettering Brushes

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10. Mod Illustration Procreate Brushes

Get ready for a blast from the past with my latest

These are premium brushes that can take you back to the past because of the styles. They are bold and the texture -rich are illustrations from the 50’s and 60’s.

Mod Illustration Procreate Brushes

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11. Megapack 350 Brushes For Procreate

Procreate custom brushes to build amazing caricature paintings and drawings. There are so many options and Georg’s color swatches are brilliant and very easy to use. Purchasing this pack is like buying hundreds of supplies at an art store.

MEGAPACK 350 Brushes for Procreate

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12. Procreate Lettering Brushes Bonus

This Studio Denmark brush set has 28 brushes and 36 textures, these brushes are all great for lettering to make your designs turn out very nice.

Procreate Lettering Brushes Bonus

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13. Procreate Ink Brushes Set Of 36

This is a set of 36 handmade ink brushes for the iPad app Procreate, it is in between 3 different categories which are ink brushes, regular brushes, and ink stains stamps.

Procreate Ink brushes set of 36

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14. Procreate Brush Set Colorado

Colorado brush lettering brush pack for Procreate was made using iPad Pro. There are 10 different Procreate Brushes in the pack and you can install them on your iPad.

Procreate Brush Set Colorado

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15. Procreate Brush Bundle 2017 Edition

Procreate Brush Packs has 184 amazing brushes with a variety of textures.These brushes do not work with any Adobe products like photoshop and illustrator.

Procreate Brush Bundle 2017 Edition

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16. Procreate Brush Box Vol6

Looking for some frury kind of brushes well this set brings you the best of the best brushes.

Procreate Brush Box Vol6

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17. Pack Of 8 Procreate Brushes

All these brushes were created from scratch using source images and textures. All brushes you receive will be completely different  You’ll receive brushes that are completely different from those offered in the Procreate app or anywhere else.

Pack of 8 Procreate Brushes

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18. Lettering Brushes For Procreate

These come with14 custom brushes, which were designed specifically to give the realistic strokes.

Lettering Brushes for Procreate

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19. Procreate 3 Chalk Lettering Brushes

This is a set of procreating app chalk style letting brushes great for any project. There is 17 chalk letting you can use.

Procreate 3 Chalk Lettering Brushes

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20. Procreate Paint Brushes

Here are 24 paint brushes for Procreate that are inspired to give painting methods and oil paint as well as acrylic paint. Great for bright projects.

Procreate paint brushes

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21. Stippling Procreate Brushes

Here is a set of 10 handmade shading brushes for Procreate. This can be used for shading your project or adding texture to a picture.

Stippling Procreate Brushes

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22. Procreate Texture Brush Bundle

This is a pack that has the 3 most popular texture brush for your iPad. This texture brush is a bundle that includes 115 handcrafted.

Procreate Texture Brush Bundle

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23. Crosshatching Procreate Brushes

Crosshatching procreate brushes are 5 handmade brushes. This is a drawing method that takes a lot of tracing intersecting strokes to create structure, gradients, and shadows.

Crosshatching Procreate brushes

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24. Gouache Paintbox For Procreate

Gouache Paintbox for Procreate illustration brushes features loads some randomized texture to give the effect of real gouache paint on a brush. Brushes have been optimized so that you can use the Apple Pencil.

Gouache Paintbox for Procreate

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25. Procreate Grain Brushes

This grain brush set has 12 handmade grainy brushes for shading and adding textures to drawings. Procreate grain brushes

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26. Chalk Letterer Box For Procreate

This Chalk letterer box has 1 amazing soft texture chalk brush, which is all are pressure sensitive, so you have total control over width of your strokes.

Chalk Letterer Box for Procreate

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27. Brush script Bundle For Procreate

This a file that you will get strokes, uppercase letters, worksheets to help you through your project. All created on the iPad.

BrushScript Bundle for Procreate

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28. Procreate Brushes Bundle Lettering

With this bundle, you can get 4 packs of lettering brushes which has a total of 50 brushes and 3 bonus brushes. All of the brushes have been tuned to look great for any type of calligraphy.

Procreate Brushes Bundle Lettering

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29. Metallic Letterer Procreate Brush

This is a Metallic Lettering brush that offers a great amount of lettering styles! You can try out layering and layer effects.

Metallic Letterer Procreate Brush

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30. Pro Blackletter Procreate Brushes

This is a unique brush that gives you a brilliant stroke. You will get a total of 31 burshes.

Pro Blackletter Procreate Brushes

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31. Procreate Fine Calligraphy Brush

Procreate Fine Calligraphy Brush

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32. Set Of 9 Neon Procreate Brushes

Set of 9 Neon Procreate brushes

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33. Procreate Brush Stamp Shapes

Procreate Brush Stamp Shapes

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34. iPad Lettering Brush Monoline

iPad Lettering brush Monoline

Download / More Info

35. Procreate Lettering Brushes

Procreate Lettering Brushes

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In Conclusion

We hope you found these brushes useful for your project. If you know of any other that should be added please leave us a comment.

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