35 Free Snapchat Geofilter Templates

Free Snapchat Geofilter Templates

Have you ever heard about Snapchat Geofilters? Snapchat is a favorite mobile app allowing you to share photos and videos which disappear in 24 hours. Besides, you can see live stories from other people from all over the world. Millions of snaps are posted every day. You can apply and choose different filters to your images to enhance them. Every filter has its specific purpose. The same can be said about Geofilters. They are applied when you visit some event, country, or city.

In this collection, we have put together 35 the best Snapchat Geofilter templates, both free and premium, to help you make your event special. You can apply them for birthdays, wedding, Christmas, party, or trip to other cities. Just scroll down to see filters, pick the ones you like, apply them to your pictures, fix text and that’s it.

Free Snapchat Geofilter Templates

4th Anniversary

If you have a marriage anniversary or business anniversary soon, use this geofilter. To edit and download this geofilter you need to have a free account in Canva.

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Year End

This geofilter will be a perfect choice when you visit some concert of your favorite music band or cinema.

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Get Your Dance On

Are you having a party soon? This Snapchat geofilter will make your party photos extra creative.

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Happy Birthday

This cool geofilter can be used to decorate photos and videos from your birthday or birthday party of your friend. You can change pink colors on any other.

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5. Wedding in Tropics

Here is an excellent simpleSnapchat geofilter with a frame of tropical leaves and two connecting rings. It was designed for beach weddings.

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American Football

For those of you who are going to visit American football this weekend, use this geofilter for Snapchat posts. This way all your followers will know where you have been.

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If you are not a football fan, but a fan of fests, this geofilter is precisely what you need. It includes interesting elements as well as fest name which you can easily edit in Canva.

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Beach Party

For all party lovers out there, this beach party filter was designed for you. It features the text and cocktails icons as a frame.

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Best Wishes

Use this geofilter to wish all the best to your friends and family.

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Business Conference

For all serious businessmen who visit conferences, apply this Snapchat geofilter to your event photos and make youк friends know who is a real businessman of the year.


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Here is one more free wedding Snapchat geofilter with congratulations to the couple. You can insert proper names there.


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Bicycle Marathon

For active sports lovers, I mean, bicycle marathon participants this geofilter was made. It has an illustration of cyclists as well as the heading on top.


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End of Exams

Congratulations to those of you who have the end of exams soon. This geofilter is precisely what you need at the moment.


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Sorority Party

For all students who love parties this nice free geofilter was made. Add some colors to your party pictures.


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Local Farmers

Are there any local farmers in here? If so, grab your farm geofilter today for free.


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Here comes the bride

Here comes the bride is a chic geofilter for those of you who are getting married and want all Snapchat followers to know about this.


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Celebrate the wedding with this elegant pink geofilter for Snapchat. You can apply it to the image and use on other social media sites.


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Tennis Time

Tennis is one of the most popular sports types. Here is a cool geofilter for tennis.


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Bro’s Birthday

This beer geofilter was created for male birthdays.


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Music Festival

Are you going to some music festival soon? This geofilter will help you celebrate this event on Snapchat.


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Premium Snapchat Geofilter Templates

Happy Birthday Snapchat filters

Here is a beautiful premium set of nice birthday geofilters for Snapchat. It features lovely typography, proper frames, and editable options.


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Wedding Snapchat Geofilters

Wedding is no more special occasion which requires nice Snapchat geofilters. Here is a collection of nine wedding geofilters to make this extra event special on Snapchat.


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Kylie Wedding Geofilter

This is one creative Snapchat geofilter for a wedding. It includes excellent illustrated lights and names of newlyweds.


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Snapchat Filters – 10 Club Filters

Here are ten professionally designed Snapchat geofilters for parties. It has modern typography and glowing text. This is a perfect choice for nightclub Snapchat account.


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Summer Chic Wedding Geofilter

If you are looking for a unique romantic geofilter for summer wedding, here it is. You can change the text.


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Gold Graduation Cap Geofilter

Are you going to graduate this year? This big occasion should be shown on your Snapchat in a proper way using this cool geofilter.


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Whale Baby Shower Snapchat Geofilter

Impress your baby shower guests with this lovely Snapchat filter featuring a little whale.


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Mid-Modern Wedding Geofilter

This cute wedding geofilter is completely vector which means you can apply it to any picture and it will look good.


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Christmas Snapchat Geofilters

Christmas is just around the corner. This festive time of the year you need holiday geofilters to enhance your pictures.


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Airballoon Birthday Geofilter

Create a cute birthday postcard for Snapchat using this geofilter. It features illustrated balloons.


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