35 Best Premium and Free Travel Brochure Templates and Examples

Free Travel Brochure Templates

With so many beautiful destinations around the globe, it’s difficult to resist and not to spend all salary on the next vacation. When you go to the travel agency, they may give you brochure or magazine telling you about destinations you can visit and activities to try there. Even with the internet, printed catalogs is one of the most effective ways to inform clients about a resort, hotel, food, culture, and beautiful places to see.

Thus, in this list, we have collected top 35 travel brochure templates and examples, both free and premium for you to choose. These templates will come in handy for travel agencies, corporations which organize trips of any kind, hotels, and resorts, and other organizations related to traveling.

Premium Travel Brochure Templates

1. Travel Magazine

This travel template can be used as magazine or brochure. It has a fantastic use of images, typography, and white space.


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2. Holiday Travel Brochure Design v1

This travel brochure template will come in handy for those who are going to create travel, summer party, vacation, and business trip catalog. Changing photos and fonts is natural.


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3. Travel agency guide / itinerary

This travel agency guide template has 12 unique pages and paragraph style. You can use their help guide to edit this template.


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4. Travel Tri-Fold Brochure

If you are looking for a basic tri-fold brochure, here it is. It’s created in Photoshop, so you can download the PSD file and edit it as you need.


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5. Holiday Travel Trifold Brochure v.1

This fantastic holiday tri-fold brochure has a simple design so that it can be used by travel agencies, hotels, cafes, trip organization companies, and more.


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6. Travel Agency Brochure 46

This brochure template was designed in CMYK Color which means you can print it and the colors won’t change. It has easy to edit pictures and free fonts.


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7. Creativo Brochure

This cool brochure for travelers goes in two sizes: A4 and US Letter. You’ll get editable 24-pages brochure with the original layout.


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8. Holiday Travel Brochure Design v4

You can use this template to create a travel brochure or magazine. It includes 16 professional, stylish pages and ready-to-print design.


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9. Origami Real Estate Travel Catalog

This impressive origami catalog can be used for a travel agency, real estate, hotels, and cafes. It has 24 cool pages.


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10. Travel Brochures Layerout 2

Take a look at this luxury travel brochure made on gray background. Just edit pictures and text in this booklet and print it.


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11. Travel Brochure

This beautiful travel brochure can be used as resort presentation, hotel guide, or vacation magazine. It features 28 pages and paragraph style.


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12. Travel Brochure

This brochure template is a well-organized file with CMYK colors, so your print design will look the same as on a screen. Multipurpose page layout can be used for any other kind of business.


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13. Holiday Travel Brochure Design v2

This holiday travel brochure has two color options available, so you can choose which one will fit your business best. It’s easy to change images and customize the design.


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14. Travel Agency Guide Brochure

After purchase, you’ll get travel guideline brochure InDesign working file. It uses paragraph style and easy-to-edit design.


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15. Travel Magazine

This brochure template features 24 pages with a unique layout. Besides, it has incredible use of white space and typography.


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16. Travel Tri-fold Brochure – SB

This travel tri-fold brochure template is a well-optimized PSD file, so you can edit the elements you want in one click. It has free fonts.


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17. Holiday Travel Agency Bifold Brochur

Here is a clean, colorful bifold travel agency brochure theme. It can be used not only for travel, but for real estate, education, medicine, business, and interior.


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18. Travel agency Brochure 47

It’s travel agency catalog with 22 individual pages. Advertise your agency using this nice brochure which shows how much fun your clients may have on vacation.


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19. Travel Guide

Make people inspired by exploring the world with this gorgeous travel guide. Its multipurpose design is suitable for a massive number of projects.


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20. Travel Tri Fold Brochure 01

Use this neat tri-fold brochure to tell your clients about a particular destination, hotel, cafe, resort, or trip. After purchase, you’ll get editable PSD file.


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Free Travel Brochure Templates

21. Golden Gate Bi-Fold Travel Brochure Template

Just take a look at these California photos on this free bifold brochure! Does not they look like you want to go there? The design can be easily edited to fit proper travel destination.


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22. Wine Country Hotel Brochure Template

This is a stunning free brochure template which can be used for advertising of destination, hotel, resort, or travel agency. It features a header, text blocks, and images.


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23. Redwood Coast Bi-Fold Travel Brochure Template

A picture is worth a thousand words! This fantastic brochure proves this statement. Just look at this perfect combination of white space and beautiful images.


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24. Alpine Vista Company Brochure Template

This beautiful, elegant travel brochure with a big picture on the first page will bring people’s attention to it. You can edit it to fit other particular destination.


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25. Mediterranean Business Brochure Template

This brochure theme will be an ideal choice to advertise small trips. You can tell everything clients may need to know about some place and share images.


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26. Recreation Travel Brochure Template

Here is a minimalistic modern brochure for travelers with the perfect combination of white space and images.


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27. Beach Flower Vector Folder Design Template

This is a free beach flower brochure template which can be used for travel agencies and hotels.


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28. Country Report Brochure Template

This is an essential brochure for travel destinations and resorts. When you edit it, you can download a brochure in PDF format and print.


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29. Big Sky Advertising & Marketing Brochure Template

Tell your clients about best travel destinations, beautiful islands, tasty food, and fun activities with this cool brochure.


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30. Contempo Modern Tri-Fold Brochure Template

Here is modern dynamic travel brochure template which will inspire potential tourist to explore the world.


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31. Perennial Tri-Fold Brochure Template

This is a simple basic tri-fold brochure. You can easily change text and images to make this booklet suitable for your purposes.


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32. Vibrant colorful travel business trifold brochure template

Here is bold, colorful trifold travel brochure which will help you impress your clients and make them book a tour.


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33. Travel agency trifold

Light blue is one of the most pleasant colors for our eyes. This color is used for this travel brochure template.


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34. Travel agency brochure

Here is a basic blue travel agency brochure in vector format which means you can edit the elements inAdobe Illustrator and the quality will stay the same.


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35. Beautiful travel agency brochure with map

It’s similar to the brochure template listed above but in orange color. The brochure features two sides, a map, and beautiful front cover.


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