17 Tribal Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women

17 Tribal Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women

tribal tattoo

Are you planning on getting a tattoo? take a look at this awesome tribal tattoo ideas they all look amazing in all type of skins, you can definitely give it a try.

If you have been thinking what could be the best tattoo design for you, either for a men or woman tribal tattoos are always a good choice because there are numerous of tattoo designs and you can add a personal touch to them and they will be unique and really personal.

Take a look at this original pictures we have chosen for you!

Tribal Tattoo Sleeve

Do you want for this tattoo to be imposing and daring? if you like the influence of the Maori tattoos this would be a good choice.

Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Tribal Tattoo 1

If you like the delicate touches but still want to get a tribal tattoo then you should give it a try! this one can be a good option for you.

Tribal Tattoo 1

Tribal Tattoo 2

This option can work for either men and woman, It can be also discrete in plain sight! staying unnoticed. It might look like a wristband and be cool at the same time.

Tribal Tattoo 2

Tribal Arm Tattoo

This design is perfect for a strong look, it has the bright side of the sun, you can also add you personal touch on it.

Tribal Tattoo 3

Tribal Tattoo For Women On The Side

The tribal tattoos on a side can be very provocative and delicate at the same time. In your day to day it will be very discrete, but when you are at the beach it will look amazing!

Tribal tattoo for women on the side

Back And Arm Tribal Tattoos For Women

This tribal tattoo is really daring you will really love how it looks, the best part of it is that it will look good on any type of skin.

Back And Arm Tribal Tattoos For Woment

Shoulder and Arm Tribal Tattoo for Men

Are you looking for a powerful but also compelling tattoo? This tattoo design will fit great on your shoulder and arm. It’s a great option to choose from. It has a vigorous essence with all those flames in the arm you will love it.

Tribal Tattoo 4

Maori Hawaiian Tattoo Jambe

If you are more into the dramatic looks, you should give this Maori design a shot!

Maori Tattoo Jambe

Flower Tribal Tattoo

Now, this design has the Hindu influence try this one out! you will be showing your free spirit everywhere you go.

Flower Tribal Tattoo

Flower Tribal Tattoo for Women

Discreet tattoos can also be sexy this one in the back it’s girly and it’s very delicate.

Flower on Back

Tribal Tattoos for Girls

Butterfly tattoos represent a transition it can also mean rebirth if you want a deep meaning tattoo this one is perfect.

Tribal Tattoos for Girls

Tribal Tattoo 5

Minimalist tattoos are always a good choice if you don’t want it to be showing off when they have a personal and great meaning.

Tribal Tattoo 5

Tattoo Mandala Discreet On The Arms

It’s a beautiful and full of spiritual meaning tattoo, if you want to unwind your mind and take life one step at a time you should try one of these beautiful designs.

Tattoo Mandala Discreet On The Arms

Tribal Tattoo 6

This tribal tattoo represents sweetness and is feminine and delicate as well has an air of freedom and purity.

Tribal Tattoo 6

African Tribal Tattoo Design For Men

The sun has always been considering as a symbol of authority and power, also in the Mayan mythology was consider a sign of fertility and new life.

Tribal Tattoo For Men

Best Tribal Tattoo Design for Back Side

The Moon was also considered a goddess of the fertility and related always to the female character.

Tribal Tattoo 7

Arm Tribal Tattoo Design for Men

This tribal design has a lot of different patterns and shapes that gives it an amazing visual effect.

Tribal Tattoo 8