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best free vsco lightroom presets

Discover the best free VSCO Lightroom presets to give your photos a gorgeous film touch. VSCOCam is a popular mobile photo editing app with lots of cool creative presets emulating retro film cameras. There are hundred pre-made filters allowing you to quickly enhance your mobile photo. VSCOCam filters look and feel like more defined professional effects than Instagram native filters and best of all is you can install each Lightroom preset with ease.

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But, what if you want to use these filters for your images taken with a professional camera? Then you can buy VSCO Lightroom presets from their official website, which costs a lot of money. Or, you can shoot a RAW image with your DSLR camera, convert it into .jpg format, and upload on your mobile device with VSCOCam. This way sounds like a lot of trouble.

Free VSCO Lightroom Presets

So, today, we are going to share with you top 35 VSCO Lightroom presets you will love to use. Those Lightroom presets are used by professional photographers. In addition, any of these filters will work well for any kind of photography like weddings, landscape, portrait, nature and much more. Here we list both free and premium Lightroom presets which are trying to emulate VSCO film aesthetics inside Lightroom.

1. 10 Free Lightroom Presets Inspired by VSCO Cam

This free collection of high quality Lightroom presets are emulating A4, A5, A6, HB1, HB2, M5, T1, B1, B5, X1 filters from VSCOcam. Go to the primary source to see all ten pictures with applied presents.


2. 3 Free Film Look Lightroom Presets

This free pre-made Lightroom VSCO presets will speed up your photo editing workflow and help you achieve a nice retro look for your images.


3. Luc Besson Presets

This is an amazing set of Lightroom free presets inspired by Luc Besson’s movies.


4. The Wall

The wall is a free Lightroom preset which will help you to get the vintage grey effect for your shots.


5. Lightroom Presets

An amazing collection of free Lightroom presets that includes 42 filters compatible with Adobe Lightroom 4 – 6.


6. 12 Free Lightroom Presets

This amazing free set combines 12 free perfectly crafted Lightroom presets for street photography.


7. Voodoo Lounge

Voodoo Lounge is a pack of film lightroom presets that will help you achieve an extremely moody effect with deep shadows and grey tones.


8. Morrison Hotel

Morrison Hotel is a stunning preset suitable for street, city, and outdoor photography.


9. Lightroom Presets for Wedding by Emily & Gabriel

This presets will help you to make your image warm and soft, just like it was taken in autumn. Besides, it can be used for wedding photography.


10. Cold Fact

This free Adobe Lightroom preset will help you to achieve cooler tones and drastically fading highlights.


11. Catch a Fire

Catch a Fire presets inspired by VSCOcam will turn your shots into black and white images with pinky-blue tones.


12. Vintage Autumn Colors

Add a nice autumn fade to your shots with these awesome free vintage lightroom presets. They will work the best on nature and landscape images.


13. Free VSCO Lightroom Preset

This preset is inspired by the Kodak Ektacolor Pro 160 film. So, you can emulate the old analog film look with your modern DSLR photos.


Premium Lightroom Presets

14. Vintage Film Pack

This cool pack includes over 400 free film presets for Lightroom inspired by VSCocam filters. It’s compatible with different cameras, such as Canon, Nikon, Leica, Fuji, Olympus, Sony.


15. 50 Lightroom Presets for Portrait

This premium package includes 50 professional Lightroom presets for newborn, landscape, portraits, nature, and more.


16. 19 Lifestyle Film Lightroom Presets & Camera Raw

This is a set of 19 lifestyle presets. They don’t change the White Balance of your image, they work with color, exposure, contrast, whites, blacks etc.


17. 20 VSCO FILM X Lightroom Presets

This is a collection of 20 presets inspired by VSCOcam. You can use these presets in Lightroom and Camera RAW.


18. Hubaset Lightroom Presets Vol.4

These presets can be applied to a wedding, fashion, portrait, newborn, landscape photography.


19. VSCO inspired lightroom presets

This 3 beautiful Lightroom presets inspired by VSCO are imitating M5, A6, and B5 filters. You can use them in one click.


20. Professional Lightroom Presets

With just one click you can dramatically improve your photo. These Lightroom presets are designed to create a beautiful tone and style within your photos.



Stay tuned we will update this article with more high-quality VSCO presets for Lightroom that will help you to enhance your pictures.

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