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Download free wanted poster templates for you to use for personal or commercial use. Whether you are looking to publicize an alleged criminal who is wanted by the law enforcement or if your simply looking for a fun image for a western theme party these templates are going to be great for you.

A hundred years ago these posters were spread out to capture delinquents. The words that indicate “dead or alive” were used in the past old west posters as well as the reward is always displayed. It was something normal for them to do back in those days with these wanted posters. Those days are now gone with our advanced technology that we can pretty much send out Electronic Wanted posters.

Best Wanted Poster Templates (Western Themes)

Here you will find 25 Free Wanted Poster templates that you can use for your next design work.

1. Wanted Poster Rewards

Wanted Poster Rewards

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2. Wasted Post


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3. Wanted Poster Templates

Wanted Poster Templates

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4. Wanted Poster Photoshop

wanted poster photoshop

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5. Wanted Poster Templates Free

Wanted poster templates FREE

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6. Wanter Poster Crime Black and White

Wanter poster crime

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7. Fbi Wanted Poster Template

FBI Wanted Poster Template

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8. Wanted Fbi

Wanted FBI

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9. Wanted Poster Fbi

wanted poster fbi

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10. Wanted Poster White And Black

Wanted Poster white and black

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11. Wanted Poster By The Fbi

wanted poster by the fbi

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12. Alive Or Dead Poster

Alive or dead poster

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13. Wanted Old Poster

Wanted old poster

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14. Wild West Wanted Man For Reward Poster With Cowboy Elements Vector

Wild west wanted man for reward poster with cowboy elements vector

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15. Wanted Poster With Four Bullet Holes

Wanted poster with four bullet holes

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16. Wanted Poster Template Free Vector

Wanted poster template Free Vector

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17. Wanted Poster With Hat In Vintage Style

Wanted poster with hat in vintage style

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18. Retro Wanted Poster Template

Retro wanted poster template

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19. Wanted Poster With Hat And Pistols

Wanted poster with hat and pistols

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20. Poster Is Searched With Sketch

Poster is searched with sketch

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21. Sunburst Poster Of Criminal In Retro Style

Sunburst poster of criminal in retro style

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22. Western Poster To Find A Criminal

Western poster to find a criminal

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23. Western Posters Of A Wanted Bandit

Western posters of a wanted bandit

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24. Wanted Cartel Crime

wanted Cartel crime

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25. Vintage Wanted Criminal Poster Template

Vintage wanted criminal poster template

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Use as many as you would like since these are Free for you to use and edit. It’s great you can use these for different concepts nowadays so enjoy and hope this makes your designing easier.

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