25 Beautiful Wedding Timeline Templates

wedding timeline templates

Have you just got engaged? Are you planning a wedding? You need to think and expect a lot of things. You need to find out wedding budget, consider hiring a consult or wedding agency, pick a proper date, combine guest list, buy a beautiful dress, and much more stuff.

But what about a wedding day itineraries? Your guests should know what is going to happen next on your wedding and what they should do. It’s like a schedule for a wedding day or even a wedding weekend. Such kind of templates can also include some useful info, such as phone numbers, addresses, and more.

Check out these free wedding timeline templates we have handpicked here for you! The list includes both free and premium to fit any budget. Just pick the best wedding day template, edit it as you like and print.

Premium Wedding Timeline Templates

1. Wedding Day Timeline Template

This gorgeous wedding schedule with photo collage, elegant fonts, and cute icons will help you plan your wedding day. Moreover, it will help your guests understand what to do next.


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2. Wedding Day Timeline Template

It’s a basic wedding day schedule template with a fully customizable design. When you buy a template, you’ll get instructions on how to edit it.


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3. Wedding Day Timeline Template

This wedding day template is designed in CMYK mode, so it won’t affect colors when you print the schedule. You’ll get Photoshop file and Microsoft Word file.


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4. Wedding Day Schedule Template

You can use this template as a wedding schedule to keep track of all the activities. It’s similar to the basic template above, but it uses photography backdrop.


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5. Wedding Day Timeline Template

This fantastic wedding day template can be used not only by a bride but also by wedding vendors to coordinate the special day. You can customize this template using Adobe Photoshop.


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6. Wedding Timeline Magazine Style

Take a look at this beautiful wedding timeline made in magazine style. One side has a lovely photo and the other side includes the schedule itself.


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7. Wedding Day Timeline Template

Here is a nice wedding day schedule template which will be a perfect solution for photographers and couples who plan their wedding day.


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8. Wedding Day Timeline Template

This wedding template is fully customizable: you can change text using Text tool in Photoshop and change images with Smart Objects.


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9. Wedding Day Timeline Template

Check out this wedding timeline template designed in a format of a magazine. It includes photo collage, elegant fonts, and well-organized layout.


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10. Wedding Program – Editable PDF

This wedding template is not a physical product, but an editable PDf file which will be sent you by email after purchase. When you edit the template, you need just print it.


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11. Wedding Timeline Magazine Style

This wedding timeline will help you show your guests the order of events and track the activities. You don’t need to edit template yourself; the seller will do it for you.


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12. Printable Pretty Simple Multi-Day Wedding Itinerary

Here is a printable wedding day schedule template. Note, you won’t get any products by regular mail, it’s a timeline which you need to edit and print yourself.


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13. Printable Wedding Itinerary

These are simple modern wedding itinerary template with lips for a bride and tie for a groom.


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14. Destination Wedding Flyer

Here is a clean, minimalistic wedding timeline with beautiful typography and cute icons.


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15. Wedding timeline printable

This is a cute black and white wedding timeline with a neat green twig on top. The seller will customize the design for you and send it to you by email. Then you need just print it.


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16. Best Day Ever Customized Wedding Timeline Infographic

In this case, wedding template will be customized for you and sent you by email. Then, you can print it at home or print shop.


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17. Wedding Timeline Template

This gorgeous wedding timeline has a simple design and pink frame. The product will be sent to your email address. Then, you can open and customize it in Microsoft Exel or Word.


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18. Wedding timeline printable

This wedding day timeline template looks like a beautiful postcard with hand-drawn icons. The files will send you by email after purchase.


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19. Editable wedding timeline card

If you are looking for a wedding timeline template which you can customize yourself, this is the one you need. This is a hand-made item ready for print.


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20. Wedding Timeline-Editable

This is a beautiful wedding day timeline in A4 format. You can edit font size, wordings, and colors.


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Free Wedding Timeline Templates

21. Free Wedding Itinerary Templates

This stunning set includes eight free wedding schedule templates which can be used for photographers, bride and groom, ceremony, service schedule and more.


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22. Wedding Itinerary Template 1

If you are planning a wedding for more than just one day, this itinerary is only for you. You can edit it in Microsoft Word.


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23. Wedding Itinerary Template 3

This is one more free wedding timeline template which you can edit in Word or PDF reader. It is also designed for a wedding weekend.


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24. Download Your Free Wedding Schedule

Here is plain simple free wedding schedule in A4 format. There are filed which you need to fill in by hand on the timeline.


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25. Wedding Day Timeline – Free Printable Guide

This is free printable wedding day template which you can’t edit, but you can fill in the time for each event of the day.


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