101 Youtube Video Ideas To Start Vlogging in 2018

youtube video ideas

In this broad list, we have collected 101 Youtube video ideas to skyrocket your channel. All of these ideas will help you gain a significant number of views and likes. Youtube was launched in 2005. It has gone a long way since then. Today Youtube is one of the most popular sites on the planet. You can find a wide range of content there, whether you’re looking for makeup tutorial or school outfits.

With 300 hours of video uploading on Youtube every minute and 30 million visitors per day, this social media site could be an excellent opportunity to develop your brand or give a boost to your business. There are numerous Youtube video ideas exist. However, most of the beginners face a big problem – they don’t know how to start.

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And if you still want to capture a perfect first video, don’t suit the perfection! Just make the first video and publish it! I hope these Youtube video ideas will help you with this.

General Youtube Video Ideas

1. Tell About Yourself

When it comes to the very first video you upload on the channel, why not to start with a few minutes intro telling about who you are, what are your hobbies, and what content you are going to publish on your profile.

2. Channel Intro

Here is the similar video to the ‘About me’ one, but you need to talk or show more about your goals and interests. If your future channel is about photography, show some parts of the editing process, behind the scene of photo shoots, and some pictures you love to shoot.

3. Start a Vlog

People love vlogs because it’s one of the easiest ways to start a channel on Youtube. All you need to have is a camera and laptop to edit your videos. Just make sure you never go out without a camera in your pocket from now on.

4. Challenge Video

Have you seen IceBucketChallange videos where people poured a bucket of water with ice on themselves? You can do something like that. There are lots of different challenges on Youtube.

5. Response Video

You can capture a response on somebody’s video or photo from social media. You can also share your opinion on any news and situations.

6. Review Something

Sometimes people look for real reviews of people who tried some services or products. So, when you bought a new vacuum cleaner, shoot a review on it, maybe someone will find it useful.

7. What’s in My Purse/Bag

People always wonder what you have in your purse or bag, what products you use every day. You may take with you your smartphone, charger, napkins, wallet, and keys, and so on.

8. My Morning Routine

Here you may tell people about your morning habits, what you do when you wake up, what you eat for breakfast, what kind of makeup you do every single day, etc.

9. Favorite Movies

Share with your audience your favorite movies from all the time. Tell them what genre of films you like and why.

10. Favorite Books

The same with books. Tell about your favorite books, share reviews on them and your own opinion. Such kind of video can cause lots of comments and discussions under your video.

11. Favorite Products

Also, you may compile one video of your favorite movies, books, beauty products, and gadgets. It’s just sitting and talk kind of video.

12. Favorite Music

Tell people what kind of music you like, where you find new songs (it’s always tough, though) and what smartphone app you use to listen to the music offline could be a great youtube video idea. Besides, you can attach your favorite playlist in the video description.

13. Haul Video

It’s cool to be trendy and updated in the latest fashion. I love watching videos of girls showing their outfits for a specified period, for example, summer haul or winter haul.

14. Parody of Another Video

You should have a good sense of humor to make a high-quality parody of somebody’s video. Or, maybe you can make a spoof on a music clip.

15. Show Off Your Collection

If you collect something, for example, postcards, post stamps, figurines of elephants, retro dolls, or rare beetles, don’t hesitate to say all of them to your followers.

16. Room Tour

Give a tour of your room, show your furniture, things you love about it, favorite accessories, and books.

17. House Tour

The same way, you can give a tour of a whole house. Clean up before doing this video.

18. Hometown Tour

I’m sure, even if your hometown is hot big, there are still lots of places to visit and things to do. You can go and take video of your best locations and encourage people to visit the town as tourists. Recording videos of your hometown are great youtube video ideas for your next channel.

19. Questions and Answers

Viewers always ask questions in comments under your videos or on social media. You can collect a bunch of the most interesting questions and capture a video answering them.

20. Go Shopping with You

Show your audience what would you bought in the nearest shopping mall.

21. A Real Day from Your Life

Create a video showing what your average day looks like. It’s one of the most popular types of vlogs because you show your life from the inside.

22. Favorites of the Month

Depending on what your channel is about, you can shoot a series of videos every month telling about your favorite beauty products, books, movies, the food you tried lately. It’s like product review or a recommendation.

23. Favorite Food Recipe

Do you have an old family recipe for pancakes or soup you would like everyone to try? Why not share it with your viewers and encourage them to cook it too.

24. What I Eat in a Day

Everyone is curious about what you eat, when, how much, and how to cook it. Such kind of youtube video ideas are useful and can get people inspired to cook something too.

25. What You Do on a Weekend

Usually, we all have our hobbies and fun things to do on the weekend. You can capture footage sharing what you do your usual weekend with your friends or family.

26. Get Ready for Me

This type of video would be suitable for girls, mostly. You can show how you do your makeup, hair, and what you eat for breakfast. Maybe, share some tips on how to save time in the morning on everyday tasks.

27. Office Tour

If you work in an office, people would like to see how everything is going on there. Take a camera with you, show your office, your desk, things you want, and what you do at work every day.

28. Best Moment of the Year

It’s always fun to remember what things happened for the last year. Such video could be entertaining for your audience, and for yourself, as your memories.

29. 50 Random Facts About You

The image you create around yourself on social media and about your brand is not always exactly who you are as a human being. So, tell people more about yourself, your habits, tastes, favorite food, drinks, friends, school, work, relationship, and more.

30. Unboxing Products

Another great youtube video ideas are unboxing and making reviews of new products. It’s been a trend for the last years. People unbox everything in front of the camera.

31. What’s on my Phone

Capture a video about the apps you use on a regular basis and why you like them.

32. Travel Vlog

People love travel vlogs, because you may share some beautiful places to visit, hotels and tickets tips, advice on how to save money during vacation, and more.

33. Goals Video

There is no doubt; you have your own goals. For instance, you may want to open a coffee shop, learn to dance or cook, travel the world, have a baby, or something else. Share your goals with your audience, and I’m sure your dreams will find resonate with other people.

34. Tell Why You Started a Youtube Channel

Share your own story as a Youtube blogger. Also, here you can share your tips and tricks for beginner vloggers, show your first video and compare it to the ones you capture now.

35. Bucket List

People love different lists, for example, 30 things to do before 30, or 30 countries before 30, 100 books to read or movies to watch.

36. Describe Your Ideal Day

Describe your perfect day in a video. You can even make funnier, and create a video comparison in ‘expectation vs. reality’ format.

37. Your Opinion on Latest Fashion Trends

Some fashion trends look ridiculous, for example, track pants and hills. You can share your opinion about that or review the fashion trends you like.

38. Your Firsts (Pet, Date, Travel)

When was the last time you did something for the first time? You can reminisce about your first date, kiss, pet in childhood, vacation abroad, or first job.

39. Share Your Favorite Travel Adventures

Maybe you have lost your baggage on the last vacation? Or you climbed a high mountain? Or trying some specific exotic food? Share your travel adventures with your viewers.

40. If you Have Pets, Vlog About Them

People love cats video on Youtube and any other cute pets. Why not tell them about your animals?

41. Your Boyfriend Do Your Makeup

It’s always funny to see boys doing makeup their girlfriends because boys usually don’t know how to put on beauty products, how they are called, and this could be hilarious.

42. Try Some Pinterest Recipe Online

Find some food recipe online and try to cook it in real time. You can do it in collaboration with another popular blogger from Youtube, or with your friend or boyfriend.

DIY and ‘How to’ Youtube Video Ideas

43. Your Hair Routine

Hair is the topic which has much to say about. You can shoot a video with hairstyles for school, hairstyles for lazy days, ten hairstyles for short or long hair, and so on.

44. Your Everyday Makeup

If you have skills and knowledge about something, such as makeup, share it with your followers. You can show how you do makeup, or try to copy celebrity’s makeup.

45. N Tips and Tricks

Here you can tell everything you want. It depends on your hobbies and skills. You can show people how to edit photos, cook a dinner for two, or decorate wedding table. All kind of DIY stuff will also work.

46. Your Instagram Hacks

If you have lots of followers on Instagram (or any other social media channel), you can share your first-hand tips on how to grow audience, edit pictures, make brand stronger, and more.

47. Gym Routine

For those of you who love going to the gym, you can capture a video from there. This could be some workout tips and exercises you regularly do.

48. Hair Hacks

Girls love hair topic, and usually, they watch a lot of Youtube videos about that. So, you can tell how to grow hair, how to style it pretty, what products you use to care about it.

49. Makeup Hacks

The same goes here. You can share some makeup hacks for girls such as how to save a broken lipstick and how to shave legs with hair conditioner.

50. How to Organize Your Home/Closet

Tell your followers how to organize a messy closet, share a small closet organization ideas, and more.

51. Common Mistakes with Doing Something

Here you can share mistakes from different areas of life, depending on your style You can show common cooking mistakes and how to fix them photography mistakes, English mistakes, gym mistakes, etc.

52. Gift Guide and Ideas

Such kind of video will be trendy before holidays, for instance, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Valentine’s Day. You can share your ideas what to give a family and friends. Besides, this is a perfect opportunity to make some money on affiliate links to Etsy and Amazon.

53. How to Decorate Your Room for Holidays

Share some cheap ways to decorate a room or easy craft ideas for the home. People love to create cozy interiors and improve their homes different ways.

54. Outfit Ideas

You can show what you wore today or last week, Advice what to wear for a particular event, dinner, party, or school.

55. Advice Video

If you have a website or/and Facebook page, or Twitter profile, or a blog, make a video about it, share tips and tricks.

56. Haircare Tutorial

As I said, girls are always worried about their hair. So, you can also tell your followers about hair products, shampoos, hair sprays, and maybe some organic masks.

57. Fashion Trends

Discuss the latest fashion trends, what you like about them or don’t like, show your pieces of clothes you bought because of trends.

58. How You Edit Instagram Pictures

As Instagram is a wide-known social network based on pictures, people are always seeking for some advice. You can shoot a video telling how you edit your photos for Instagram step-by-step.

59. Closet Essentials

There are certain clothes every girl need to have in their closet. These pieces of clothes are easy to pair with other things. You can tell what clothes you like the most and why you can’t imagine your wardrobe without them.

60. Outfits for Work

It’s quite challenging to choose an outfit for work every day. So, you can help your subscribers and capture a video with five outfit ideas for each working day of a week.

61. School Outfits

The same video will work for school outfits. But make sure they are classy and suitable for schoolchildren.

62. School Hairstyles

Show 5-10 hairstyles for school (or back-to-school). These hairstyles should be easy to do, and quick. Because, apparently, people are going to do them in the morning having just a few minutes for it.

63. Makeup and Hairstyle for Prom

A prom is an important event for every schoolgirl; they tend to prepare for it for properly. You can help these girls to do their hair and makeup with video on Youtube.

64. Cheap vs. Expensive Something

Followers love different reviews and cheap, high-quality stuff. You can compare cheap and expensive cosmetics, beauty products, interior decor, clothes, and more.

65. How to Curl Your Hair with a Flat Iron

If you know how to do it, you can show your female audience how to curl hair with a flat iron. This is a kind of beauty and hair hacks.

66. How to Copy a Celebrity Makeup Tutorial

People tend to follow their favorite bloggers, singers, artists, actors, and other celebrities. You can copy makeup of Rita Ora, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Madonna.

67. Collaboration Video

You can make friends with some of the Youtube bloggers from your niche, and shoot a collaboration video. This way you both can share followers with each other.

68. How You Edit Your Videos

Beginner Youtube bloggers usually don’t know how to start making videos. You can show your video editing workflow, share some tips.

69. What Inspires and Motivates You

Tell people what or who inspires and motivates you every day. It could be a celebrity, or your mother, or your friend.

70. Tips on How to Stay Organized

We all want to know how to stay organized and be more productive. Share your thoughts on this on your next Youtube video.

71. DIY: How to Create a Pillow, Skirt, Postcard or Something Else

DIY projects are a popular topic for Youtube. If you know how to create a pillowcase, postcard, or skirt yourself, tell your followers how to do it.

72. Take a Photo Every Day and Make a Video About It

You can take a picture of yourself every day and show you grow, how you change with days, month, and years, This kind of video would also be suitable for pregnant women. It’s fantastic how your body changes during pregnancy.

73. First Date Tips

Many people nervous before a first date. You can support them, tell what topics to avoid on a first date, what outfit to choose, and more.

74. Behind the Scenes Video

Sometimes process could be even more interesting than a result itself, especially, when it comes to photography or food recipes.

75. Interview Somebody Else

You can interview some local bloggers or celebrities. Ask questions about success, everyday habits, and what they can advance your subscribers.

76. Healthy Everyday Habits

It’s critically important to stay healthy and develop good habits. For example, drink a glass of warm water every morning before breakfast.

77. Tips to Cheer Yourself Up on a Bad Day

We all have bad days sometimes, but from time to time it’s difficult to cheer yourself up. Tell what you do when everything seems falling apart.

78. Feature the Best Local Cafes, Shops, or Things to Do

I’m sure a lot of people from your hometown are following you. So, you can suggest them your favorite cafes, coffee shops, or things to in your city.

79. Tips on How to Plan a Trip

Tell your subscribers how to plan a perfect trip, find and buy cheap tickets, book a hotel, what travel apps may come in handy, and more.

80. Share Instagram Tips

Share your tips on how to grow Instagram profile, what kind of photos perform best, and use examples from your account.

81. Discuss Tech News

If you are a tech-savvy person, you can discuss the latest tech news, for instance, new iPhone release.

82. Plan a Wedding

Lots of people around the world are planning a wedding at the moment. If you havу had similar experience before, share your tips on how to make this day perfect.

83. How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Dress

There are certain aspects you need to keep in mind when you choose a wedding dress. Tell your audience about it.

84. Share a Meal Plan for Gym Lovers

This video is similar to the What I Eat in a Day, but for gym lovers. Share gluten-free or low-fat recipes.

85. Stop-motion Video

Stop-motion videos become trendy lately. Just take a picture, change objects, take another picture and repeat a hundred times. Then, compile all these images together in a video.

Gaming and Fun Youtube Video Ideas

86. Cutscenes

Sometimes people want to see how the game looks like without an actual playing. So, you can post cutscenes when a new game is out.

87. Raw Gameplay

Just capture your gameplay and name a video correctly. It can help people who stuck on a particular stage of a game and can’t go further.

88. A Speedrun of a Game

Speedrun videos are also trendy on Youtube. You can shoot your gameplay and apply speedrun to it. Or you can show a speedrun of a drawing process, for example.

89. Game Review

Review a new game and share your feedback with followers. This way you help your fellow gamers and can have a good reputation.

90. Game Walkthrough

Walkthroughs are a great way to show your followers how you experience a game and go through specific challenges on the way.

91. Game Tutorial

You can shoot a how-to video and teach your followers to overcome difficulties, share some game hacks.

92. Games Comparison

Compare one game to another, because there are lots of similar games on the market these days.

93. Best Gamers Review

Every favorite game has its own best players. You can talk about them in your video and share their techniques and tricks.

94. Graphics Settings of a Game

When it comes to computer players, you enjoy games which you can customize. You can show your audience how you customize a game.

95. New Game Review

If a new game is out or about to go out, you can review it and let people know about it.

96. Gaming History

Share some interesting facts about famous games, tell a story behind it. People love stories.

97. Gaming News

If you are aware of some gaming news, why not to share them with your subscribers?

98. Future Releases and Updates

What is going to happen next in gaming industry? Talk about it.

99. Shoot a Prank Video

A prank is a joke on somebody. You can make a joke on some of your friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend.

100. Timelapse Video of a Process (Speedup)

Timelapse or speed up video of something is a fantastic way to show a process of something. For example, you can take a time-lapse video of a sunset or sunrise, cooking food, going on a road in a car, and more.

101. Hidden Game Secrets

Speak about hidden secrets and hack for a particular game. It may help your followers gamers go to the next level and overcome challenges.